General Information

Bleakwood Character Creation is done accordingly:

(If you are confused as you read these rules, look at the bottom of the submission. An example of play is added as an 'idea'. It should give you a general idea of how perks and dark sides are added)

1. Choose Gender
2. Choose Profession
3. Roll stats - 2 sets, keep the one you want.
4. Roll for Perks (dark sides, special abilities, etc (described in this submission))
5. Spend up to 2 fate points, re-rolling any stat or perk of your choosing. Keep either the old stat, or the new, at the PC's discretion.

Perk points given
: 4 base (or 6 if they choose to have dark sides)

Ability - 2 perk points
Background - 2 perk points
Item - 1 perk point

The player may purchase whatever combination of perks he desire, to the maximum of his perk points.


Special Abilities: Cost 2 Perk Points (roll 1d100)

Special abilities are abilities that are part of the PC, and cannot normally be taken from him by any ordinary means.

01-05 Genetic Mutation - Gills
06-10 Genetic Mutation - Lizard Scaled Skin (+1 Armor Point)
11-15 Alert (Sleeps lightly, nearly impossible to surprise while awake)
16-20 Wealthy - Starts with: Bullet proof vest (+8 Armor Points on torso), Two barrel 12 gauge shotgun, 96 x 12-gauge shotgun shells, Advanced Mobile Phone, +25 to all communication skills in the region the PC is known as wealthy, four horses, 15 goats, a llama, and a large building in his home town.
21-25 Ambidextrous - No penalty when using two hands
26-30 Night vision
31-35 Genetic Mutation - Chameleon Skin. (Requires little or no clothing) +5 category to hide on the Bleakwood Skill Table
36-40 Genetic Mutation - Poison Spit: can spit viscous light-blue poison at enemies. Max range: 6 meters. Chance to hit: D100. Roll below your Agility. The victim must roll below his Physique or be knocked out. If he makes his save, he still gets a reduction on any attack roll.
41-45 Genetic Mutation - Strengthened Claws: His mutation evolving, the PC now has long sharp retractable lizard claws. He can use these claws in melee and they rake the enemy for 1d6 damage, plus any damage bonus.
46-50 Lightning Reflexes - The PC is unnaturally quick. +1 Movement rate, -2 Initiative, +2 categories to sleight of hand, dodge and balance checks
51-53 Bullet Dancer - The PC is not unnaturally quick, but has astounding powers of observation and calculation. If he can see the muzzle of his opponent, he can dodge bullets as if they are a melee attack.
54-56 Duck and Cover - The PC knows just how to hide from explosions and anything with a blast radius. When dodging explosions, he receives no damage on a successful dodge, and half damage on failed dodges.
57-61 Poisonous Blood: The PCs blood is so venomous, it can kill others. By bleeding 1 HP worth of blood, the character can create 1d4 doses of potent poison (Strength 70 vs Physique).
62-66 Drug factory: Euphorics (The character's metabolism secretes euphoric drugs through various fluids; character can increase secretion though concentration

67-71 Body Implant - Leg Enhancements (Movement Rate + 3. Jump as high as movement rate in meters*. +1d6 kick damage)
72-76 Body Implant - Arm Enhancements (+1d6 to damage rolls in Close Combat, +50 boost to force open attempts)
77-83 Psionic Premonition - (Once a day the PC can roll twice and choose the best roll)
84-85 Brain Implant - Projectile Path Calculation Matrix (PPCM, Increases projectile weapon skills by +2 categories, gives a unique 25% chance to dodge incoming bullets)
86-87 Brain Implant - WiFi Cyberjack mk. I (The PC has wifi directly connected to his brain, and can perceive and interact with computer systems wirelessly by sheer thought. Requires computer skill to be effective)
88-90 Body Implant - Cyborg Sub-Skin Armor mk. III (+6 Armor Points, 'invisible' armor, permanent, covers everything)
91-95 Psionic Level 2 - Choose either Telepathy or Telekinesis, and then 1d2 skills from that discipline (see below)
96-98 Psionic Level 3 - Choose 1d4 skills from whatever discipline you want (see below)
99-100 Psionic Level 4 - Choose 3d4 skills from whatever discipline you want (see below)

* Base movement rate is 3

Special Background: Cost 2 Perk Points (roll 1d100)

Special backgrounds are skills learned by the character during his formative years, and cannot be taken from him.

The XP system is described in Bleakwood Character Creation, part I.

