1. UAC Standard Multi-Role Power Armor Suit Mark 35

The Mark 35 is the epitome of standard issue, designed for customization, ease of maintenance, and adaptation to a variety of roles. The armor hits 'medium' in almost every category from armor protection to mobility to firepower. It has configurations and 'backpack' kits that allow it to operate in space, underwater, in desert, urban, jungle, and arctic conditions. The suit lacks integrated weapons, but there are more guns, combo-guns, and weapons for the Mark 35 than there are dresses for Barbie.

The Mark 35 is the catch-all for generic power armor, and will be found everywhere from military garrisons, police special forces, mercenaries and security contractors.

2. UAC High Energy Weapons Platform Armor Suit Mk. 9

The Mark 9 is a slightly bulkier than average power armor suit designed to carry and use energy weapons in the field. Such weapons drain batteries too quickly, so the Mark 9 carries capacitors and an onboard generator to power lasers, masers, particle weapons and exotic arcanotech weapons. The Mk. 9 is noted for it's prominent cooling fins that keep the suit from overheating.

The Mk. 9 is a dedicated weapons platform and is only used to suppress storm rifts, exterminating exotic foes, and as a heavy support suit in combat operations, these are generally not fielded by anyone other than large military contractors and state militaries.

3. UAC Heavy Weapons Platform Power Armor Suit Mk. 11

The Mark 11 is the epitome of a heavy power armor suit, 20% larger than the normal suit, and a foot and a half taller. The suit has thick armor, an onboard generator, and carries the squad support and close assault weapons for a team of normal power armor troopers. These suits match the firepower of Petroleum era main battle tanks, with carried rifles, over the shoulder mounts and hard points, and increased endurance.

The Mark 11 carries the guns that are too big for normal power armors to use, and the next step up from this type of suit is the light mech. Heavy weapon power armors are common, and are used by many groups and factions, with the main thing changing being the type and quality of weapons used.

4. UAC Enhanced Mobility Power Armor Suit Mk. 77

The EMPAS.77 is a problem ridden design, as it attempts to make a limited flight capable light power armor. The EMPAS.77 has a large twin pod jet pack with stubby fixed wings and a central mounted A-Pod. The pod allows the suit to hover and float with ease, while the wings provide aerodynamic control, and the thrusters give much greater speed than the A-pod alone could provide. The suit is light, and has no integral weapons, and is confined to using power armor carbines and pistols rather than full sized rifles and support weapons.

The Mk. 77 is commonly used by military and security scouts and ranger forces, as well as elite urban combat units that use their flight capability to 'board' large buildings like ships. The Mk. 77S is modified for use in space.

5. UAC Emergency First Responder Power Armor Suit

The EFRPAS is a power armor upgrade kit applied to general power armor, suit models being rotated out of front line service, and suits that while still functional, are no longer cutting edge. The ERFPAS mounts an Auto-Doc system and a BioGel dispenser. The Auto-Doc is a diagnostic suite with deployable automatic triage equipment. The system is controlled by a medical LAI that has robotic arms and tools to perform very basic medical procedures in the field, ranging from stitching wounds, removing bullets and shrapnel, and administering drugs and compounds as needed. The BioGel dispenser uses the same chemical compounds as cloning systems and can be used to rapidly stabilize wounds, stop bleeding, and preventing further trauma from moving a wounded patient.

Medic Power armor suits are uncommon, but only because of the general lethality of Cosmic Era combat. Military and paramilitary forces keep one medic unit per platoon of troopers, while search and rescue units are generally 25% Medic suits.

6. UAC Standard Construction Power Hard Suit Main Model A

The SCPHS-A is a construction aspected powered hard suit suited for major construction operations and is used alongside industrial and construction mecha in the building of arcologies and other megastructures. The suit has a 24 hour power cell, air recirculators, and communications system in the helmet. It is valuable since it allows for more dangerous work to be done, and for work to be done much more quickly.

SCPHS-A suits are common around the world in construction, heavy manual labor, and logistic support.

Expanded entries for 1-6 available at: UAC Power Armor submission.

7. Benthic Products 'Brigman' Marine Hardsuit

The Brigman has been in service for years as a marine construction and salvage hardsuit. It is heavily built, and only easily mobile in the water. For years, the suit was used in the construction of seacologies, deep sea habitats, and with modifications and special equipment, marine mining operations. The Brigman is well known for its hulking stature, deep sea reinforcement, and the iconic arm mounted drill.

