What is Apocalypse Punk?
Apocalypse Punk is a remnant of humanity fighting to survive in a wasteland, forced to subsistence level hunter gatherers, scavenging everything they cannot grow, steal, or kill in a world that is painted with rust, ruined ghost cities, and the wreckage and debris that filters down from the first world nations. There is a combination of retro-tech along with cobbled together almost schizophrenic advanced technology, ala horse mounted soldiers with laser rifles. The surviving population has been degraded to militant survivalists, scavengers, and exist by ways and means that would be horrific to most if not all modern sensibilities. The Pre-Apocalypse times are very important, as the survivors carry on the tales, stories, and beliefs of the before times, albeit in twisted, or sometimes unrecognizable manners. This is both a form of their cultural heritage, and part of their long term survival strategy.

1. The Dubai Highway

Before the end of the Petroleum Era, the Middle East rose in economic and cultural prominence, lead by such small and progressive nations as the United Arab Emirates. These nations build arcologies, seacologies, and created networks of highways and freeways between the cities during the Golden Age of Petroleum, and filled them with exotic cars and luxury vehicles, along with the infrastructure to support them. When the math said there wasn't enough oil left under the desert, the end of the Petroleum Era loomed, and the first proxy wars started, using the Middle East nations as their fighting ground. Eventually nukes were tossed, chemical weapons were used and biological terror weapons were detonated. Millions died, and the Arab Summer ended.

The modern Middle East is a scarred land, with desolated and vacant cities, and is inhabited by a strange amalgamation of desert nomads who have adopted an archaic form of Islam (rich with demons and monsters) as their faith, riding camels and horses in a manner not unlike their ancestors thousands of years before and Mad Max style car cults. These car cults recall the glory and splendor of the secular Arabic nations, and have modified, armed and armored automobiles, hidden fuel depots and gas towns across the region. These car cults are an integral part of the Silk Road and more than one priceless artifact, stolen sample, or bit of espionage has been driven across the desert in a modified former super car.

The 'Dubai Highway' extends from Cairo and New Cairo, Egypt, across the Sinai, through the ruins of Iraq and Iran, and into the edge of the former borders of Pakistan, now the Indian Freestate.

2. Derinkuyu Vault

The Derinkuyu Vault was constructed as part of a Petroleum Era Doomsday contingency plan, and is a vast underground city-state. It is a good deal larger than the typical geofront, but it is not as well contained, and has a lower rate of recycling and self sufficiency. The Vault was built as a part of a resurgent Soviet paranoia against the militarism of the NATO powers, and their advanced weaponry, including the precursors to space warships and the first generation AISC mainframes. Derinkuyu was designed to be a Stogoht Krepost, a hundred year fortress. Supplies and equipment were provided to maintain a population for a century, and as surveillance and espionage progressed, it was also a storage bunker for top secret technology, stolen or reverse engineered from other nations.

The Derinkuyu was closed during the early portion of the Resource Wars as Indo-Pakistani relations degenerated into a nuclear exchange, and has remained closed since then, a period closing in on 400 years. The vault remains closed and isolated from the outside world, but the Eurasian Alliance is well aware of the scavenger culture/time capsule buried in Belorussia. They have accessed and have been manipulating events inside Derinkuyu for years, using it as a testing ground, and for some of the most horrific and unethical scientific experimentation. Many Neo-Soviet advances in cybernetics, genetics and other technologies have come from the bloody labs and morgues of Derinkuyu, which they routinely resupply with genetic material and supplies, just to keep it up and running.

Life in Derinkuyu is brutal and stark, with the residents believing themselves to be the last vestiges of the human race, and that the surface of the planet has been reduced to radioactive slag.

The Matrix, computer controlled underground hive, forced augmentation, slave network

3. Waterworld Atolls

Indonesia, Chinese Expats

4. The Colony

The ruin of Australia, restored to the Dreamtime, one big ass DFE

5. The Steppe

The Postman, Americana, etc

6. The Ghosts of Chernobyl

The still radioactive but inhabited ruins of Chernobyl, the Soviet Hills have eyes, STALKER

7. The Cold Plane of Leng

Mortal Kombat DFE in Mongolia

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