Full Item Description

A Lucky Piece or Special Trinket, almost everyone has one.

They are old coins that are not valuable, but said to be lucky or special. They might be tokens from subways, arcades, or fairs. They could even be a minor religious medal. They are things along the order of Bicentennial quarters, Indian Head Nickles, Old Style Loonies, those tokens you always pick up at fairs, or St Roger Medals (novelties). No one would think twice about anyone carrying one of these. Yet they should.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Each of these coins has been enchanted with a tiny clerical enchantment: deflection of detection magics. So while one's soul might be dedicated to The Dark Forces, no one of the clerical persuasion can detect your taint while you carry the coin. Unless the Minion of Evil is actively using Evil Magic or performing an Evil act, then the presence of Evil is too strong for the simple deflection spell.. Each cult has its own 'lucky pieces' that it issues to its members. Without these items, no Evil Cult could survive.

Follow Up and Plots
Now imagine if you innocently have one of these items, picked up at a garage/ estate sale or from your Uncle Walt. Some Evil Cultist type will think you are one of them, and talk to you cryptically (assuming that you already know the score). Some 'Force of Evil' might seek you out, assuming you are one of the'tainted'. Some paranoid paladin, half mad with the realization that EVIL is everywhere sees you have one of the tokens... assumes you are a hidden Evil Cultist... and attacks!!! The comedic and dramatic possibilities are endless. And your poor characters will have no clue.

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