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April 9, 2011, 12:58 pm

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As your advisor my liege I am apt to tell you the difficulty in what you ask. Enemies are indeed everywhere and what you propose will inevidable be the end of your line. It is not always the enemies in front of you with a sword that are the worst, it is the ones behind you with a dagger you should watch for. Do not fear that which you see my lord, fear what you do not!

-Inaeius Keal - Advisor to the King of Kerrabar, Prophet and Seerer

Race : Olwynn   
Appearance : Dark hair, silvered eyes and pale skin.
Average Height : 4’ 
Average Weight : 60 lbs
Average Lifespan : 210 years
Typical Climate : Coastal, moderate

Description : Olwynn are a small and diminutive race of tinkers and builders. Their eyes are the color of quicksilver and have no pupils. They have small slit for a nose and relatively small mouth. They stand about 4’ tall and average to be about 55 - 65 lbs. Everything about them is diminutive, their hands, facial features and bodies are small, all except their minds.

Distinguished Traits : Because of their high intellect and nearly perfect blend of Psionics into their culture, they all receive a higher draw on their mental abilities. Nearly all Olwynn are Psionic to some extent, 90%. Those that are not are delegated to a slaving, working caste. They are small and childlike and in combat are a little harder to hit for someone taller than 6’ as their small size and natural quickness make them a difficult target. Because of this they have an added bonus to their defense.

Personality : The men are very accepting of others that show respect and are willing to help out anyone in need. The females on the other hand, are just the opposite. They do not trust anyone that is not another female Olwynn. They do tend to have a mild respect for females of other races but it is a begrudging respect and not one of an equal status. Their children are raised for the first ten years by the men, while after that they are put into the care of the females for proper schooling.

Home : While they are small and diminutive beings, their dwellings are not. They have very spacious homes on the coast and take full advantage of the ocean breeze for cooling in the hot summers. They have four cities that rival the human capital cities in size and population with a large ominous stone wall that surrounds the coastal side of the cities. Their four cities are large ports used for trading and shipping of any goods one could desire. While they are not a military force to be concerned with, they have an agreement with the Kingdom of Kerrabar that allows them to dock a portion of their fleet for protection of their harbor and a subtle warning for anyone thinking of attack their fair city.

Relations : They have a very Matriarchal society, relying very heavily on female guidance. The females in their society rule their culture and their people. They feel that only a woman can handle the emotional burden of running a kingdom. The females have become heavy handed in their justice and final in their laws. The populace is finding out that with a female in charge, if you break a law, prepare to suffer. When issuing out judgment however, they don’t have any racial prejudices. Everyone is the same in their eyes. While the males are not treated badly, they are occasionally looked down on as being not an equal.

Religion : While not an Atheistic culture, the Olwynn probably have the fewest religious followers. Not because they don’t believe in the Gods, but require proof. Not all are this way, but most tend to take the world at face value and learn from what they see not from what they are told. Another reason behind their lack of faith is that they feel that their Goddess Gutxi will return and elevate them to their rightful status. They are not fanatics about it, just waiting for her return.

Language : Their written language is angular and precise, the height of a letter changing its intonation greatly. If not for the difficulty for non-Olwynn to grasp a firm understanding of their written language, it would probably be embraced by more people for its simple design and artistic angles. Their spoken language is similar to their written language where the slightest inflection can greatly change the meaning of a simple word. While this is confusing for someone who is not familiar with the language, once learned is easily spoken as it flows from the lips like water.

Favored Profession : They all have an exceptional minds and are some of the best thinkers in the known lands. Their incredible knack for mathematics is astounding. What would take a normal human, or another race, hours to figure out, takes them only moments to ponder. Which makes them masters when using Psionics abilities.

Their race has had an abundant amount of Psionics achievements in the past few hundred years. They seem to be able breed Psionics into their culture as if they were breeding special traits into a horse or other domesticated animal. Their culture defiantly has a more copious amount of Psionics then any other race known in the land. Many have thought that they have bridged the gap and are nearly to the point where all their people will soon be born with Psionic abilities.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Iain
November 10, 2005, 11:22
Interesting. Personally, I don't like psionics, but it is still a good post. One major question: if both genders are raised in the same way (by the men till aged 10, then by the women), how come the women are so untrusting and the men so open and accepting? What do other people think about their culture - do they envy them for their fine minds, or do they treat them respect and come to the Olwyn for study or advice?
November 10, 2005, 11:32
Most people are stand offish toward the Olwynn. They seem to know more than what the average person should know. The secrets of the mind concept.

The women are the way they are because they are the stronger and more subtle of the two. Any women you speak with will tell you only a women can rule, and that is the way their entire culture is. They are a very strong handed Matriarchal society who feel that order must be followed. It is the way it always has been.
Voted Cheka Man
November 10, 2005, 18:07
Nice, but I doubt they are a romantic race.How can a female Olwynn love a male Olwynn if she does not trust him? I for one would not *go all the way* with someone that I didn't trust.
November 10, 2005, 20:30
Different cultures. Some cultures we have today are very similar. The men dominate and the women have no opinion. The same principle but opposite.
Voted Zylithan
November 20, 2005, 14:01
I'm also not a big fan of psionics, but that doesnt affect this post. It would be interesting to hear more about how the races interact. I mean, in many world psionics and changelings for example are feared and hated because it *is* sort of creepy to think someone could be messing with your mind or your trust of them. Your race posts are already very thorough, so I'm not suggesting it here, but it would be cool to see somewhere (and mayeb this already exists and I haven't found it yet as I'm new) a post discussing how the different races in your world interact with each other.

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