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January 7, 2016, 11:44 pm

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7 Spells for Pompous Nobility


So often, magic is used for either raising Undead, hurting people in some way, or healing people. Nothing else. When there are so many other uses for magic in any magic-rich society. Uses like...

1-Magical Illustrations

For that noble who has everything, including his or her own library of fine books and manuscripts, why not have magical pictures that move? Battle scenes where the knights seem to fight each other for real, ships that move on the sea, maps with waves at the coasts and little puffs of smoke above the main cities. There was one known assassination of a very elderly & well protected noble by one of these magical pictures, when he was literally scared to death by a picture of a snake that darted out of the book, making him have a heart attack. Normally though they just make beautiful books and manuscripts that bit more beautiful and expensive.

2-Avert Insects

If there is one thing humans, elves and other races detest with a passion, it is being bitten or stung by insects and spiders. When this is cast, spiders, mosquitos, flies and other pests hear a horrible noise audible only to them, and it makes them fly or run away from an area of several feet from the caster. A skilled magic user could extend the boundaries of the spell to protect a house, a village or even, in the case of an archmage, a town. Or it could be scaled up to have an effect even on Giant Spiders, to a point, keeping them out of mandible range.

3-A Thaumometer

A large enough spell, particularly if it was meant to cause harm, can have unwanted thaumic radiation. Depending on the power of the spell, wandering unwarned into the affected area could do anything from causing cancers to summoning something large and nasty to turning the unfortunate person into a stone statue or a small pink china teapot. This simple magical item clicks in close proximity to thaumic radiation, with a dial and pointer. If it starts clicking really loudly and the pointer goes into the red, watch out!

4-Scratch Itch

This simple little spell does just what it says, it scratches any itches on your body so that you don't have to. Great for the guardsman on parade, the noblewoman at a gala or anyone who happens to be tied up or has a plaster cast on. It does not help dry skin, indeed, it makes it a lot worse, but at least the itch is scratched.

5-Create Fear

This spell, illegal to cast in some areas due to rampant misuse, makes others, both intelligent and otherwise, feel scared of the caster. A novice caster will just be able to cause a vague aura of unease about him or her, whilst an archmage of great power will be able to make even trained soldiers or hardened gangsters terrified of him. Legal uses include preventing attacks from rabid dogs, and keeping bandits at bay. Illegal uses include frightening shopkeepers and making agents of law enforcement back off.

6-Loud Voice

For those times when you really feel that you have to be heard, this spell makes your voice louder by a factor of ten. Very useful for calling for help in the wilderness, calling the city guards if you are attacked, addressing really large crowds or shouting above someone in an argument. Some places may have local laws either restricting or outright banning the use of this spell to prevent noise pollution and ensure that everyone can hear him or herself think. If earmuffs are not worn and the caster speaks too loudly, he or she could end up deafened by the spell. User beware.

7-Shut Up

Invented by a lecturer in magic who was fed up with people talking in his lectures, this spell acts for twenty minutes at a time and enforces silence on everyone within the range of a large room. People with a license to cast this spell include police officers if a riot is likely to break out, theatre owners and lecturers.

Additional Ideas (3)

idea for "pompous nobility" spell...

Clear the Path

Traveling nobles love this magic and will often use it much to the annoyance of the people it affects. When cast, this spell forces (compels) all those in the nobles "way", to move or step aside for as many seconds as it takes the noble to pass through the throngs of commoners and "rabble" unimpeded. It functions in a cone-like radius of several dozen feet. When riding through their cities or visiting other places, this will cause a "wave" of folks to move away or merely step aside, clearing a path for the noble, creating an impressive visual, and of course feeding the noble's ego. As soon as the noble passes, the compulsion wears off, leaving people muttering under their breaths and rolling their eyes at the interruption.

This spell will ONLY affect ordinary people (0 level folks), and would not stop PCs from remaining in the noble's way, if they choose to do so.

