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Bleakwood Character Creation II: Perks & Psionics By: Ancient Gamer

After rolling stats, Bleakwood characters are given certain perks. They get 4 ability points, plus another 2 if they choose to have a dark side.

This submission covers special abilities (including psionics), special backgrounds, special items and dark sides.

by Ancient Gamer
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Psilabs By: Ancient Gamer

In the desolate wastes of Antarctica, under thick layers of ice and snow, forgotten by the world and only remembered in a few databases of the ancients: There lies Psilabs; a major research complex into the human psyche and the powers of the human mind.

by Ancient Gamer
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USSS Ticonderoga By: Ancient Gamer

The United States Space Ship Ticonderoga is the largest space vessel ever built. Constructed over 500 years ago, it now orbits earth, most systems shut down - It is a treasure ridden derelict juggernaught.

A leftover relic of the ancients.

Or so would seem.

by Ancient Gamer
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Ms. Carlyle By: Ancient Gamer

A stern matron, 1950's pinup and failed protector against nuclear winter.

Her first contact will be on a laptop or mobile unit of some kind. The text 'Can you help me?' will be written all over the screen.

Ms. Carlyle has made her presence known.

by Ancient Gamer
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Crt'halyon Worms By: Ancient Gamer

She couldn't have been more than five years old, yet there she stood amidst the rubble of bygone civilizations, blood running out of her nostrils, tatters covering her lithe frame. Dark, menacing eyes were fixed upon them, and as she raised her left hand, stonework and other debris lifted rapidly from the ground, coming to a halt midair.

by Ancient Gamer
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Outpost 21 By: Ancient Gamer
In the outer fringes of the Minauri Wasteland, 250 years after the Great Apocalypse of the Ancients, Outpost 21 is a thriving isolated community, a pillar of civilization, driven by the labor of slaves.
by Ancient Gamer
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The Mercenary Shrine By: Ancient Gamer

In the ramshackle town of Spear Malice only a single building still stands. It has defied the Great War and its spears of light; nuclear blasts that devastated the entire state, and ever since then it has defied the onslaught of time.

Its halls have not yet been breached, and a wealth of technological treasure await, ripe for plunder! But there are others who crave this treasure; others that will do anything to claim it.

by Ancient Gamer
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