1. The Night Guard

No one's quite sure who pays her as she won't say, but she stands at the gates of the Garden from dusk til dawn. She's intimidating and armed to the teeth, but has never actually stopped anyone from going in. Maybe she's stopping something from getting out?

2. The Local Teens

A gaggle of adolescents occupy the gazebo. They bring illicit substances and giggle about how brave they are, but they won't leave the safety of the gazebo, close enough to the entrance to make a quick escape. They whisper stories about shadows sneaking past and strange noises coming from deeper within the Garden.

3. A Rope

The end of a climbing rope, like you might find in a standard explorer's pack, lies just past the gazebo. When you follow it, it leads you around the Garden until somehow you're back at the gazebo, even there's only one end you can see.

4. A Very Small Door

The walls of the Garden are thick stone with towers at each corner. At the base of one tower, the tiniest door you've ever seen seems to be the only way into the tower itself. The door is well-worn, but clearly maintained and used.

5. A Mermaid

An elaborately tiled shallow pool sits in the middle of the Garden. The mermaid featured in the tiles looks more creature than human, tentacles and beaks and scales. If you keep the pool in your peripheral vision, you can just make out something moving in the water...

6. A Cult

A group wearing green robes stand in a circle in the darkest corner of the Garden. They murmur chants and don't seem to be disturbed by your presence. Shadows obscure the middle of the circle, even in the brightest daylight.

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7. A well. If you throw a coin in it, the throws something else out. Value and accuracy vary with the value of the coin.