The Brigman, and similar marine hardsuits and power armors are found around the world where there are seacologies, raft cities, and other marine construction operations. Weaponized versions of these armors are available, but most marine combat is handled by maritime mecha, combat submersibles, and drones.

For the full entry: Brigman Marine Hardsuit

8. Mitsubishi 'Avatar' Mobile Armor

Avatars straddle the line between large power armor and small mecha. The Mitsubishi Avatar was a very large power armor with a very small cockpit, good armor, good speed, and impressive ability to carry heavy weapons. The Avatar could carry either two power armor support weapons, like assault cannons, or more impressively, anti-mecha melee weapons like 10 foot long hyperedge blades.

Avatars are large and expensive, and in an urban environment, easy to take down. These oversized power armors are generally only seen in garrison and secondary forces, and in wilderness environments. Caught in the gap between power armor and mecha, the Avatar type generally suffers from the inherent weaknesses of both without their strengths.

9. Low Tech Power Armor

Low tech power armor is a term given to light and standard sized power armor units that mount commerical armor, low velocity weapons, and battery power sources. Low tech power armor is cheap, easy to maintain, and in military circles used exclusively in power armor training courses. These armors are superior to soldiers in SLAB armor, but not by a large margin.

Low Tech power armors are common in civilian peacekeeping forces, low threat security corporations (elite mall cops) and in nations and regions that lack the resources or technology to maintain large power armor and mecha forces. Such armors are common in India, the ACPS, USSA, and across the world in second and third tier security corps.

10. Blomkamp P-99 Proteus Exosuit

The Proteus is the cutting edge of power armor tech, and as such has an integrated control system that taps into the nervous system of the pilot. This makes the Proteus one of the most agile and physically functional power armors available. The onboard pocket LAI makes the suit accurate, and the inclusion of a micro-fusion reactor gives it long power duration. The Proteus carries exotic energy weapons, magnetic weapons, and back mounts for carrying large melee weapons or over the shoulder missile launchers.

Rare, and still in the prototype stage, there are only a handful of Proteus power armors, and all of these are in testing phase with the Royal SAUR army. There are currently shadowrunning and cyber war ops ongoing against the project.

11. Shirow-Nakatomi 'Fuijin' Police Avatar

Nippon has long been an innovator in advanced technology, but the Fuijin, a massive 12 foot tall police issue avatar seems at odds with that. The Fuijin has a stylized samurai appearance, good armor, and minimal reliance on ranged weapons. Instead the large machine is armed with non-lethal weapons, and melee weapons such as 2 meter long stun batons.

The Fuijin is piloted almost exclusively by female police officers, with the Neo-Tokyo and Tokyo III departments involved in an ongoing feud. The Fuijin, and similar police issue avatars can be found across Asia, where the tall machines are very intimidating and excel at crowd and riot control.

12. Caterpillar P-5000 Hardsuit

The Caterpillar P-5000 is a heavy hardsuit designed for very heavy lifting, and is a simple, rugged, and robust machine used around the world. P-5000s have been in production for over a century (the P-1000 model) with little change. Inexpensive, these machines are a common sight in arcocities around the world, and on other worlds. Caterpillar built Armstrong City, as the expression goes.

P-5000s are an open frame industrial hardsuit and as such there are dozens of them working as fork lifts, materials handlers, and so forth at almost every arcology, and geofront on the planet. These machines are also found on Luna, and on Mars where they are busy working to build Lunar and Martian cities as fast as society can push them.

13. Cyberdyne-Grumman INT-EF-AA-500 'Star Falcon'

The Star Falcon is an aerospace power armor with limited space/air/ground capability, allowing it to fight in almost any environment. Armed with pulse lasers, shoulder racks for guided missiles, and a over the shoulder twin turbine system with wings, the Star Falcon is a formidable fighter in almost any environment. In combat, Star Falcons are supported by conventional fighters, conventional power armor, and are usually overshadowed by the aerospace fighters deployed by the PRC.

The Star Falcon is among the hottest, fastest power armors available, and the PRC has made a large number of them. Between battlefield salvage, black marketeering and outright piracy, the Star Falcon can be found in some desolate places, but most of these have scrapped the jet turbines and replace the pulse lasers with conventional weapons.

