Full Item Description

Most of these items will magically integrate themselves with the host and function as part of the wearer’s body, except where noted otherwise.

1.) Hothama’s Fangs

This set of false teeth are equipped with retractable razor-sharp tips that provide the wearer with a dangerous bite attack. They are, however, mechanically complicated and have lots of nooks and crannies for germs to build up, requiring that they be kept meticulously clean. Of course, they bear no labels indicating this. These can only be used if the wearer currently has no teeth.

2.) The Medusa Wig

A mass of snakes when worn will give the wearer a fine mane of poisonous vipers. They only grudgingly obey the wearer and draw a small amount of blood from the wearer to survive. Anyone who comes in close proximity (1 to 2 feet)to the wearer will be attacked unless the wearer concentrates to stop them. The wearer must shave all hair before donning the wig, and it is quite difficult to pry the wig off once worn.

3.)The Eye of Seyetha

This Ivory eyeball is made to look as realistic as possible, and conceals its origins. It actually is a spy device for some powerful evil entity - anything seen is relayed back to the entity. It provides it’s wearer with the ability to see into shadows and is especially good at highlighting items of value.

4.) Shaeriks Talons

This hand is crafted from finely worked steel. It is composed of both forearm and hand, which is fully articulated. The fingers are equipped with retractable claws. When placed against a stump, it will graft itself and magically link itself to the wearer. The claws are a little unpredictable, and have on occasion extended themselves at inopportune times.

5.) The Clay Face of Narad

This mask of magical clay was created for Narad, a wealthy lord who fell victim to leprosy. The mask provides a face one can almost mistake for normal. When placed on a living being, it will meld itself strongly to the face, taking on an appearance willed by the wearer. In dim light, the mask appears as normal skin and the wearer can assume the appearance of other people. Peeling the mask off is difficult and is easily damaged unless removed with great care.

6.) Volstokks Remote Hand

This replacement hand consists of a metal forearm equipped with a three-fingered metal hand. The hand is capable of detaching itself from the arm and operating up to 100’ feet from the stub. The hand is capable of minor manipulations and is able to climb walls. The hand is generally reliable, but does contain a separate spirit that could decide to go its own way.

7.) The Black Chains of Mashark

This odd item consists of a set of four 4’ chains attached to a short metal hub which in turn is fitted with a leather sleeve. The sleeve will fit over a shoulder where the arm is absent, or is only a short stub. The chains are wrapped together at 6" intervals by thin leather straps, holding the chains into a roughly arm-like form. The ends of the chains are left loose enabling them to be used like fingers. The wearer can choose to burst the leather straps allowing the 4 chains to operate independently, but with reduced strength.

8.) Legs of the Plains-dwellers

This bizarre item appears to be a small, headless mechanical horse. A huge socket fits the bottom of a legless torso.
Once attached, the legs will provide mobility to the bearer equal to that of a centaur. The item will draw energy from its wearer, causing normal levels of exhaustion.

9.) The Stone Heart

This enchanted stone heart will actually function for the owner if magically implanted, but they will lose all empathy and compassion. The stone heart will continue to beat even upon death of its user (presumably, from a cause other then heart-failure).

10.) The Ribs of Naarun

Torn from the corpse of the dead hero Naarun, this ribcage can be magically implanted. The owner will gain the legendary strength and hardiness of the lost hero. The downside is that the ribcage does not adjust it’s size to the new owner, and could lead to much difficultly should the new owner and the old hero vary greatly in size.

11.) Korghs’ Cast Iron Stomach

Literally a stomach of cast iron, enchanted to provide digestion and acid resistance, this artificial organ provides the user with the ability to tolerate virtually any foodstuff. It does not protect the rest of the digestive tract, so the user can still not do such things as eat glass, drink acid or other things that injure on the way down. The organ must be either implanted surgically - dangerous in medieval times - or by specialized magic. The stomach is heavy and will cause gradual distention over the years of the user’s abdomen.

12.) Stovorts Peg of Stability

This peg leg has been enchanted to provide unrivaled stability on even wet, pitching decks, allowing the wearer to at least stand on their peg-leg while all the fury of the elements lashes at them. The user can also pivot on it without losing their balance. Apart from this feature, it is an unremarkable and unarticulated peg leg. Of course, the wearer must be missing most if not all of a lower leg to make use of this.

13.) The Blacksmith’s Hand

Created to allow a skilled blacksmith to once again work at a forge after losing his hand in battle, this replacement forearm and hand is built with blacksmithing in mind. It can change forms - hammer, pliers, awl punch and chisel, and even more useful will not transmit heat to the wearer.
It is limited in its dexterity, even in its plier form.

14.) The Stub of Storage

Used in conjunction with other limb types, it replaces 6" of arm or leg with a hollow compartment which is carefully concealed, looking like solid wood. Occasionally enchantments are added to allow for greater storage space then the physical dimensions allow.

15.) Legs of Springing

A matched pair of full-sized legs, these need to both be used to take advantage of their abilities. The legs are spring loaded and allow the wearer to achive much higher running speeds and jumping capability, but due to their weight, at reduced levels of endurance. They are quite heavy, adding the greater of (50lbs / 25% body weight) to the users normal (with legs!) weight.

16.) Ears of Yesithisale

These ears were actually severed from Yesithisale, an elven hero. Blessed with the greatest of hearing, the elf was unbearably vain even with his own people. The legend is that his own people abandoned him to his enemies.

