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September 1, 2009, 1:46 pm

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Amber, Queen of the Whores-Reworked


The Disgraced & Vanquished
She is the former heiress or countess of a ravaged land, now participating in the once-unthinkable and unimaginable. Often in history, when one group of people conquered another, as an exclamation point, the victors would force or sell the noble wives and daughters into slavery, particularly of the sexual variety. This was a final slap on the face for the vanquished.

This brown eyed brown haired beauty still carries herself with the dignity of a Queen, when she is not being forced into sexual acts.

When Queen Amber came to power, initially she was a popular queen and a great relief from the iron rule of Queen Yocasta.

However, in the short term she was unable to stop a wave of looting and lawlessness from breaking out, and one of those he lost out was a mage and jeweller, who created the Queens Bane, a piece of magical jewellery designed to turn female rulers into vile tyrants. Under its malign influence, she started to change into a paranoid tyrant as bad as the Queen she had replaced, until she was ordering executions for wholly imagined plots, and the courtiers were terrified of her.

Originally her rule was only going to be for five years, after which time she would abdicate voluntarily and allow the man who used to be Queen Yocastas Royal Chancellor to become the new King. However, he soon guessed that she had no intention of handing over power and would sooner or later arrest him and send him to face the headsmans axe. So he struck first. With a small group of officers he stormed the royal apartments and captured Queen Amber. In the old days the people would not have stood for this outrage, but so unpopular had Amber become, that very few tried to defend her.

Rather then send her to the axe, the new King of Vallermoore decided on an even more humiliating and longer lasting punishment for the deposed Queen. He told her that each night she was to become the sexual plaything of the courtiers. By day, whilst she was to be watched to make sure she did not escape from the palace which had become her prison, she would be treated well and would wear the clothes of a Countess.

But once the sun had sunk below the horizon, her clothes would be taken from her and she would have no choice but to go to the bed of whatever courtier wanted her and was willing to pay him for the purpose. They would not allowed to beat her up or scar her body, but she had to do whatever she was told sexually provided it was within the new rules.

She was outraged, but he told her that if she did not do what she was told, he would forcibly have her stripped naked and sold her to a brutal pimp who would beat her rebelliousness out of her, and then she would be forced to sell her body to the meanest of the common people. If on the other hand she did what she was told, she would not be beaten or tortured.

And so her destiny was to be used as a sex object for whatever courtier wanted her, no matter what his age, level of health or status.  She hated doing it, but it was a lot better then the alternative of becoming a common whore.

A doctor was assigned to her to treat such things as minor scratches and bruises, rope burns and other such things that might happen during sex, to make sure she will be ready for another night of the same treatment.

 The new king  got great pleasure at seeing the once imperious Queen of two lands reduced to a fawning kitten. He taunted her and called her Amber, Queen of the Whores.

Recently, the Queen has come across a young courtier who is different from the rest and values her for her mind as well as for her body. She is attempting to win his love, in the hope that he will help her escape from the hell that her life has become, or at least ask the King for permission to end her punishment. Life as his wife, whilst not as good as being a Queen, would be a thousand times better then what she has been forced to do.

Special Equipment

None, all her things that might in any way allow her to escape her fate were taken from her, and by night she is not even allowed to wear any clothes.

Roleplaying Notes

When encountered by day, Amber carries herself with the noble bearing of a Queen, but the sadness is visible in her eyes. If questioned, she will be very reluctant to tell the PCs what has happened to her. Should the PCs start treating her with kindness, she will quickly become almost pathetically grateful, which will give all but the most obtuse PC a clue that something is wrong.

Humilated and traumatized by what she has been through, Amber would welcome any chance of escape, even if it meant becoming the loving girlfriend of a PC. She might get so desperate that she will offer the PCs her body if they will rescue her.

Plot hooks-The king offers the PCs a night to enjoy Amber as a sex slave. What do they do?

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Queen Yocasta By: Cheka Man ( NPCs ) Campaign - Political

Queen Yocasta was until recently, the very capable if autocratic ruler of Valermoore, but recently, she has changed. She is allways seen with a young woman, always wearing a heavy veil and gloves, who never speaks or moves. She claims that she is her daughter,Princess Chrysta, but a faint noxious smell comes from the veiled woman…

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Comments ( 11 )
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January 28, 2009, 7:52
Im not sure, this smacks a little bit too much of juvenile sexual fantasy for me. Still, it´s an interesting exploration of humiiation and disgrace, so there´s good potential.

