The cold touch of winter edges away as spring lets loose his warming breath and ushers in the months of growth and life.

During the time of spring bloom, the God Aduivo touches the land with his loving touch to protect it form the harshness of the world and the seeping touch of his rival Gods Sethalis and Sceleris.

It is said that the God Aduivo approached a sick woman in the forest a century or so ago. He approached her weeping, laying form and questioned her illness. She replied that she crys not for her but for her brother, who fell ill. The clerics tried vainly to cure him but the illness was beyond what the gods would answer. Feeling grief, he plucked a rose and told her to crush it and give it to her brother. She did and within a day he was better, his illness gone.

The woman began telling her tale of how the stranger had given her an amber rose and her brother was cured. Other tales have sprung up throughout the years of amber roses being gifts from a stranger that cures the sick of near death illnesses. It is a common tale to young children but a tale that has truth.

In his sorrow for the young woman Aduivo travels the land every spring growing the fabled Amber Rose in the hopes that more sorrow can be cured with his touch.

It can not be harvested for growth, they grow randomly in rose beds across the lands. It is amber is color and seems to radiate with a sheen of energy. No reason is known as to why these roses bloom in this particular color or with their particular abilities, they are however sought after by everyone that know of their existence as well as the method on how to distill them. When an Amber Rose blooms, it will only bloom one flower per rose bush, however, only ten to twenty such roses will bloom in the entire world. These blooming flowers are random and will never bloom in the same rose bush twice in a row. The rarity of these roses and their potency in their abilities have been sought after by the greediest of men and women alike.

If distilled correctly the Amber Rose has a number of potent abilities that can be bestowed on the drinker of the potion. It can be distilled many different ways, but it must be harvested, distilled, and consumed within a certain period of time or the effects will fade. In fact, if the time period has lapsed the effects may not only fade but may in fact reverse which can be devastating.

Once an Amber Rose is found it must be harvested within three days of its first bloom. Once harvested it must be properly prepared and distilled within seven days after it was harvested. Once distilled it will have a potency, or shelf life, of fifteen days. After this time has elapsed it is nearly positive that the effects will be reversed if not harmful.

Magical Properties:
If distilled correctly it has a number of benefits, only one benefit will be given to anyone who consumes the distilled potion.

It will heal all minor injuries, repair cracked bone, heal torn or bruised muscles and tendons.

It will increase the drinkers physical abilities by a small margin. (In game terms by adding a single point, percentage, or how the game system runs attributes, stats, etc.)

It will repair a single organ that is damaged or destroyed. Will not work if the recipient is dead.

It will cure the drinker of one debilitating illness, but not remove any curses placed on them by a priest or deific being.

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