They must be attached in place of existing ears. The wearer gains superior hearing in forest situations, but is greatly hindered in noisy, urban situations. It is possible that the elf in question still lives, and might take umbrage if they were ever to cross paths with someone wearing their ears.

17.) Gadarin’s Iron Fist

Actually a whole arm, this prosthetic only has articulated elbow and wrist - the hand is a solid, non-articulated fist, suitable only for bashing things, or the most simple of interactions. It is, of course, quite heavy but very strong.

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18.) Sapen's Nose

Sapen Trache, the legendary astronomer, was as well known for his wisdom as for his garishness. He loved all manner of fashionable and attractive things. Once, during a duel with a young upstart and rival scientist, Trache lost the tip of his nose. Using his hobby of alchemy, he constructed a gilded brass prosthetic to replace it. So well as it made that it was said to blend into his skin perfectly. After his death, Sapen's gilded nose was taken by the coroner as a memorial token. Eventually the nose was sold to an amateur scientist and collector of curios. He modified the shape of the prosthetic to fit about his own nose. When he put it on, he was surprised to notice the clarity with which he saw the stars, as though he were looking through Sapen's own wise eyes.

Wearing Sapen's Nose allows the user to see perfectly all the stars in the sky, and even to know their names and paths. A night traveler will find himself able to navigate to practically any destination.

Inspired by the astronomer Tycho Brahe

19.) Barhan's little finger

Barhan was a goldsmith, that has lost his little finger in an unmentioned incident, most likely to persuade him to pay protection money. With an incomplete hand, he felt incomplete for his craft, and commissioned a finger to be made.

As the little finger rarely needs movement, it looks quite genuine. Most of the time, it only follows the other fingers, and offers little perception. To really employ it, its owner must specifically concentrate. Then, he can feel unusually clearly through the finger; the right skills he could be even supernaturally enhanced - recognizing pure gold from a similar alloy, for instance.

There is also one unknown feature: should the owner be in pain or great emotional distress, he could will the finger to activate. The finger point will become searing hot, enough to cause horrible burns or even death at prolonged exposure. Because this would destroy the finger, it is clear the original owner never had the chance to use it.

20.)Meribeck's Unfortunate Eyeball

This enchanted orb appears as a typical glass eye, but has the ability to meld itself into a host upon contact. The process is quite painful, but once imbedded, acts as an extra eye in that location. It does require enough contact to hold the eyeball, so one's fingers are safe, but if grasped it will imbed itself into the person's palm. Removing the eyeball is nearly as painful as removing a real one, and will leave a gaping void.

21.) The miraculous skin of Lie-karg

Lie-karg was a legendary healer, blessed by gods, it is said he could heal everything. Where he couldn't go, he sent instructions and some items of his own creation. The skin was designed for burns and similar surface wounds, it would cover the patient and aid healing, resembling his original self for the while.

Today, the few remaining pieces of the skin tend to be used to cover up old scars. It cannot heal them, but will show the former, healthy look of a person. Note also, that the skin was designed for short term use. When freshly applied, it will invigorate the area for a week or two, then it will seek sustenance from the host (more sustenance is needed).

22.) Arkanik's Doppelganger Prosthetics

Arkanik was a wizard researcher who spent most of his days studying shape changing creatures like doppelgangers, changelings, mimics, and so forth. He was maimed from a childhood incident and was forced to live with a painful prosthetic most of his life. Eventually became interested in a mutal relationship with less intelligent shape shifters. And so the Doppelganger Prosthetics were born.

The prosthetic is actually a separate shape changing creature with very little mind. Initially it is sculpted into the limb it was meant to replace and attached. As it's owner uses it, as the said limb, it strengthens and better acts in that capacity. The limb must be separated daily, fed, and cleaned (it has it's own waste disposal system). The limb will develop it's own 'personality' with it's own sets of likes and dislikes. If treated well, it will act well. If treated poorly it will betray or leave it's owner. Overtime the prosthetic will learn it's owners disposition and emotions and act in compliance or rebellion to that emotion depending on it's treatment. This 'pet' of an appendage might even seek retribution upon it's master's killers if such an event should occur.

23.) Chitonous Skin Grafts

The alchemist Rahnklauhm was a strange sort with an intense interest in all things insectoid. He was fascinated by their abilities to do such things as fly, carry heavy loads, weave cocoons, and make stunning transformations. He spent the bulk of his time searching to understand these things on an alchemical level and became well known for producing concoctions of great power. After his death, his library was much sought after.

One of his strangest discoveries was a way to grow skin grafts out of insect carapaces. A graft was created by rubbing a thick, black cream over the affected area (such as severe burns or injuries.) The cream would harden over the course of a week into a dark grey substance similar in composition to exoskeletons. The new skin provides hardened protection and increased healing. The grafts, while effective, are rarely desired due to their bizarre appearance, something which Rahnklaum was oblivious to.

24.) Bezoar's hooves

Taken from a huge mountain goat of the northern mountains, this pair of legs have to be sewn to the stubs of the user's lower legs. After the grafting is complete, there is a high risk of infection with mountain fevers, which will typically wear off after a fortnight at most.

The hooves allow the user to navigate rough mountainous terrain with goat-like ease and agility. Even steep inclines can be scaled swiftly and jumps across chasms of 10 feet are no feat for the wearer.

While in town users often would choose to conceal the hooves from superstitious eyes by wearing long flowing robes or pants, but the overwhelmingly strong, goat-y odor cannot be covered by even the most expensive perfume.