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May 9, 2009, 12:22 am

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30 Imperial Guard Regiments


Sergeant Shabren sprinted to Commissar Voltren, narrowly dodging a hail of bolter fire. "Sir," He cried, "The Traitors are closing in! Where’s our support?" "Take heart, Imperial servant, the 497th Cabralsian Hussars are coming!" Shabren’s face suddenly became gloomy. "Those fragging Glory Boys? Ech, we’re fragged, aren’t we?"

The Imperial Guard is a truly monolithic organization; trillions of soldiers spread across millions of world and billions of regiments. Although organizations such as the Commisariat and the Adeptus Mechanicus use standardized training and equipment, the Imperial Guard allows every unit to train its men in a way decided upon by their commanding officer. Furthermore, the planets that the soldiers come from and their experiences so far in war also affect their personalities. Here are some stereotypical regiments.

1. The Every-Man Regiment

This unit is simply an all-round, squared-bases multi-use unit. Although not the deciding authority on any one style of combat, the men from this unit are brave, dedicated, and still quite skilled. Regiments like this can be found in just about every war-zone in the Imperium. Example: 1st Cadian Infantry, "The Castellan’s Own."

2. The "Shock and Awe" Regiment

This tank regiment is well-known for its incredible armoured maneuvers. Pincer movements, enfilades, you name it- these men wrote the book on it. As highly aggressive individuals, they absolutely abhor a defensive war, as sitting in a dugout for hours on end without the roar of the cannon or the churning and clanking of tank treads makes them uneasy. Example: Narmenian Armoured Brigades.

3. The Mongrel Regiment

This regiment is a regiment of survivors that have been clumped together to continue the Good Fight in the name of their God-Emperor. Drawn together from the remnants of multiple regiments, all of them having taken horrific casualties in combat, every man in this unit is a veteran of many wars. However, barriers such as different dialects of Gothic and different cultures impede the fighting abilities of this unit. As a result, regimental commissars have some trouble with these units. Example: 81st/1st Recon Regiment, or "Gaunt’s Ghosts."

4. The Virgin Regiment

This regiment is populated by a massive group of unblooded young men, often of ages ranging from seventeen to as young as maybe even fourteen. Often used as a ritual of manhood, these groups of soldiers are given rudimentary training and thrust into combat as cannon fodder. Although not all of them survive their first experiences as the "Queens of Battle," those that do manage to escape the war-zone with their lives can often make excellent infantry. Due to the untested, panicky nature of their charges, the role of the unit Commissar as a fatherly figure is never more important than it is in this unit. Example: Cadian Whiteshield Units.

5. The Convicted Regiment

Not professional soldiers by trade, the many members of this unit still have some degree of martial skill- especially as most of them are the scum of humanity. Murderers, rapists, and thugs from all over the Imperium are plucked from prisons and allowed to serve, all in the hope of gaining absolution from their crimes, and thus being allowed to go to the Emperor when they die. Commissars in these units resent their charges for giving them such a degrading assignment, and will often act in an especially brutal manner- as will their officers. Example: 13th Penal Legion; "The Last Chancers."

6. The Deathworlders Regiment

This unit was formed from some of the most hostile terrain imaginable, and has managed to make use of their hard upbringing to continue making a difference in the Imperium. With threats ranging from geological issues to overly hostile wildlife, the people from these worlds a hardy, dependable folk who consider their main export to the rest of the universe to be their fine soldiers. However, being an independent group, Deathworlders do not respond well to authority figures, such as Commissars, and will often frag such individuals before a battle, pawning it off as an accident. Example: Catachan Jungle Fighters.

7. The "Damaged Goods" Regiment

The men of this regiment have served for many years in the service of the Emperor, and have accrued a fine track record. However, due to the horrific nature of the foes they’ve fought, most of the men in the regiment are psychologically scarred. The effects of this scarring range everywhere from simple nervous breakdowns, to seeing illusions, even to homicidal tendencies. Despite passionate pleas by their commanding officer to "let his poor sons rest," HQ has simply classified them as an expendable regiment, and has assigned extra commissars to keep the unit in line. Given the massive stress these men are under, odds are good that a mutiny will occur. Even if some men manage to survive, they will most likely be confined to an asylum for the rest of their lives, subject to the torments of their own minds.

8. The Tainted Regiment

This regiment has served for a few years now, fighting in an Imperial Crusade against the forces of the Ruinous Powers. Lately, though, they have exhibited a rather… bloodthirsty nature, and many others are concerned about how close they are to Chaos. The truth of the matter, though, is that the regiment had long ago turned to the many promises of power emanating for the Eightfold Path, and are simply looking for the perfect opportunity to show their true colors, such as when they are guarding the flank of their former allies during a large battle….