2016-01-08 12:15 PM » Link: [7149#95428|text]
Instant Flatterer

This spell causes one random commoner within a fifty foot radius of the noble to suddenly erupt with uncontrollable flattery, reverence, and various blandishments in regards to said noble. The affected will do their best to loudly speak up on the noble's behalf and remind everyone in the vicinity just how amazing and awe-inspiring the noble is.

"Why it's none other than the glorious, resplendant, Prince! Conqueror of kingdoms, our magnanimous ruler, look how he shines as he rides!" (Etc...)

This lasts for approximately a minute or so, or until the noble has moved on, after which the person effected returns to normal...and probably gets a clop to the head, by whichever annoyed commoner is standing next to them.

2016-01-08 03:43 PM » Link: [7149#95431|text]
Flab to Fab

A pompous variation on flesh to stone, this spell converts unwanted calories to muscle. The affected gains a boost in physical stats and self-esteem for a few hours, after which the transmutation begins to slowly wear off. Those adept at spell crafting can fine-tune the spell to accentuate particular effects, giving the beneficiary the kind of build they desire.

Fab to flab is commonly used when hunting, at tournaments, and at galas. Repeated use begins to wear out the surrounding tissue, resulting in sagging skin.

2016-01-10 06:06 PM » Link: [7149#95437|text]
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Comments ( 12 )
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Cheka Man
January 7, 2016, 22:29
Update: Just something I have had a long time and decided to throw out, as it will never become a 30.
Voted Moonlake
January 7, 2016, 22:53
Except for the Thaumometer that I'm not sure about (is it basically a transmutation alert thingy?) I feel that this can be called the 7 spells for pompous nobility and works to that effect.
Cheka Man
January 7, 2016, 23:44
I took that into account. Edited.
Voted Mageek
January 8, 2016, 10:05

It is always interesting to build a setting and then flesh it out by asking the question "how would this evolve? How would people exploit it?"

This post asks how the well-to-do in a magic-heavy campaign might flaunt their magic. Great!

I imagine spells for pymgy-cute familiars, magically branding designer items ("Oh, she has the prada bag of holding"), and for making your mounts faster / more impressive.

Full-magic campaigns can be tricky if everyone has access to high-power magic. I'd imagine a lot of protection spells would abound.

I like the change of post name and feel that most of the spells fit the bill.

Voted Murometz
January 8, 2016, 10:17
Nothing wrong with these per se, but they strike me as either rather ubiquitous spell effects (7- silence, 5- fear, 2- insect repellant) or strangely random ones (scratch/itch?). I think 1, 6, and 3 are interesting, but 3 is a magic item. Also not sure about them necessarily being spells for "pompous nobility". I think regular old poor hedge wizards can get their hands on silence, fear, scratching and itching spells too. :)
Voted Mirafin
January 8, 2016, 13:46
Only voted
Voted Aramax
February 5, 2016, 9:02
4/5 Ive done the same idea w/ farming ib my game world but lost the notes, idea is to good for exicution but a "4" for a great idea seed
March 7, 2016, 9:12
I thought I would explain my HOH. This is a fantastic basic Idea. As I said above I want to do the same w/ farming. I'd love to see more peeps imagination to work with the concept.
March 10, 2016, 8:57
Cheka> Would you be up for taking this down and turning this into a catch all of things like nobility, farming midwife-ery etc. turn it into a true 30 scroll. My time is little right now but I think we could turn this into something extraordinarly cool!
Cheka Man
March 10, 2016, 13:31
Yes, but not at once as I like you have real life. But yes, within a few days at most. Send me a PM with ideas for this. :)
March 10, 2016, 14:30
The Pms for me have been wonky, Ill open a thread and we can discuss it there plus maybe some other peeps will have some ideas (HINT)
Cheka Man
March 10, 2016, 21:16
I looked for the thread but can't find it-do you have a link to it?
Voted valadaar
December 19, 2016, 12:13
Not bad. I really like Muro's additions as well.


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