There are no races in North America or South America to compare with the carnival of carnage that is about to unfold here today on this live datacast. We have twenty two contestants in this years Death Derby, twenty one new challengers and the returning survivor of Death Derby 34, Doctor Slaughter and his rolling emergency room the Meat Wagon!

All of the cars are on the starting line, and while we wait for the race to commence, let's go over the rules of Death Derby...

:loud gunshot:

Stupid fucker, there ain't no rules in Death Derby, HAhahahaHahahashahahah

ApoCalypso Entertainment Group

ACEG was founded with the intent to generate and distribute the lowest and most brutal form of entertainment possible in the slightly distant future setting of the Cosmic Era. Gladiators killed in the Colosseum, serial killers gained Cults of Personality, reality television created very light production end entertainment and by the end of the Resource Wars, public executions had reached a level almost on par with game shows and lottery drawings. With the massive inundation of sex based entertainment, violence wasn't going to be left far behind.

ACEG stages, hosts, produces, and distributes human bloodsports, such as fights to the death, torture porn, and most famously, survivor style events where the lone survivor is awarded an impressive prize, usually a large sum of money. These events range from hand to hand murderfests in undisclosed locations, demolition derbies, and staged races with points awarded for collateral damage and body counts.

ACEG is also a small time producer of 2nd Dark Age carnage exploitation holovids and Raider fantasy simulations, including the typical torture, murder, rape and explosion filled rampages.


ACEG is first a foremost a profit oriented business interested in making it's small group of directors fantastically wealthy and vaulting them out of the squalor of the favelas and into the gilded ivory towers of the global elite. ACEG is as a whole interested in supporting underground data servers and non-sanctioned, non-sanitized datastreams. It is a vocal proponent of Freedom of Information and the Abolishment of Censorship.


Shoot one announcer jack-off in the face with a gun and everyone loses their fucking minds.

The current CEO of ACEP is the rather uncharismatic and possibly psychotic or Borderline Personality Disorder afflicted 'Killface the Clown'. He is a tall, muscular (likely genetically augmented) man in his late forties known for a very irregular speech pattern, spastic and often uncontrolled bouts of violence and wearing a clown mask that is apparently stitched together out of cut off human faces, painted in white and marked with blood and ash. He rants, goes on tirades, and generally has the appearance of a third world psychopathic terrorist mastermind with dreams of burning down civilization to piss on the remains of it.

This is all a very carefully cultivated act and appearance. Killface the Clown is the stage persona of Marcellus Washington, a economically and socially savvy businessman from the Republic of Texas. Behind the mask and frothing insanity is a professionally trained actor, with multiple degrees, acting and oration, public relations, business and economics, and others. The entirety of Killface is a carefully constructed facade. It is put together in such a fashion that there are only a handful of people who work for ACEP who know that the almost grandfatherly Marcellus Washington is the same lunatic who has executed people on live datafeeds.


There are people who would call me a monster for the things I have done, the things I do, and the way I have profited from them. I am not the person swiping their credstick, or debiting money to a server to watch what I make. I am just the only person honest enough to make what you sick pukes want. You want it, you need it, you crave it.

I'm the facilitator, you're the people with the problem. I just have your money.

ACEP was founded over a decade ago by the darkly charismatic and cosmically tainted William Watson. William was a denizen of the Chicago Armada, a motley collection of floating structures forming a third of the Chicago favelas and slums. On the water he started his career as a gladiatorial entertainer in jet ski jousting and melee competitions, moving up into prize fighting, and then into demonstration matches were he fought and executed criminals, clones, and genetically augmented animals. He became wealthy, and was able to hide his parapsychic abilities for years before it was discovered. He was an accomplished telepath, able to control other people like puppets, as well as manifesting the ability to heal himself, enhanced strength, agility and an innate sense of technology.

Such powers don't come without cost, and he is deeply and dangerously deranged by constant exposure to his own manifesting cosmic radiation and now years after retiring he subsists on a steady diet of parapsychic suppressing drugs to keep him from going in a constant state of parapsychic burn. Watson is a recluse and retains a small army of bodyguards at his private compound somewhere in the Rocky Mountain Republic. While no longer the CEO of the company, his opinions carry tremendous sway. His residential complex has served repeatedly as a recording site for producing ACEP media events, such as prize fighting, extreme pornographic Olympic events, and demonstrations of new toys of murder and mayhem. He retains an aura in the public eye much like Hugh Hefner, the retired mogul, surrounded by wealth and fame. The whole walking conduit of cosmic radiation, not so much.


ACEP is principally staffed by tech and A/V engineers, and the sort of support personnel who would be associated with any media production company. Unlike other media corps, ACEP has a very large security force. The ACEP Metal Corps functions to protect ACEP assets, but as well as keeping ACEP events from spilling out of areas designated by the company. The largest job in this sector is maintaining security over vehicular events does become pressing. Many of the gearhead psychopaths are smart enough to disable electronic control systems. The ACEP MC security vehicles are easily on par with first line military vehicles, including a very small number of secret owned main battle tanks.