9. The Glory-Boy Regiment

This regiment, often taken from a world whose government revolves around kings or nobility, these men make up the bulk of the Imperium’s Stormtrooper regiments. Trained since a verry young age, these men are considered to be second only to Space Marines in their ferocity and skill. This constant reassurance of their superiority to the "commoner regiments" has a habit of making them very smug and arrogant in their dealings with other units. Whenever these men enter a war-zone, their commanders have a habit of attempting to wrestle command away from other officers, and will often challenge any other officer who tries to make them listen to reason to a duel- an act which almost inevitably starts a regimental feud. The actual infantry of these elite units are often more manageable than their commanders, but only barely so, and the average Guardsmen would like nothing more than to plant a bayonet in a Stormtrooper’s back. Example: Jantine Patricians, 313th Royal Volpone Stormtroopers.

10. The Barbarian Regiment

Often raised from somewhat inhospital worlds that still don’t warrant the rank of Death World, these men come from tribal societies noted for violent cultures and great brutality. Raised as part of the Imperial tithes, the regiments provided by these worlds often lack firing discipline, any level of restraint, and for that matter often appear to even lack any form of empathy. Because of their brutal cultures, these men only respect strength, making a commissar’s first few yers with a barbarian unit very difficult and uncomfortable, as he must prove himself to the men. However, upon doing so, the men will recognize him as a leader and support him unconditionally. Example: Kanak Skull-Takers.

11. The Aspiring Commissar Regiment

These units are somewhat of a rarity in the Imperial Guard, being drawn only from Commissariat scholams across the Imperium, but are a vital part of a Commissar’s training. In order for a commissar cadet to fully become a commissar, he or she must spend a certain length of time within one of these units. Armed just like a regular Imperial Guard regiment, albeit with many more senior commissars, these fighting forces are renowned for their incredible discipline, bravery, and piety. Example: Terrax Guard, of the Schola Progenium facility on Terrax.

12. The Hive-Ganger Regiment

These regiments are primarily drawn from over-crowded urban areas, such as hive-worlds, and consist mainly of former gangers that have either enlisted to improve their lot in life, or have been forced to join by the tithes. Despite their lack of discipline and habit of joining the units with a history of violence and narcotics abuse, these men are often quite useful. Their past forays into combat as gangers have given them quick reflexes and honed senses, as well as an incredible affinity for ambushes in urban areas. Unfortunately for any regiment working alongside these men, they also have a bad habit of stealing from nearby units- and their former professions have given them plenty of experience in such tasks. Example: Necromunda Spiders.

13. The Equine Regiment

Despite their supposedly outdated tactics and equipment, regiments of this variety are found throughout the Imperium. Riding into battle on horses bred for speed and stamina, these brave souls advance in great charges across hostile grounds, using high explosives to dig enemy units out of cover, then butchering them with close-range weapons. Some of their greatest innovations include the now-infamous explosive lance, which they often use as an anti-tank weapon. These units are excellent shock troops, especially when used against foes that have never seen a horse or anything like them; such men are often terrified by the sight of the steel-hooved monster striding amongst them, with men armed with expplosive spears riding atop them, striking enemies down left and right. Example: Attilan Rough-Riders.

Note: I’m gonna put more in, I’m just sorta saving my progress, if you will.

Additional Ideas (1)

homebrew one

fenrisian aette raiders

one of the barbarian regiments drawn from the home world of the space wolves

the fenrisian raiders use heavy fire power to keep the enemy pinned down while smaller squads use lighter weapons such as las-guns and auto-guns are kept in fortified positions close to the enemy using massed fire to bring down the masses. then in close combat they are extremely expert most using axes attached to guns or spears.


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Comments ( 10 )
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Cheka Man
April 28, 2009, 12:09
Good, but I'll wait until it's finished before I vote.
April 28, 2009, 16:34
Needs some expansion before being considered ready for frontpage consumption. There is a lot of material out there, considering that I have read a handful of the Black Library novels. There are roughriders, conscripted regiments, dragoons, artillery regiments, and that isn't even getting into the Titan legions, or things like all armor units, or exotic units like the speeder bikes and whatnot. Get on this and get it finished Bro!
April 28, 2009, 18:25
Fixed the freetext (System hates commas except to seperate different freetexts).

I believe you are on your own filling this one in, as you are currently the only 40k player active on the board. There were two in the past, maybe if they stop lurking they can help you. Maybe novel readers might be able to help.
Siren no Orakio
April 28, 2009, 22:28
Not quite true. I, for example, am a 40k player. However, my only major interest in the Imperial Guard is how best to defeat them when their master places them in obstruction to the Greater Good.
April 29, 2009, 8:21
Heh, I've played it as well - am currently playing the 40k computer game.

For the Emperor!

So basically, it is best to leave these in your own work unless you are looking for feedback (advice requested). Since now it will be buried under new subs when it is finally done.
April 29, 2009, 20:59
Grrr.... TAUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm done. A buddy of mine plays Tau, actually.

Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to update the list right now- I've got a ton of homework. However, I'll be working on it ASAP. Can't let me boyos down, now can I?
April 29, 2009, 21:00
Updated: Just changing to "In Work."
May 1, 2009, 0:25
Updated: Added two more regiments.
May 9, 2009, 0:22
Updated: Just added five more regiments!

For the Emperor!
January 16, 2013, 6:39
yeah another war hammer 40k person
ave imperator


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