14. Nova Robotics HS-EF-100 'Bronco'

The Bronco is a heavy power armor noted for it's large 'trash can' shoulder pods and lack of arm and hand manipulators. The Bronco carries a variety of pod based weapon systems, ranging from self contained quad machine gun arrays to rotary missile launchers to MASER emitters. The Bronco is a support armor, and it is known as much for it's destructive potential as it is for the specific sort of lowlife jocks that gravitate towards piloting them.

Broncos are the common support armor for the PRC, but many have been captured and put into service in pirate and terrorist hands, as well as the ACPS, which captured a Bronco factory when it invaded and took Korea. Broncos are large, and have a prominent profile, and draw enemy fire in combat.

15. Cyberdyne-Grumman EWS-EF1X 'Wraith'

A premiere aerial power armor, the Wraith is part power armor and part stealth flyer. The plasteel power armor bristles with sophisticated electronics, sensors, and cyberwarfare equipment, including a combat LAI to assist in operations. The Wraith has emphasis on speed, evasion, and non-detection and has light armor and light weaponry. On the other hand, most Wraith pilots have easy access to air support, and lots of air support. Most power armor companies in the Pacific Rim have a Wraith in their group, or wraith support from a dedicate EWS wing.

The Wraith is a stealth/recon armor deployed by the Pacific Rim Coalition, and can be found from Nippon to Nevada, Alaska to New Zealand, and everywhere inbetween. Most Wraith groups are involved in hunting the mobile shielded bases of the Python Patrol, Shadowlaw pirates, and other unsavory folk.

16. New Zion 'Possenti' Avatar

The Possenti is a heavy avatar built with relatively primitive technology, featuring a pair of arm mounted hard points, an open cockpit, and almost zero armor on any part of the machine. Possenti's favor matching 30mm autocannons, supported with a single standard machine gun on the torso, but some designs can and do mount other types of weaponry.

Hamstrung by poor resources and a high presence of wastelands, New Zion (old Israel) had a need for fast heavy firepower, and the Possenti provides it cheaply. The machine is found across the Holy Land, and other parts of the Middle East, where it is maligned for not being very reliable, and pilots having no protection beyond what they wear in the cockpit.

17. Sphagina-Papahsa 'Matrosov' Light Power Armor Suit

A mainstay of the Eurasian Alliance military, the Matrosov light power armor is not much more than a glorified suit of SLAB Armor with a robust muscle tracer strength augmentation bodysuit under it. The Matrosov is cheap to produce and lacks integral weaponry, electronics beyond enhanced vision and commlink, and has a limited duration power pack. The unit also has standard infantry gauntlets, so the Matrosov is actually unable to use most medium and and heavy power armor weapons, and cannot use anything but the smallest powered melee weapons.

The Matrosov is typically issued to conscript battalions, criminal companies, and other groups of soldiers who are expected to fight, but not expected to win. It is also a popular armor among security, detention companies, and police forces across the Eurasian Alliance.

18. Omsk Bronya Korporatsiya BV-1 'Bezmolvnaya Vesna'

The concept of the OmskBK (OBK) Bezmolvnaya Vesna heavy power armor is simple: Scorched Earth. The original OBK-BV-0 hardsuit was designed and tested as a scientific research unit with search and rescue capability. It's impressive protection against atomic, biological and chemical weapons made it an ideal platform for testing and deploying some of the more exotic energy and arcanotech weapons the boffins in the Alliance military were creating.

The BV-1 is a mainstay of the Eurasian Alliance, a premiere energy and heavy weapons platform power armor. It is found in the hands of second world dictatorships, and is produced under license around the world. Most non-Alliance users have it carrying conventional energy weapons and heavy ordnance rather than rad cannons and death rays.

19. Omsk Bronya Korporatsiya BZ-1 'Besmert Zhelezo'

The BZ-1 is a rare and expensive personal combat armor produced in small numbers for the leadership of the Eurasian Alliance. The armor is permanently attached to the soldier either lucky or unlucky enough to be assigned it. The armor is made of the highest grade materials, including what is typically considered mecha or aerospace grade armor plating and top end electronics. Strength and mobility are increased in a disturbing and brutal manner. The limbs of the soldiers to wear the armor are removed, and cybernetic limbs are used instead.