I´d suggest playing up the darker aspects and shunting the hot, kinky sex descriptions into the background a bit. I really think this sub needs to be a lot darker and unpleasant - as it is it´s just a tad too much high school wet dream.

My other tip would be that it is always better to merely suggest or allude to the horrible, degrading forms of sex this poor, enslaved woman is subjected to, rather than spelling it out with arrows and rings around the nasty parts. Let your readers dirty imagination fill in the details for you - I promise, that will make it worse than anything you can ever write. Making the reader´s mind do your job is an art, though, which very few have mastered - but it´s an excellent opportunity for you to practise.

Put in details like a physician employed solely to treat her bruises and bite marks, to be ready for another day of the same... etc, etc.

So, please don´t give up or think I´m a jerk for giving critisism - I think the idea is great and the imagery is good, it just needs a bit of work. It would be a shame if you left this rather promising idea!

Please let me know if you want to brainstorm!

Voted Murometz
January 28, 2009, 14:07
I agree with Ouro. That was well-said.

Maybe more stuff like whats on her mind, escape plans, a bit more depth to a good tragic character, less oiled-body stuff? You over-focused on the sex part lol I actually think the idea of a queen in bondage is a good one. There is lots to build on for an adventure, embroiling the PCs.
January 29, 2009, 4:44
Heh. As usual, Muro sums up what I was trying to say (on half a page) in two sentences.

I´ll just recuperate for a few days, and then I´ll happily co-op with you on this, Cheka.

Cheka Man
January 29, 2009, 10:53
With you helping, Ouroboros, it really will be a great submission.
March 19, 2009, 6:58
In addition to what has already been said, I'd suggest playing up her dignity a bit. Ever meet someone who, despite the fact that life has really slapped around, still manage to cling to a certain sense of self-worth and dignity? Despite their bad predicament, they still maintain an outlook, mannerisms, and values which defy their curent situation.

I'd imagine that, despite all the humiliation, she might carry herself with a sense of grace and style which belies her current position as a sex toy. This might goad some of the courtiers, and particularly the king, to try to "push the envelope" with her, so to speak; in an attempt to put her in her place. Or, as one loutish oaf said before having a go; "She won't be standing so tall and proud when I'M done with 'er!" However, many other courtiers may be quite intimidated by her; realizing that, despite her current position, she is still a queen at heart. Many may have initially had a "go at" their previous queen, but found the experience to be rather guilt-ridden, unsatisfying, and not the least bit intimidating. Despite her apparent defenselesness, their former queen is still a quite formidable personality.

In addition to the desire to be free, she might also internally struggle with this; it takes all her will to maintain her dignity in the face of daily humiliations.

Perhaps she might be played in that the PCs initially aren't sure as to her position; "A tall, beautiful, and entirely naked woman greets you at the door. In a gentle curtsy, she bids you welcome to the inner court. As she leads you towards the throne room, she inquires of your journey; asking various questions about the surrounding lands." "Uhm, is this the queen or something? Did I hear you right; she is wandering around nekkid?"
March 19, 2009, 16:00
Too much nekidness, folks! :)

Good point about the dignity, though.
March 20, 2009, 14:22
Oh, naughty lesbian thoughts go through my mind, oops!
Cheka Man
March 20, 2009, 19:12
I should work more on Amber, I think, one of these days.
Cheka Man
September 1, 2009, 13:46
Update: Edited to try and make it a bit darker.
Voted Ouroboros
September 2, 2009, 6:50
Much improved, I must say. There´s still the soft-porn allusions, but with much greater sophistication.
It´s an interesting (albeit nasty) portrait of humiliation and disgrace - the only thing I can think of that would make the humiliation complete is that she has started, despite herself, to actually *like* the abuse. But then I´ve always have had a nasty mind...

Good work, Cheka. This is one of your better subs!

Voted axlerowes
October 15, 2010, 9:26

So was it the bracelet or the demon crown that made her evil?  Doesn't matter, I suppose when your character mirror mytho-historical figures the facts can kind of float.  It would be an interesting challenge for the PCs, do they save the Queens dignity? Does she deserve this?  Who the queen be once she is freed


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