I write this in the hopes that it will deflect others from my chosen path. To hunt the bizarre and terrible beasties is not for the feint of heart or weak of spirit. Indeed not. Had I known what my chosen path would lead me to I would have taken up caravan duty or become a mercenary, far easier tasks I feel. I have survived these years with scars both inward and outward. Lost an eye to a hexenwolf and am missing two fingers due to a very enraged lobisomem. Due to a misunderstanding of cultures. A perpetual limp and a permanent sneer all lead to why I pen these pages in the hopes the smarter ones stay home.
With this guide I hope to implore upon those who wish to travel down this dark, lonely, and deadly path. It is unforgiving and near completely deadly. In this journal I will detail all I know about lycanthropes, specifically those dealing with werewolves. I will distinguish between the ones who are deadly, and the ones who are deadlier. Sit back, grab a mead and a cozy fire and prepare for what I hope will dissuade you from ever wanting to hunt anything that will look to you as an entree.
Dr. Johan Kosdin Lerkoviski Were-Hunter
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