The BZ-1, called the Black Knight in Federation circles is an elite/hero grade armor, reserved for great patriots, and heroes of the Neo-Soviet Eurasian Alliance. These warriors are not just fighters, they are icons for the people, paragons of the military, and quite a few have demonstrated parapsychic ability and a preference for arcanotech weaponry, such as plasma swords.

20. Sphagina-Papahsa TT-80 'Molniya Bogatyr'

The TT-80 Bogatyr is a heavy weapons support armor and has heavy armor, a robust power generator, and the ability to carry heavy weapons into battle. The most infamous weapon used on the Bogatyr is the Vyspyshka Kulak, a very dangerous arcanotech weapon. The VK blurs the line between melee and ranged weapon, and looks like little more than a steel globe mounted on the end of the suit's hand. The VK is a lightning generator, and throws arcs of lightning around on the battlefield.

Bogatyrs and their infamous Lightning Fists are common sights in Alliance armored corps, especially assault squads. The unit is produced in large numbers, both for the Alliance military, but also for export around the world, meaning the machines can be found in almost every two bit hellhole on the planet. Most of these banana republic war machines favor large bore cannons, gatling guns, and quad barrel machine guns.

21. Virus Hardsuit

A construct from the wastelands of the former Middle East, the Virus type hardsuit is a light power armor with atomic, biological, and chemical shielding. The armor is noted for it's low grade construction, on par with the 'Matrosov' and it's regular use of WMD grade weapons. The Virus is typically armed with a chemical canister rifle, or a dirty energy weapon, with plutonium fueled lasers being common. The suit is used in sniper, terrorist, and insurgent operations, mostly in the third world.

The Virus, with its prominent respirator, is a common sight in the ruins of the Middle East and North Africa. There isnt a factory making these suits, rather they are scavenged and piecemealed together from existing commercial and military grade hardsuits and using antique but very dirty weapons.

22. Kitamura-GaMa DLN-001 'Rokkuman'

The Rokkuman is the ideal of Nipponese design, a light power armor with a high degree of sophistication, with many bells and whistles, gadgets and tools, all bound together through a modular system, and penned with a Tokugawa sense of style. The armor is minimalist in design, with visual aesthetics added later, such as armored tunics, lamellar shrouds, and so forth. The armor has a single arm mount for a medium or smaller weapon, the ability to fit a jump pack, and all are equipped with a powered melee weapon, typically a hyperedge blade. Otherwise, the Rokkuman is a fairly standard medium power armor.

The Rokkuman is a mass produced light armor and can be found across the Pacific Rim where it is also known as the Blaster, the Model Zero, and the Buster Suit. Units outside of Nippon often drop the melee weapon in favor of carrying a standard power armor rifle weapon.

23. OmniCorp EA-210 'Enforcer Armor'

OmniCorp (OCP) has had a long tradition of building power armor, cyborgs, and droids. The EA-210 is a medium power armor with above average protection, and a minor reliance on vehicles for transportation, which OCP supports with hoverbikes, squad vehicles, light VTOL units, and such. The EA-210 has an integral arm mounted weapon and a standard issue shield.

The Enforcer was designed as a bid for the Federation military, but it lost out to the UAC Mk. 35 suit. Rather than shelf the design, the Enforcer was remodded, and sold as a police issue power armor, and as a secondary market suit for sale to security companies, mercenary companies, private interests, and in world powers not embargoed by the Federation. The Enforcer and it's more rounded design is popular on Mars, and is a common offworld armor system.

24. Bombsquad Hardsuit

The Bombsquad Hardsuit is a relatively low tech weapons and explosives disposal hardsuit. It has very heavy armor protection, with plating and reactive components. The thick armor is usually present in most police and paramilitary organizations to deal with things as mundane as chemical leaks and potential hazards to its more intended role of disposing of improvised explosives, unexploded ordnance, and often being used as a tank/shield by SWAT units. It is unarmed, and has no hardpoints for mounting gear.

The Bombsquad hardsuit is a type of armor rather than a specific model. Almost all nations with power armor forces have these types of suits, and they are also available, at high cost, on the civilian market. There are search and rescue models of the suit that can be retrofit with firefighting and rescue gear.