Metal Mayhem:

Metal Mayhem is a semi-independent organization within the ACEP MC, and is functionally a hoverbike gang with uniforms and standardized equipment, such as SLAB body armor, military grade bikes, and their trademark assault magnetic coilguns with progressive bayonets. Most MM members are ex-military, and many have cyborg upgrades and low profile genetic augments.

Iron Corps:

The Iron Corps is based around a large number of heavily armored heavy cargo trucks. These trucks do multiple duties, moving goods, personnel and support equipment as well as functioning as combat and control vehicles. Most locations for datastreaming are attended by a group of Iron Corps trucks, carry telemetry equipment, and form perimeter towers.

Juggernaut Heavy Truck

The Juggernaut Heavy Truck is a special vehicle built for ACEP, and the tractor is a standard heavy chassis with a robust powerplant and heavy armor. The trailer is a separate vehicle that once deployed, stands up on hydraulic jacks to create a 50 foot tall armored tower. The tractor section of the truck remains attached to provide power to the tower. The Juggernaut is well known to the public as they typically house holovid cameras to film events as they unfold as well as heavy ordnance to keep things under control and interesting.

Amerikka Command is known to have some of these trucks that it uses as heavy patrol vehicles, and are typically armed with plasma cannons or multi-tube rocket launchers capable of damaging light and medium mecha.


Deathforce is also well known to the general public, and they have two very different images. The average Cosmic Era citizen considers the Deathforce to be an abhorrent abomination, a group of psychopathic rampaging murderers who exist for the sheer horrorshow of rape and carnage and collateral damage. To the black datafeed community, the Deathforce is something of a local group of heroes. Deathforce, equipped with Raider Painspike, Raider Wasteland, and Raider Arc-Lite power armors, hyperedge blades, and heavy weapons like flamethrowers, plasma casters, support rail guns and the like, have repeatedly faced and wiped out storm breach cosmic horrors, contaminated mutants, and even gone toe to toe with terrorist forces, rogue factions, and abominations.


ACEP is not a megacorp,and if it was, one of the bigger media entertainment companies would have devoured it like a devilish little prawn. It still has significant resources, money in the multi-millions, as well as a well established network of black datastream nodes and floating servers. ACEP would make more money, but many of the nodes and servers take a cut of the money they take in, as well as providing pirated content.

This network provides ACEP with a functional if often unreliable corps of hacker and cybersecurity agents. The company also has allies in Amerikka Command with uses ACEP for recruiting, as well as trying out new weapons and equipment, and providing funding back to AC. ACEP enjoys a large degree of autonomy in Amerikka Command territory, with their illegal operations being filmed under the aegis of AC shrouds.

Manifesto or Creed

Violence $ells.


The ACEP logo is a skull wearing a three bobbed jester's hat. The hat is only present on company officer and official equipment, and security equipment and such have skull logos with ACEP emblazoned around them. Individuals in the security forces have highly stylized skull logos, death motifs, and other over the top gore and carnage based symbols.


The history of ACEP can be traced back thousands of years to mankind's fascination with blood and death. Such violence has been an accepted form of public entertainment in more barbaric times. In the Cosmic Era, acceptable norms have been rolled back, and rolled back, and rolled back until there are few things left that are truly taboo. There is still something taboo about actual blood, death and gore. In an era as jaded and inundated with artificiality as the Cosmic Era, something as brutal and real as death holds a morbid fascination.

Inside the arcologies and the shining cities, such things cannot be created, as the laws and impetus for social order is too strong. That isn't to say there isn't an interest, there just isn't a way to pull off the bloodsports in a place as rigid, monitored, and antiseptic as the arcos. These things are grown in the fringes, and Watson and ACEP were not the first, nor the last, just the most successful. Watson had connections to Amerikka Command which gave him access to their territory, as well as AC gear. This coupled with media savvy allowed him to create a solid start up, selling holovids of survivor style murder sprees, gladiatorial combats, and vehicular mayhem. The car angle tied into the retro-American movement and it was there that Watson encountered Killface, a successful demolition derby driver and former Atlantic Federation military officer.

Killface and Watson worked together, the puppetmaster and the Ring Master. Watson worked behind the scenes, working his connections and contacts and CogNet networks. Killface donned the iconic mask and became the media's favorite psychopath. ACEP productions went from the run of the mill crash and kill and bloomed into the over the top horrorfest that it is known for.

Killface has since taken over as the CEO with Watson sidelined with parapsychic burns. Killface himself has been working around the clock, and is in the process of looking for a replacement to take his place as the man behind the mask, allowing him to go back to being his normal non-shooting people in the face persona.

Or at least he hopes to take off the mask.

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