Located in the northern part of Saerith and allied to the usurper nation of Sidious Praxingdrell, Nyir is a phlegmatic land of overcast skies and choppy seas. The inhabitants, once nomadic barbarians, are now compentent and capable warriors more than willing to cross swords, hammers, and flails with any foe who dares to stand against them. It is only respect for the strength of sorcery that Sidious Prax commands that keeps the men of Nyir her allies rather than her foes.

1. Ara the Blade
Hailing from one of the many Nyir noble houses, Ara is a middle son who can only find his own glory by traveling and lending his skill with a sword where it is needed, be it to defend Nyir from ogres, or leading soldiers to battle with his Praxian allies. Ara has a noble disposition and is a natural leader not yet grown into his stirrups.

2. Nyshan Firstcomer
A stealthy man with long mustaches and considerable skill with the bow and with the hunting knife, Nyshan is a bounty hunter and a hunter or animal game. Quiet to the point of silence, Nyshan is a deep and introspective man who deeply loves nature.

3. Ohan of Nyir
A men among men, Ohan is considered the ideal of what Nyir warriors are supposed to be, clad in reinforced leather armor and carrying a heavy morningstar and a shortsword. Ohan is honorable in battle but displays the pragmaticism of the Nyir when using allies and barbarians in battle. His is the stonebiten face that withstands the cold winds.

4. Sevan Lakebrother
More at home on the glacially cold waters of the Nyir Hannin, Sevan is a fisherman who is adept at using javelins and spears in battle, though dragons and horses leave him unsettled. He is more comfortable on a wooden deck than on an earthen field.

5. Vartann the Gardener
While many think the name to sound less than intimidating, they learn quickly that his roses are actually a matched set of one-handed axes, each etched with roses and thorns. With these tools the Gardener prunes back the unworthy limbs of his foes until the roses drip red.

6. Zeroun the Elder
A good two decades older than the other men, Zeroun has seen many campaigns and ridden into many battles and has the scars and trophies to prove it. While not a leader, the other Nyir look to Zeroun when things get tough, he's been there before and knows what to do to keep himself and the others alive through it.

7. Arshavir the Horseman
Befor Prax, the men of Nyir were horsemen first and foremost. Though the elite Black Wings are considered the best, the cavalry remains a potent force. Arshavir flies into battle swinging a heavy bladed Nyir battlesword, loping off heads, breaking shields and maiming limbs, his cape of emerald pather fur flying on the wind behind him.

8. Emin of Nine Lakes
Hailing from the all but unknown township of Nine Lakes, Emin is a stout hearted man who joined the ranks of soldiers to protect his remote home from the bands of ogres, orcs and other monsters of the northlands. He is wary of the menace of Prax and dislikes the Nyir alliance with her and her sorcerous elves.

9. Gharabed Shieldbreaker
A bear of a man with a sour disposition to match, Gharabed strides into battle with a heavy maul with the intent of splintering shields, crushing helms and bringing quick death and ruin to the foes of Nyir. Under his dour demeanor he is a genuinely pious man and can quote scripture under his breath as he swings his maul over and over again.

10. Hrag Firestarter
This thin and wirey Nyir carries a light mace and an oil soaked torch. taking a draught from his flask he uses to torch to set enemies on fire. Before being impressed into the ranks, Hrag was a circus performer who found his love of fire had greater admirers than the common folk who paid in copper. The army pays in gold and lets him see the orange flames to his heart's content.

11. Kousan the Nightinggale
An able stalker and thief, Kousan is known for stealing horses and women from enemies, sending their troops into ambushes or in the wrong direction, and favors the use of poison darts and a baited shortsword. He is very adept at mimicking birdsong with his whistling.

12. Katcheres the Monk
Once a man of the cloth, Katcheres joined the army and marched against Elvindorm after his monastary was raided by the elves and many of it's members slain by the sword and the bow. He is a cross-faced man with a burning hatred for the elves, and only tolerates the Praxians so long as they fight other elves, he's planning on taking them out after Elvindorm falls.

13. Levon Lionheart
Born with rare blonde hair, Levon is as fierce as his namesake and though not of noble blood, commands a great deal of respect. Armed with the traditional curved Nyir sword and a punching shield Levon has an aura of greatness about him and all the fortunes cast scry greatness in his future.

14. Mardig at Arms
A soldier's soldier, Mardig has mastered the use of almost every weapon, from the Nyir Hussar's mounted flail and hand and a half curved sword to the Praxian Flay-Bar sword or the Saerithian Longbow. Mardig shouts orders as a drill instructor as the men of his group roar into battle.