25. Bonbaman Reflex Suit

The Bonbaman is a very light power armor, with minimal armor protection, but Muscle Tracer technology and assisting systems to give the soldier wearing the suit greater speed and reflexes. The suit is used in demolitions, sapping, anti-armor and anti-mech warfare where the soldier uses his enhanced speed and low profile to get close to targets, set explosive charges and escape before they detonate. These soldiers have proven their value in anti-walker and anti-mech warfare against the ACPS.

The Bonbaman reflex suit is deployed exclusively by the PRC nation of Nippon. It is used only by the Nipponese army, and by corp security forces that have been sanctioned by the Emperor himself. Other nations are working on developing their own reflex suits, but most instead use guided weapons, or demolition droids. Nippon also has the Kamikaze Assault droid which functionally is a one shot version.

26. Biosteel Exploration Suit 'Prometheus' type

Biosteel is grown, not forged, and these suits are likewise rare and incredibly expensive. These suits look more like Lovecraftian nightmares than traditional armor, and are very organic in nature. They have bleeding edge technology in them, and can mount the most exotic arcanotech gear with ease and can power high energy weapons with their again bleeding edge power cores.

The Biosteel suit is primarily used for research and exploration in Dimensional Science experiments, where Exonauts are sent through dimensional rifts generated by arcanotech accidents. Despite the impressive abilities of their armor, very few Exonauts return alive, and among those that have, none have returned sane.

27. Dragoon Hardsuit

The Dragoon Hardsuit is a heavy hardsuit with emphasis on firepower and armor, but is so slow that it has to be carried into combat via another vehicle. The heavy suit is designed for gyroscopically and hydraulic stabilized long guns, such as anti-armor coilguns, large bore autocannons, and rotary assault cannons. Lacking a transport, these suits are slower than conventional infantry on foot. The Dragoon type hardsuit is intended for defensive roles.

The Dragoon type of hardsuit is used exclusively by military forces as the massive ordnance carried by the suits is generally restricted to military forces only. Some international mercenary companies use the suits, but only in second and third world hellholes.

28. Sorayama Second Skin

A variation on an encounter suit, the Second Skin power armor is a very light armor composed of metallic alloys that are permeated with the same fibers that give encounter suits their kinetoreflexive protection. Skin2 systems are very effective light armors, easily repelling blunt force and lower energy weapons, but are grossly expensive. The suit is not popular because it lacks any hard points, no integral support systems, and is limited in it's ability to deploy weapons.

The Skin2 Suit is favored by celebrity bodyguards, martial artists, and high profile security contractors. The suit is popular among performance artists and models, especially female ones, who will use the armor to endure the attention of their fans.

29. McQuarrie-Burtt 'Desperado' Light Armor

The Desperado is an aftermarket light armor manufactured for mercenaries and bounty hunters, and is lightweight, very tough, somewhat expensive, but very effective. The suit has multiple mounting points for gear, tools, and a wide variety of weapons. While physically noted for it's t-shaped visor and exotic weaponry like wrist flamers, net launchers and the jetpack, the suit is far more infamous for the actions of the hunters who use it.

The Desperado walks up out of a technowestern, complete with pistols and other adornments. The bounty hunters and trackers who use it know that intimidation and playing the game is just as important as the actual tracking. These individuals can and usually do demand top dollar for their services, and don't care who they work for, who they hunt, so long as it doesn't go against their personal code, whatever it may be.

30. YH-1 Predator Scout Armor

The Predator scout armor is an organic biosteel based armor that is molded to the wearer and studded with strategic standard armor plating and a variety of integrated systems including a shoulder mounted plasma rifle, forearm mounted lightning claws, and a fully integrated SmartGun tracking system with helmet link, wristcomp, and an adaptive camouflage system.

The Predator is used as an assassination/terror weapon. Predator troopers, armed with melee and submission weapons will move in, capture VIPs, carry out kill orders, and otherwise cause problems while sowing fear and terror in their wake. To this end, most Predator type armors have demonic or animalistic shaped helmets, and many troopers have taken to taking trophies in battle.

31. The Psycho-Frame

The Psycho-frame is a theoretical power armor design that only exists in mock up and simulation programs. The armor has innate controls that are entirely dependent on the pilot being a parapsychic or technopath trained to control the systems through their powers. Psychoframes also tap into the innate power of the pilot to augment their own abilities. The program is currently in infant stages as there are no available parapsychics not involved in special forces.

Psycho-Frames are technological pipe dreams and the regular targets of shadowrunning.

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