1-Your soles-the soles of your feet. They will grow back in time, but walking will be very painful for a while.

2-The soles of your shoes-why the demon wants them is a mystery.

3-A lifetime devoted to evil-which de facto means you will be Hell bound after your death.

4-you need to beat the demon in a fiddling contest-success means you get what you want and get to keep your soul, failure means you lose both your life and your soul.

5-you need to beat the demon in a riddling contest-success means you get what you want and get to keep your soul, failure means you lose both your life and your soul.

6-You need to beat the demon in a griddling contest. Best pancakes wins.

7--you need to rescue a prince or princess from captivity and place him or her on the throne-said prince or princess is in fact evil.

8--Make the demon laugh.

9-start a demonic cult.

10-you need to slay the members of a peaceful Orc tribe.

11-you need to steal a large amount of money from somewhere Good-aligned.

12-you need to start a demonic-aligned rock music band.

13-you need to earn the love of the demon.

14-you need to assassinate a holy cleric.

15-you have to sacrifice a close friend

16-you need to unblock the demon's toilet-unpleasant work

17-you need to sabotage a book of Good Magic

18-you are given a special weapon and told to summon and slay another demon that the first demon hates

19-you need to fly around the world for a night delivering presents. Time will stop for you to do this.

20-you need to spread heresy and avoid getting burned at the stake for it.

21-You have to spread some disease by being infected. You're not harm by the disease but everyone you talk to may.

22-.Desecrating a holy altar.

23-A magical ritual to touch the demon's soul, which causes your alignment to shift one step towards the demon's.

24-Listening to the demon's life story.

25-An ounce of your luck (you will almost always fail at one task involving luck, such as gambling).

26-Sabotaging a rival demon in a contest.

27-Summoning another specific demon at a specific time (probably one very inopportune for the demon in question).

28-You must completely destroy an ancient monastery or church.

29-You gain a fiendish visage, and you now have golden eyes, horns and long black claws that appear whenever you step on hallowed ground.

30-Kill the devil directly above them (which is even stronger).

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