1-Autonomous Armour

The PCs come face to face with the Big Bad in a fine stately home when he or she casts a spell and the suits of armour lining the walls draw their swords and slowly clank to the attack.

Special attacks-none, but the armour has a lot of Hit Points before it can be battered into submission.

2-Angry Ants

The Big Bad casts a growth spell on some ants and they rapidly grow to the size of middle-sized dogs and attack the PCs, their enlarged jaws capable of giving nasty bites.

Special attacks-once every three combat rounds they launch a jet of formic acid at the PCs which does 2D6 burning damage if it is not dodged and can blind a PC if the acid hits him or her directly in the face.

3-Burly Bouncers

The Big Bad owns a nightclub and when the PCs confront him or her, the 30 Bouncers jump off their boxes and run to the scene armed with strong sticks as the clubbers scream, panic and flee. The sticks are ironwood and can take a lot of sword hits before taking damage.

Special attacks-One of the bouncers is armed with one of 30 Talking Magical Weapons although the weapon, depending on what it is, might prove to be more of a bane then a boon to the owner.

4-Battling Brigands

The Big Bad is the leader of a large bandit gang of 30 Brigands who are willing to fight to defend their leader.

Special attacks-One of them has a stolen Wand of Ice and every third combat round shoots an ice ball at a PC. Roll a dice-a 6 means it hits the PC and does 2D6 damage through freezing.

5-Carnivorous Cutlery

The battle between the PCs and the Big Bad takes place in a kitchen, and the Big Bad casts a spell animating the cleavers, knives, and other kitchen implements and sends them against the PCs.

Special attacks-The kitchen implements can be dodged or parried but cannot be killed in the conventional sense until the Big Bad is either killed or knocked unconscious when the spell animating them ends and they drop lifelessly to the kitchen floor.

6-Dark Devils

The Big Bad knows evil magic and is able to summon several minor demonic beings and control them enough so they don't turn on him or her. Although at the imp level rather then the full demonic level they will be formidable fighters that may only be harmed by clerical magic and/or magical weapons.

Special attacks-The demons can spit fire once every third combat round. Roll a dice-a 6 means it hits the PC and does 2D6 damage through burning.

7-Dreadful Dwarves

The Big Bad is a Dwarven King, and he has a war band of heavily armed and armoured dwarves who are more then willing to risk their lives for him.

Special attacks-Every round, one of the dwarves fighting a random PC will aim an axe or sword blow at his ankle. A hit here will sever the PC's tendons, causing agony and a huge lowering of skill points. If all the PCs get their tendons severed, the dwarves will finish them off and the Big Bad will have won.

8-Diving Dragonets

The Big Bad has a couple of young dragonets to fight for him.

Special attacks-Once every three rounds these can shoot fire jets from their mouths which if not dodged or fended off by a shield to 2D6 points of damage. Also if the PCs do win and kill them, a full size dragon might well come after them later to seek revenge. Also, they can fly, which makes striking at them harder (-2 in stats terms.) Luckily they are too small at this stage of their lives to drag the PCs up into the sky and drop them.

9-Evil Elementals

The Big Bad knows how to summon Mendeleevian Elementals and control them well enough to make them fight for him.

Special attacks-It depends. Once every three combat rounds, Oxygen elementals can damage the lungs of a PC, Chlorine elementals can cause horrible blisters, and with others it varies. Elementals are only generally vulnerable to magic and magical weapons.

10-Excited Elves

The Big Bad is an Elven ruler and has several elven bodyguards, armed with longswords and bows.

Special attacks-if there are more Elves then there are PCs then any spare elves may fire one arrow per combat round. When thney fire, roll a dice-on a 6 it hits a PC, on a 2 to 5 it misses, and on a 1 it hits an elf by mistake. When an arrow hits someone, throw a die. A 1 to 5 causes that much HP damage, and a 6 kills whoever it hits. If all the PCs are killed by arrow fire the Big Bad has won.

11-Great Goblins

The Big Bad is friends with a tribe of Goblins, and they are more then willing to fight for one of the few people who treats them as equal.

Special attacks-They move quickly and their smaller size makes them surprisingly hard to hit, making the PCs fight them at a -2 penalty.

12-Grinning Guards

The Big Bad has summoned a patrol of City Guards armed with halberds, and they are either on his payroll or genuinely misinformed that the PCs are the bad guys here.

Special attacks-Once every four combat rounds throw a dice and on a 6 the guards have successfully called for help and another guard patrol the size of the first joins in.

13-Gurning Gypsies

The Big Bad is close friends with Gypsies and has granted them a permanent place to live. Out of fear of losing that patch of land, if nothing else, they are totally loyal to him, given that he treats them as human beings.

Special attacks-once every six combat rounds their shaman can cast a curse (see 30 Curses for ideas.)

14-Hateful Hobbits

It is not common for Hobbits to take the dark side, but a minority do, and now the PCs must fight them. They fight with Hobbit warswords (normal sized swords to humans.)

Special attacks-one of them has a Ring of Invisibility although he can still be heard and any footprints he makes can still be seen. PCs fighting him must deduct a certain amount of points from their Skill score.

