There are two forms of these peculiar species of Were's. In order to explain the two we need to go back to antiquity to the original lycan. Lycaen Botheric was of noble birth, honor bound and dutiful to his family and subjects, always placing others before his needs. The Gods saw this and doubted his resolve and tested him countless times to see his worth. Always placed others before himself and suffered for it but never once faltered. Then after years of this punishment the Gods saw him fit and his soul true and went to him.

The appeared before him and asked for forgiveness for their petty game and offered to make amends to give him a gift no other mortal could achieve without their help. They saw how family bound he was and offered him the gift of eternal life if he would but pass his morals and ethics on to his children and their children forever to be birthed with never ending years. They granted him the gift of lycanthropy and chose him the were form of wolf as the family pack was strong. They said they would not die of age but could still die at the hands of others. He accepted their gift and fathered three children, forgetting the gods boon only fell to him and his seed. His wife became sick with fever and died when his children were still young.
Years of the pain, his children grew and took on different aspects of their suffering. Niciros saw their eternal life as a curse, cruel and enduring, brought on to them by the uncaring Gods. He cared not for his brother Alaric's sermon’s or Lycaons hateful slander and curses. He took a similar inward spiral as his father. He turned inward and left when his youngest brother Lycaon did his darkend deed to seal his fate in his eyes.
Alaric took this as a sign that they were still not pure of heart and began preaching of Gods words to any and everyone, taking a vow of the cloth to further his inward and outward cleansing. He endlessly spoke of their teachings and their forgiveness of any and all and tried to temper his youngest brother Lycaon's temper with temperance but failed in the attempt.
Lycaon was angered and turned that dark seed into a filling hate. He cursed the Gods openly, often getting stared at in public for it. His older brother Alaric tried vainly to heal his black heart but after years of the preaching became tired of his endless sermons and murdered him on the very altar of the Gods he so spoke fond of. Their father was enraged for the first time and almost killed Lycaon if not for his oldest son Niciros holding him back. Lycaon fled his family then and hasn't returned.
Lycaon – Hated the gods for their torturous nature and cursed their names and ran into the darkened wilderness. He hunts mortals in his were form and savors the kill. After years of doing this he noticed not all died when bitten but some changed. Like him they could alter their form into a were but only on the onset of the full moon but also gifted with lasting life. He gathers his Lycaon around him and builds large packs to slaughter villages and towns punishing the Gods by murdering their followers. His bite and those of those bitten by him can often lead to the curse transferring to those bitten. It is a painful experience and is not guaranteed to always bear fruit.
After seeing his wife die of her sickness and his son die at the hands of his brother Lycan wept. Angered at the cruel fate the Gods suffered unto him he went into hiding and removed himself from the eyes of the Gods and the mortal world.
*Side note. Rumor had me following a trail of dusty clues to a remote part of the northern mountains were I met a man strong of arm and shoulder, a kind yet predatory gleam in his eye, a small wisp of gray peppering his crown. The small town he was in was not on any map I could find and all had similar looks to them as if a long family line was bred there. I spoke at length with this man who was seemingly in charge of my travels and my adventures. Although when asked he simply said he did what was asked and offered much more. He had a small family around him. A wife and three children all with the same caring yet predatory eyes. When I spoke of hunting were creatures I could tell his eyes were saddened but also did not judge. He enveloped me with his entrusting nature that could not be overcome. As I write this I now believe him to have been Lycaen Botheric who has been silently growing a family of fellow Lycans around him for the centuries he has been absent from the world. Perhaps to combat his youngest son Lycaon and his packs of ill tempered brood.
There are two breeds of werewolves beget from loins of Lycan Botheric. Those that are born, also known as Lycan's, and those who are bitten. These are known as Lycaon.
Lycan's are born with their gift of lycanthropy, their change usually beginning around puberty and in uncontrollable for the first few moon cycles. Afterward they have complete control and can alter form into a man-wolf or werewolf at any time they so choose. They stand on two legs as would a man but are covered in a thick growth of fur. Due to the centuries of breeding in different climates there are now distinct differences between the different cultural lycan's by location. To the white furred northern packs to the black and darker fur of the southern packs. They have greatly increased sense of hearing and smell and have a social bond with those born into the same pack.
Lycaon's on the other hand are more of a disease. The were transformation is conferred through a bite of one infected. If one is born a lycan they have a more potent bite and the success is much higher than one who is bitten. That being said that regardless of which form bites them there is still a very large chance that those bitten will not survive the change as it is painful both to the body and mind. Those bitten usually take on the outward appearance of the one trying to infect them. They look similar to lycan's but generally tend to be thinner and not as muscular or heavy. More of a coyote look if you will. Their first change is the most painful, those that survive are changed permanently as the strain on their mind is great. Most have anger issues due to the constant pain there are in when in were form and when not, their thirst for blood and the hunt can overwhelm them at times. Some become insane after years of changing. Unlike their lycan cousins they can only change on the full or new moon. The new moon they can change at will, however the power of the full moon is it theorized has the eyes of the Gods powering the change forcing them into their were form until the moon sets.
Were Distinction
  • They all stand on two legs and are covered in thick fur.
  • Their claws are elongated, five fingered hands that can shear through planks of wood and cut deep into the flesh of horse. * I have seen one disembowel a man almost severing his top from his legs. Ghastly sight that was. I've still have dreams about it.
  • Lycan's can change at will.
  • Lycaon's can only change on the full or new moon.
  • All Lycaon's are ill tempered and have a thirst for blood where Lycan's are individuals who choose their path.
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