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April 28, 2008, 4:57 pm

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30 Ryders


There is a Grand Tournament today. There are many Ryders without their wings in the crowd. They are not competing. Thus they are hanging around the crowd, in the market, in a bar, at a restaraunt and other places your characters might encounter them.

Look into Kerren in freetext

to understand more about these people.

1- The Party Ryder
This Ryder is well known for his carousing and wenching. And since all Ryders are known for their carousing and wenching, he has quite the reputation. He will pal up with anyone with some credit available. If the Green Ryder is there, he will try to make a man of him.

2- The Green Ryder
This Ryder has just gotten his place on a wing and is ready to prove himself to the world. He is the son of a great Ryder, so he finds himself entangled in his web of his father’s peers and enemies.

3- The Edge
You have heard of this man. He is an Edge’s edge, a hardass extreme. He does not compete in events anymore. He has won his share. Now he concentrates on making ryders better. So he sees someone slacking or with bad form, he will be all over them like green on soy.

4- The Slick One
This HighBlooded Ryder has good Ryder skills, but is better in a Warden’s chamber. Even today, on this festival day, he is networking and dealing with his contacts. In fact, he is going to arrange for certain things to happen to disohonor a Ryder, so his Ward will gain an edge in an upcomming High Ward Council meeting.

5- The Old Ryder
This Ryder should of retired his gear a while ago. He is in denial about his faltering prowess, but he is too well respected to just be "unassigned". While still highly skilled, he is physically no longer a match for a younger ryder or any Zhani. He remembers the Green Rider’s (2) father. He will be regailing the kid with those stories at any opportunity. Heck, buy him a drink and he will tell you any old story

6- Pennant Ryder
This Ryder has earned renown for winning tournaments. His dragon was injured last week while on patrol, so he can not compete in the flying events. While he is not the greatest ryder on patrol, he is one of the best tourney riders in the whole world. And he knows it. He was trained by The Old Ryder, so will defer to anything he says.

7- The Ugly One
After one combat accident too many, the man’s looks are hideous. He did his job and gave everything for his Ward. Yet people still avoid him. This is the thanks he gets for risking himself. He is resentful of the beautiful and pretty. Given the chance, he will mangle the beauty of any kind. However, he still follows The Code and does his job.

8- Heart Ryder
This young ryder is handsome, gallant, and skilled. Young girls swoon over him, and older women try to get him either into their beds or to have him court their daughters. He seems not to be interested in anything but polite conversation. He became a ryder simply to avenge the death of a close friend. He is actually one step away from taking The Vow.

9- Big Ryder
This Thunderer (A Thunderer is a mega-giant six legged dinosaur) of a man is loud, boisterous, and dangerous to everyone in combat. He does everything Big and with all his enthusiasm. He might still compete in some of the ground fighting competitions. The judges are still determining if his last tournament explusion still applies.

10- Tourney Cursed
This Ryder has distinguished himself in the field against Zhan and other creatures. He is an excellent leader and warrior. For reasons unknown, he is not good at "tournament games" and has never won a tournament or tournament event. This bothers him greatly. Recently, he has placed the Pennant Ryder in positions of great peril while their wings were ground fighting a Zhan infestation. The Pennant Ryder might have a grudge. He also has a feud with the Party Ryder who he sees as too frivalous.

11- Fun Knight
He is from a Ward far, far away. Still he has some friends around the world and he is here to root some of them on. This is a likeable ryder, of average skills, who is always good with a jest or able to lighten a moment. He pokes fun at all people except the Tourney Cursed Ryder, who does not have much of a sense of humor.

12- Dour Ryder
This tacturn man is careful and serious in all things. It said he has not smiled since he was small. He has an irrational hatred of the Fun Ryder (because he has been made fun of in the past) and the Party Ryder (who is too frivolous). In fact, he does not approve anyone having "too much fun". 

13- Beauty
Beauty is not exactly a classically pretty girl. She is effectively a female body builder. She is not driven by anything than her own desire to be the best Ryder she can be. 

14- Point
This ryder is the quiet laconic type. He likes to watch people as well as the events. In fact, you might find that he has climbed up a tree, a pole, or some odd place to watch things. He is also one of the finest crossbow marksman alive today. So if there is trouble, he might just pin someone down with a well place bolt. However, if something bad happens due to a crossbow bolt, he will be first blamed.

15- The Gulliver
This Ryder has a big mouth, and insuffient skills to back up any boasting. When it comes down to physical violence or a duel, he will shrink away like a shadow at noon.

16- Arrogant Ryder
This Ryder is good, but not great. But to hear him tell it, he is the most skilled/ smart/ powerful Ryder since Onterio - the first Ryder. He is snide and often loud. Any misfortune is always "something else’s fault".

17- The Bug
He is more of a doctor/ scholar than a Ryder. Yet he has a perfect bond with his dragon and flies well. He is not into tournaments unless his wing is involved. In fact, they are



17- Living Weapon
He is the master of hand to hand butt kicking. He is an instructor at his Warren and the winner of the Grand Hand Fighting Competition 8 years in a row.

18-Honor Knight
This is a seasoned knight who is known far and wide for his unbending honor and sense of Right and Wrong. He will take the hard road rather than lie or do something other than "the right".

19- Cunning Knight
He is a seasoned knight of some skill. He is not the best, nor is he the worst. He is however the most cunning of knights. He utilizes his brains and social manipulation to achieve his ends.

21- Knight of Marriages
This knight has six daughters (and one son). He is constantly trying to marry them off to any knight of worthy reputation… even if that reputation is an hour old.

22- Political Knight
This knight is trying to arrange things so he can take the throne. He is more book learned and courtly than many knights, but he has higher aspirations. He has two to three knights (Bitter Knight, Warfare Knight, and one other), in his pocket.

23- Knight of Renown
This knight is well seasoned. He is liked and well thought of by almost ever member of the peerage. He is fair, just, and honest, but not excessively so. He has the kings ear, thus is often dragged into intrigue by the cunning and political knight.

24 - Peace Keeper
This officer always keeps a cool head and can talk down even the most wacked out perp. He also manages to keep the diverse personalities of his squad from getting out of hand.

26- The Smile
Everyone’s friend. He is fun off duty, he is great on duty too.

10- Jock
This is the big man on the force. He is big, strong, and surpisingly fast. When the squad needs an intimidating figure, he is it.

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