This small weapon started appearing on the streets and in the hands of gangsters and cops about the same time, with entirely different purposes in mind. Set up like a standard pistol, but firing 40mm grenades, this weapon was sold to the police primarily as a riot control weapon, loaded up with teargas and flash bombs, and saw action dealing with the street riots of '17.

But at the same time it was dealing with police and military forces, Akratek "accidentally" lost a large amount of their weapons and they ended up in the black and grey markets, fetching 5 and 6 times what they would have sold to the police for.

The weapon is standard semi-auto, with a ten round clip and a duraplex grip. But the firing mechanism is easy to file down to the point where it can be fired at full-auto, and because it uses 40mm, there was plenty of explosives lying around ready to be used. Due to these simple facts, this weapon has seen much more use than any of its IDC or Sigumund Arms counterparts.

Pretty soon it was seen as the weapon of the '20s much like the Thompson was seen as a weapon of the last '20s, and it saw use in bank robberies, armed assault, and various other domestic violence cases, as well as in the hands of various security "consultants."

"The weapon is small, I'll agree with that, but it sure ain't accurate. I mean, what me and my buds were using it for that was fine, it lays down excessively large amounts of its explosives in a lot less time than it take for the same amount in a traditional undergun setup, but it kicks like a mule and past 20 yards you get lucky if you can hit {a mule.}"

—Jynie Howards, merc.

"I swear by the thing. One time, just last week, I had to clear out a small warehouse full of goons. I loaded up two of these suckers with mil-grade tear gas and emptied them into the place. Took me about 3 seconds to get all twenty of the 40's off, but by the time the goon'd figured out where I was shooting from they were all down and out from the gas."

—Anonymous Security "Consultant"

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