15. Momig Owl-Eyes
A small man with large eyes, Momig frequents the branches of trees to keep watch at night, his aim in the dark almost unsurpassed even by the elves. Loyal to a fault, Momig is a valiant warrior who knows that his physique isnt up to swinging greatswords in battle and is better suited to sniping foes with his bow.

16. Poppa Nahabed
A decade older than most of the men, Poppa Naha has a stable of young daughters at home and half as many stout sons. When not fighting with the heart of a Nyir war-bear, he is thinking of his children and how to come home to them alive, or to not bring any dishonor to them. He does have five daughters that need to be wed.

17. Parounag Cup-Dweller
A man perpetually in his cups, Parounag is an alcoholic and has a temper to go well with it. He can be alternately calm and then and threatening and violent as a thunderstorm. Many call the Cup-Dweller a berzerker of the old blood and cheer as he streaks himself with blood of the fallen on the battlefield and buy him another cup later in the tavern.

18. Ramzig Boar-Baiter
Many people have gifts, some for tending the injured, others for making beautiful art or musci. Ramzig's gift is hurting people, with his fists. He is called Boar-Baiter for seeking out the most intimidating foe on the field to face them and break them in battle. Ramzig is good at what he does and wears a number of trophies from men and elves he has slain in battle.

19. Black-Eyes Sevag
Some of the men say Sevag has the evil eye, or the eyes of a murderer. They are right on both counts, as he can hex his foes (minor increase on combat roles against him) and has on more than one occasion commited acts of cold blooded murder. Sevag is a Praxian agent and most often his murder victims are Nyir who speak out too much against the alliance with Praxingdrell.

20. Shahnazar Just-A-Weaver
So called for his common complaint of being a simple weaver of rugs, Shahnazar is a ruthless and efficient fighter who'se skill and dexterity with matched shortswords borders on the insane. Shahnazar has a taste for the nicer things in life and is not above looting after, or even during a battle if the haul is good enough.

21. Trasdamard the Hornet
Trasdamard could insult the sun and cause it to come down from the heavens to fight him, or so he would have others to think. A standard bearer, Trasdamard is a master of taunts, insults and formal challenges. He has helped win more than one battle by shouting goads until a foolish foe charged into overwhelming numbers to silence the Hornet.

22. Tsakig Lockbreaker
Wearing a necklace of crow feathers and fox teeth Tsakig remembers the old paths and the old faiths. He calls upon minor spirits to help him track foes, scent game, and lead foes into tricks like ambushes and to dead ends. He carries a sling, a shortbow, and a single bladed Praxian battleaxe.

23. Handsome Varoujan
There is a certain animal magnetism to the Nyir, and Varoujan has this in spades. his smile melts the hearts of women and a wink can send a scullery maid or an old maid into a swoon. The darker counterpart to Levon, Varoujan is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals, be it in battle or conquest in the bed chambers.

24. Vrej Skullsplitter
Carrying a heavy morningstar crusted with blood and bits of pulped bone, Vrej sings the song of Death and is without fear or mercy on the battlefield. Many are taken off-guard by this combination of utter brutality and mournful oral music. Let rest Vengeance, for my hand is steady, and only seek the clouds to mourn for me...

25. Yervant the Ox
As broad as an ox and only half as smart, Yervant is gullible and easy to fool by the other Nyir. But his heart is true and he does his best to protect the others of his group with his massive strength. He carries a tower shield and a suitably large morningstar for breaking foes with a single strike.

26. Abirad the Complainer
The soup is cold, the boots are tight, the weather is foul, and the road is too long. If there is a problem Abirad is willing to poitn it out. This scarecrow of a man is a good shot with a longbow, though he complains more bitterly about the bow and his own skill than he does about anything else.

27. Pretty Berj
His mustaches are always impeccable oiled and his armor always clean, Berj is a Nyir equivalent of a dandy, complete with lace cuffs and a duelist's sword and dagger, though his is issued a standard curved sword whenever the commanders realize he has lost his yet again...

28. Commandant Diran
The innate second in command, Diran is a natural leader and a hunter, as well as an accomplished cavalrymen. Many wonder why such a well connected and skillful soldier is in with the regulars when there are always openings in the Black Wings.

29. Garbis the Ferrier
A skilled blacksmith and ferrier of horses, Garbis is also a notorious drunkard, coward, and womanizer. If not for the demand for men capable of keeping the warhorses in shoes and mending their barding, Garbis would have been relegated to an infantry unit long ago or cycled back to some dead end clerk job in the back alleys of Nyir.

30. Soghomon, Master of Hounds
Once a hunter and a keeper of the Lord's kennels, Soghomon now leads his hounds to war where they unmount foes, tear and limbs and sniff out foes while he picks them off with his curved bow and hunting knives and axes. Soghomon eats and sleeps with his hounds, to keep the bond strong, he says.

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