As he grew up, the PC worked for 2d3 years as a... (minimum age 16 + result of die roll)

01-05 Smith +50 XP Technical, +50XP Blacksmithing (Craft)
06-10 Fisherman +50 XP Boating, +25 XP Swimming, +25 XP Fishing
11-15 Hunter +50 XP Bows, +25 XP Tracking, +25 XP Flaying
16-20 Farmer +50 XP Plant lore, +25 XP Technical, +25 XP Animal lore
21-25 Shaman +50 XP Plant lore, +25 XP Pharmacy, +25 XP Doctor
26-30 Witch Doctor +50 XP Persuasion, +25 XP Plant lore, +25 XP Pharmacy
31-35 Seer +50 XP Persuasion, +50 XP Psychology
36-40 Hawker +50 XP Persuasion, +50 XP Appraisal
41-45 Driver +50 XP Pilot Truck, +25 XP Pilot Motorcycle, +25 XP Mechanical
46-50 Mechanic +50 Mechanical, +25 XP Pilot car, +25 XP Electrical repair
51-55 Electrical repairman +50 XP Electrical repair, +25 XP Technical, +25 XP Mechanical
56-58 Plumber +50 Technical, +50 Mechanical
59-61 Gambler +50 XP Sleight of hand, +50 XP psychology
61-63 Pickpocket +50 XP Sleight of hand, +50 XP Sneak
64-66 Burglar +50 XP Technical, +25 XP Climb, +25 XP Sneak
67-70 Warrior +50 XP Melee category of choice, +25 XP Dodge, +25 XP Ride
71-74 Sheriff +50 XP Gun category of choice, +50 XP melee category of choice
75-77 Village Elder's Eldest Child +25 XP Psychology, +25 XP Persuade, +25 XP Appraisal, +25 XP Pharmacy
78-82 Mercenary +50 XP Gun category of choice, +25 appraise, +25 XP Melee category of choice
83-85 Medical Doctor +50 Medicine, +50 Pharmacy
86-88 Bounty Hunter +50 XP Tracking, +50XP Gun category of choice
89-93 Pit fighter +100 XP Melee category of choice, +100 XP Dodge
94-97 Champion +100 XP Melee category of choice, +100 XP Dodge, +50 XP Throw
98-100 High Tech Enclave Mercenary +100 XP Gun category of choice, +100 XP Technology Lore, +50 Computers, +50 Pilot Motorcycle

Special Items: Cost 1 Perk Point (roll 1d100)

Special items are equipment that the character has either found, earned or inherited during his formative years. It can be taken from him during gameplay.

01-03 Useless Treasure Trove
Jump suit, sturdy boots, scarf. Bath robe. Fluffy slippers.
Patek Philippe Watch
3 x Flares
Duct tape
Rubber duck

04-05 Covert Agent's Equipment Pack
Comprehensive Makeup kit for disguise
Multiple IDs and credit sticks (lighter length sticks with iris scanning ability that holds ID papers, criminal records, faction credits, personal files, and so on. Lenses that replicate the wearers iris when in 'clone' mode)
Combat knife

06-09 Scavenger's Equipment Pack
Hunting Knife
Folding bayonet.
Tight leather cap
Magnifying glass
2 flasks of Oil
Wide brimmed metal helmet (similar to english WW1 helmet), mainly for cooking, so far.
Brown webbing pouch
Left leather combat glove (+2 fist damage)
PDA with 250 GB porn, multimedia capabilities, word processor and wireless network card.

10-15 Mechanic's Gear
1 x Petrushka Welding Torch
2 x Tool Box
5 x Can of mechanic's grease
2 x Mechanic overall
Army boots, camouflage fatigues (urban camo), leather jacket. Water-proof poncho (urban camo), thermal insulation.

16-19 Field Hacker's Equipment Pack
M11 Pistol
2 x 18 rounds magazines (9mm)
PDA/GPS with fingerprint recognition and several password levels. Some passwords will send an emergency signal to the home base, some passwords will erase all data, while some passwords will simply hide the data and boot a dummy operating system to fool security checks.

20-21 Needle gun
This small, palmable gun is designed for covert assassination at short range. It is fired by squeezing the holding hand into a fist. the barrel protrudes unobtrusively between the middle finger and ring finger, and unless specifically looked for, the holder simply seems to have a lightly clenched fist.
The gun fires very thin, 1cm long metallic needles. They feel like a strong bee sting, but have been dipped in a fast acting neurotoxin. While the sting of the needle itself is hardly remarkable, death is almost assured within 72h. The gun comes with enough microdarts and poison for 20 assassinations. The needles/poison can be replaced using conventional steel and any poison suitable for the task.