15-Harry's Highwaymen

The bad guy is protected by a gang of highwaymen led by one Harry, armed with rapiers and bows or firearms (see below.)

Special attacks-depending on the time period they have either one shot pistols or crossbows. Both types of weapons can only be used once in the combat per highwayman, and can be dodged, but do a lot of damage if they do hit the PCs.

16-Hungry Hounds

The Big Bad summons his pack of hounds into the fray, and they have bites as bad as a sword cut and won't back down.

Special attacks-if the GM wants it, a successful bite has a one in six chance of causing disease.

17-Invisible Imps

The Big Bad is a sorcerer and is able to summon a number of invisible imps to cause biting damage to the PCs. The imps are small, but still dangerous.

Special attacks-The fact that they cannot be seen gives the PCs a -3 penalty in stats terms when fighting back at them, as it is hard to fight something that you cannot see.

18-Mechanical Menaces

The Big Bad is a scientist of the evil/insane variety, and he has created Golems if in a fantasy game or war robots armed with lasers if in a sci-fi game.

Special attacks-if in a sci fi game, lasers that fire every other combat round with 2D6 damage if they hit the PCs successfully, if in a fantasy world each golem is armed with The Sword of Fire.

19-Murderous Mafia Members

The Big Bad is the boss of a Mafia or Mafia-style gang, and his crew are more then willing to put their lives on the line to defend their boss.

Special attacks-none, but they are skilled in fighting (in stats terms, they get a +1 modifier on their combat rolls.)

20-Nasty Ninjas

The Big Band has ninjas to fight for him, armed with katanas and sharpened shuriken (the infamous ninja stars.)

Special attacks-once every two combat rounds the PCs must dodge a ninja star or take 1 D6 damage if it hits them.

21-Oh My, Ogres!

The Big Bad has hired a couple of Ogres to fight for him.

Special attacks-once every three attack rounds an Ogre will try and punch a PC. If the blow connects, the PC will take 2D6 damage and be knocked unconscious until the battle is over. If all the PCs are knocked out the Big Bad has won.

22-Opulent Orcs

The Big Bad has hired rich Orcish mercenaries with fine weapons as his bodyguards.

Special attacks-weapons that are so effective and in such skilled hands that they do double damage.

23-Pitiful Peasants

The Big Bad has called his peasants from the fields to fight for him.

Special attacks-the peasants are not quite as pitiful as they seem and their spinning scythes and other farming tools have earth on them. If a PC is injured, he or she must make a Save against Disease roll and a critical failure infects the PC with gangrene. At first, this won't do much harm, but after a day the wound is infected and unless cured with magic, healing potions or other means, will deduct an ever increasing number of stamina points per day until the PC is either healed or dies of the infection.

24-Scary Seamen

The Big Bad is either a pirate captain or a corrupt naval officer and commands a crew of well trained and seasoned sailors.

Special attacks-treat them as one opponent with thirty times the stamina points of an average human, as they are well trained enough and disciplined enough to fight like one person. They will not break and run, so only when their collective stamina score is reduced to zero will they be defeated. The effect will be like fighting a middle sized dragon in stats terms.

25-Solid Soldiers

The Big Bad is a corrupt military officer and commands a platoon of well trained and seasoned soldiers.

Special attacks-treat them as one opponent with thirty times the stamina points of an average human, as they are well trained enough and disciplined enough to fight like one person. They will not break and run, so only when their collective stamina score is reduced to zero will they be defeated. The effect will be like fighting a middle sized dragon in stats terms.

26-Strong Skeletons

The Big Bad is guarded by the heavily upgraded form of the undead Ironbones. Plated with metal and well armed, they will not be easy to deal with.

Special attacks-one of the Ironbones is a Hood and has various unpleasant dark spells to cast at the PCs.

27-Stealthy Spiders

The Big Bad has or can summon giant spiders the size of large dogs as pets, with poison bites that do double damage.

Special attacks-every third round a spider tries to shoot sticky web at a PC. Fight the round as normal but if the spider wins the PC must throw a dice and deduct that number from his or her skill points until the battle is over due to being hit by sticky web. If the PC's skill level reaches an 0 or below, the PC is immobilzed and cannot fight. If this happens to all of the PCs, the Big Bad has won and the PCs will become spider food.

28-Terrifying Taxidermy

The Big Bad has a number of animated preserved animal corpses to fight for him.

Special attacks- It depends. Stuffed bears still have a bear's strength, stuffed deer can butt with their hooves, stuffed crocodiles can bite as strongly as a living crocodile sand pull a PC into a death roll, ect.

29-Woeful Wights

The Big Bad is a powerful Barrow-Wight with several lesser wights serving him.

Special attacks-can only be harmed with silver weapons. If none of the PCs have any silver weapons, they have to flee the area or perish.

30-Ulcerated Undead

The Big Bad is a Necromancer of great power and can call upon up to 30 ZOMBIE FREAKS to come to his aid.

Special attacks-Depending on the GM, wounds given by the zombies might get infected or even turn a PC into a zombie.

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