It is very much common knowledge that the skills of dwarfkind in the crafting of metal, and the working of stone are second to none. It does easily slip the attention that the dwarves are simply very skilled and patient craftsmen and their works in stone and steel are the most prominent and observable. Few give much thought to the humble dwarven cobbler who tacked the sole onto the bottom of their boot.

Samoyed is such a dwarf. He runs a tidy, yet understated shop in an upper class market place. The front of the shop is small, bordering on cramped, but the comforting smell of new leather and sawdust fill the air with a pleasant fragrance. There is a lingering scent of pipe tobacco in the air and the steady humming of the master cobbler working his craft.

Samoyed fits the image of the typical dwarf, short with a great long beard of once fiery red hair slowly turning gray. There is a stain in his mustache where his pipe sits, sometimes smouldering with a bit of leaf in it, or otherwise simply sitting in it's usual place. Several different styles of boot line the wall, sitting in displays of varying sorts. Mens boots, officer's boots, nobles boots and even the smaller and much more cunningly made ladies boots. There is no stock on hand, as each pair is custom made and fitted to the customer. The normal wait for a new pair of boots is three to six weeks, and the dwarf is solid on his list, no amount of threats or bribery will budge him to move people up on the list.

There is nothing magical about his footwear, other than the fact that the boots he makes are of teh absolute best quality and craftsmanship. It is a symbol of status among the lesser and middle nobility to own a pair of his boots, and they pay dearly for them. A pair of Samoyed's boots can cost as much as 200 gold crowns to purchase, with the payment being made up front before he starts working on the boots.

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