22-23 Portable undercover tactical console
This small container is divided into three parts. The first includes several identical hard contact lenses, the second several identical discreet earbuds, and the third several attachable throat microphones, which can be placed, plaster-style, across the larynx.

With this system in place, live tactical information can be displayed in 3D to the user. The contact lenses are smart enough to be able to figure out in which eye they were placed. The entire system can be used sureptitiously without arousing suspicion, even under close scrutiny. The components are redundant enough that the entire rig can be used with a throat mike and either a single contact lens, or a single earbud.

While the tactical information provided is greatly valuable, this rig shines when it comes to communication, and is capable of high speed access to the wireless network, any available earth observation data, and to an eventual controller. The entire rig can be folded and stored in a smooth cylindrical container that is usually found around the neck of the operative on a lanyard. In most situations, he will wear a tactical contact lens in the left eye, while wearing a disguise lens in the right to allow him to pass iris scans.

18-24 Small & Medium Game Hunter's Weapon Pack

Pump Action Shotgun, spas-12
12 buckshot ammunition +2 categories to hit
short range(10 mts/30 feet): 4D6 damage
medium range(25 mts/60 feet): 2D6
long range(50 mts/120 feet): 1D6 damage
10 slug ammunition +0% to hit
4D6 damage short, medium and long range.
2 birdshot ammunition
12 clay pigeons

25-32 Mercenary's Equipment Pack
Infanterie-Panzer (Heavy plate armor for torso and groin) 8 Armor Points
Butcher's knife
Skein of nylon rope (50')
Backup Flint and Steel
Leather belt.
Dark cloak (Doubles as bedroll)
Uzi Submachine Gun
3 x 32 round magazines (9mm)

33-37 Wastelander's Equipment Pack
Green laser weapon sight (can be mounted on a gun, but you don't have one. The green laser increases hit probability with +50% at short and middle range, but also alerts the enemy to your presence).
Water purifier canteen
Vitamin supplements
Protein concentrate
Geiger counter
Sturdy knife, swiss army knife
Small camo tent for 1 person
Sleeping bag
20 ft of lightweight rope
First-aid kit, with band aids, antibiotics, and general medicinal equipment

38-40 Big Game Hunter's Equipment
.444 Marlin Hunting Rifle
20 rifle ammo .444
Textile backpack (Quilted):
2 x canned beef meat
10 x clean syringe
1 x worn plush bear with meat scent

41-43 Sheriff's Equipment
13 ceramic flasks of moonshine (1 metric litre)
3 x combat knives with sheaths
5 x throwing knives with sheaths
1 x leather belt
1 x Military leather cartridge box
1 x Brown webbing cartridge belt with web loops for 30 cartridges
1 x Pair of police riot boots
1 x Smith & Wesson .38 super caliber pistol (Model SW1911 DK Pistol)
100 x .38 caliber
1 x shining sheriff star

44-46 Caravanner's Equipment
Green army truck
Black pickup
White dodge charger
2 x 159 litre barrels of diesel
1 x 159 litre barrel of gasoline

47-51 Urban Ruins Thug Equipment
Ballistic Shield
4 x flashbang grenades
A blue bullet proof vest
White security guard overall

52-57 Successful Mercenary's Equipment Pack
1 x Nanite healing kit
2 x incendiary grenades
2 x lethal injections of potassium chloride
.38 Colt Revolver
18 x .38 cal bullets each (1 shot/rd, 1d10 dam)
8 x AK-1047 magazines (100x each)
2 x smoke grenades

58-64 Wasteland Champion's Gear
8 x fragmentation grenades
A two barrel shotgun
30 x shotgun cartridges

65-71 Red Flag Tech Warrior Gear
Blue Sailor's Slingbag
Drakonov Assault Suit 8 Armor Points, Full Body
Rocketpack (20 litres of gas / 5 gallons - Full tank, gives 2 hours of flying time)
AK-1047 Assault Rifle (3/100 shots/rd, 2d6+2 dam pr bullet)
Pre-war Sony Xperia Z51 Smartphone

72-78 Tech Facility Doctor's Bag
1 x Taser
4 x Nanite Healbot Injection Kits
1 x DNA Rewrite Kit
Surgical Equipment and Basic Equipment (Includes sedatives)
40 x Lethal Injections (Potassium chloride)

