Full Item Description
Anti-alcohol is yellowish-brown and looks and tastes, if drunk by itself, like a pleasent-tasting beer.

In her early years as Queen, before like Yocasta before her she turned to the dark side, Queen Amber of Vallermoore was very concerned about the number of drunkards and alcoholics who roamed the streets, shouting, swearing, fighting, committing crimes or themselves getting beaten up, and generally being a nuisance.

So she sent a couple of her court wizards to the Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin to see if a cure could be found.
After trial and error (the errors being those of prisoners forced to imbibe the waters) they came across a small fast flowing geyser and from the water they took from that they were able to create a potion of anti-alcohol. Whilst alcohol made sober people into drunks, this when administered to the drunk made him or her sober, and appeared to have few or no side effects.

However, like most potions of this type it was soon found that there were drawbacks. If someone who was sober took this in a large quantity it could cause a severe depression, but that was relatively uncommon. If someone took this and then took alcohol it would hold off the drunkenness for a while, as if the drinker had consumed Time-Wine, also known as Mathom's Juice. The biggest problem was that it left the user hypersensitive to alcohol so that when they next drank, one glass of alcohol would be as strong as four glasses.

Thieves, slavers, kidnappers and press gangs were quick to see the advantages of this. As a result, laws were passed to attempt to keep it out of criminal hands, but they have not been very successful, and what was meant to be a quick way to sober up drunks has become another drug for criminals to sleep into people's drinks.

Magic/Cursed Properties

If used as it is intended to it sobers up the drunkard and lessens his or her hangover to a dull ache. If slipped into someone's drink it will prevent them getting drunk or even tipsey for a day. Then the nest time he or she drinks alcohol he or she will get totally drunk very quickly, to the point where he or she is helpless to defend himself or herself from robbery, kiddnapping or an even worse fate.

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