Aside from being drawn into adventures, what are some ideas for role-playing incidents that might occur to them, be they mundane or dramatic, during the course of being stationed at a chapel.

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- Hurt people that come in and need healing.

- People that come in to confess their sins.

- People that come in to get married.

- Baby's that need to be baptized.

- Dead people that have to be send on their last journey.

- Fights that need to be resolved like two farmers fighting, because a cow of farmer one has left the yard and started eating the grain of the other farmers field.

- A high ranking official comes to visit.

- The community needs to grow, so new followers of the god need to be recruited.

(well perhaps not recruited, but people need to be converted at any rate.)

- The clerics may want to expand the chappel to a real church. (After all there is no need to have a group of clerics for a very small group of followers that would fit a small chappel. You have probably three to five clerics, so a serious congragetion. They would need a serious church or a convent.)

- Hold Sermons or Masses

- The crops/horses/Holy Wine/markets need blessing.

- Heretics or infidels denounce the clerics, public, or private.

- Have a dubiously prophetic vision, or dream.

- The Head of State dies. The PCs are drawn into his funeral, and his successor's coronation.

- The collections are insuffecient to run the chapel.

- Conversely, the church becomes rich: What do the PCs do with the money, and how does their god react to their generousity or greed?

- Involve the PCs in local politics: They speak for god and have divinely granted powers, that means people -listen-.

Clerics of another god approach you for some minor help. Even if it is a 'friendly' religion, there is always a little rivalry. Will you help? Will it be worth it?

Clerics of another god come to convert you.

A cleric of another god comes to convert. Numerous problems can arise.

Atheists come to prove that gods logically do not exist.

A hermit lives in the woods not too far away. Many possibilities. Regular visits to make sure he is fine. Long talks about nature and world and whatever (maybe a GM tool to pre-set the mood of the adventure?) If you don't know, he could know. May be also a madman, so not completely reliable.

Even a chapel is not immune to the all-devouring Tooth of Time. Something must be repaired, with low costs if possible. A mass is not good if the roof leaks.

A prophet or a reformator brings new winds into the stale air of the church. New ways of worshipping, new prayers, songs, clothes, ceremonnial equipment, anything can be renewed. (see The Bells of Chaos)

Perhaps a new edict from high up official dictates an innocent change, that takes a lot of time to arrange. All holy symbols must be on white colour, so you must repaint the wall on some places, ...

Even clerics have family, and relatives may come to have a talk. To have a priest in the family means usually prestige.

Unless it is a requirement to stay celibate, mothers and aunts will come and try to marry you to their daughters.

A wealthy old supporter of the church is afraid her attic/basement/whatever is hounted. Clerics are called, but no trace of a ghost is found. This event is repeated for several times. Let's see if they can keep their friendly attitude...

There are hints of a Black Mass or some Dark Magic (tm) being done in the area. Has to be investigated. May be a cover-up for something different.

A strange coin or valuable has been donated.

A minor or major misfortune befalls the people. You must help them.

Some shady character runs to your church to find asylum. The local militia or someone else is right after him/her. Will you intervene?

Someone claims to be cursed/hunted by demons/having terrible visions. Seems you are the authority to handle this.

It's a holiday! Churches have numerous holidays and events, (un)holy days of various importance.