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It is a box of toys suitable for children (ages 1 to 4). They are sturdy, wooden, comfortable, and painted brightly. The box is also brightly painted and a good toy carrier. There seems nothing amiss with it.

Magic/Cursed Properties Of course these are in the Garage Sale from Hell Codex.... you know there is something wrong with them.

The items are enchanted with three enchantments.

The first is to weaken any defenses the child's home and play room might have. This is a slow, draining process, that only the most dilligent might notice. This draining empowers the entire process.

The second is to encourage the child to focus on its self rather than other. Once any defenses the child might have are breached, the process begins. This is also a slow process, shifting the child from the general good to the selfish towards the Evil. The child will not be come Evil until much, much later in life. Of course, by that time... who remembers who gave him that box of wooden toys.

The third is to cause the child to trust a specific astreal being. This astreal being could be the Evil Cultist or a specific demon who helped create the toys. Once the defenses around the child are down, the astreal being can slip in. The item allows the child to see the astreal being easily, and protects the astreal being from being sense by others. This astreal being becomes the child's imaginary friend. And that friend will help to mold the child.

This is a great item for long term plans, disrupting prophicies, corrupting future rulers, and 98 other uses.

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