79-84 Mad Witchdoctor's Stash
2 x Nanite Syringes (Fully healing nanobots, removes all ailments, broken bones and wounds. Resurrects)
2 x Mutine Syringes (Starts beastly mutation in patient, reduces intelligence drastically, while drastically increasing strength)
A pill box with 19 pills of Amphetazine (amphetamine, good for staying awake)
Combat Implant still in anti-septic bag

85-91 Warrior Witch's Equipment
Ballistic Shield
2 x Nanite Healbot Kit
1 x Double barrel 12 gauge shotgun
8 x 12 gauge buckshot
4 x Fragmentation Grenades

92-94 Spaceship Crash Site Gear
1 x Stavros Industrial Lifter Exoskeleton
2 x Additional Crates of Gattling gun ammo
9 x Space Suits
1 x Cryo-coffin. Currently unoccupied
1 beating human heart suspended mid air in a bluish bulletproof glass case.
6 x Rocket Backpacks, without fuel

95-98 Last Gamit Officer's Gear
H&K MP7 (2d10 damage, armor piecing bullet x40)
Motion sensor
Nanite healbot injector
Backpack, filter canteen
Hunting knife
Kit with a few basic tools

99- 100 Armory Loot
Tarnished Black Powered Armor. 250cm tall, 500 kilos total weight. 20 Armor Points, all location. Fixed Strength of 100.
10 x Pineapple Fragmentation Grenades
1 x Spool of Steel Wire. 150' long (50 meters long)
2 x Survival Backpacks. Filled with winter sleeping bags (down to -30 degrees celsius), zippo lighters, zippo fuel, handaxe, two person tent, fishing line, fishing hook, compass and snow shoes.

Dark Sides (Optional, grants +2 perk points if chosen)

01-05 Anger Management Issues - Non-violent raging screamer
06-10 Rude & Insensitive
11-15 Sex Addict
16-20 Compulsive Liar
21-25 Attention Whore
26-30 Alpha Male / Alpha Bitch - Will actively engage new PCs and belittle them until they yield and become submissive henchmen. Resistance will be met with social isolation and extreme bullying, even physical.
31-35 Extreme Greed
36-40 Extreme Glutton. The PC gains +35 to his size-weight.
41-45 Schizophrenia (makes up 'truths' and believes in them. i.e. the village elder has been possessed, or the other village is ruled by aliens)
46-50 Husband / wife beater. The PC will smack up his significant other, no matter who they are. Often.
51- 55 Kleptomaniac
56-60 Delusion of grandeur - The PC thinks he is really, really important (even if he is not).
61-65 Adrenalin junkie - Will seek exhilarating danger and do reckless stuff. All in the name of thrills.
66-70 Drug addict - The character is addicted to cocaine, amphetamine, morphine and heroin. He will use amphetamine to enter a battle rage, cocaine in social settings, morphine and heroin to relax. Without drugs he gets -3 categories to all skill checks. He will actively pursue new drugs, especially if he has never heard of them.
71-75 Zealot Flagellant - The PC has a faith so pure, so shining that he is willing do sacrifice all for his deity. He will whip himself into a frenzy, crying tears of joy, praising the lord - whomever that may be. He will preach his god for all to hear, and he will be willing to kill unbelievers, or even himself. Example: The Cult of Gasoline: A Cult of Gasoline Zealot Flagellant can be seen wandering the wastes with ten chains in tow - jerry cans attached. He will sit down on a small town marketplace and preach in a tear choked voice about the Spirit of Gas, whipping himself all the while. In the evening he will wander the slums, converting beggars. Those that refuse will be drenched in gas and set aflame.
76-80 Paranoid Schizophrenia (makes up 'truths' about people conspiring against them... and believes in them. i.e. your village hates you, and secretly tries to poison you)
81-85 Pyromaniac
86-90 Psychopath = Delusion of grandeur + alpha male + husband beater
91-97 Roll twice
98-100 Roll thrice

Psionic Abilities

Psionic abilities duration and distance are covered at the bottom of the page.

To learn new psionic skills outside of character creation is permitted at the GM's discretion, and requires deep meditation or a flash of deep insight.

Discipline of Telepathy Skills

Mind Probe
The psionic reaches with his mind, digging into the memories of the target. Recent memories are easy to access, while the further, and more traumatic, the memories are - the harder they are to reach. The target gets a will resistance check.
Critical success: All memories available with no resistance from the target
Special success: Cost cut in half
Fumble: Target feels your presence in his mind and understands who you are and what you are doing.
Cost: 5 PSI Points

Mind Talk
The psionic establishes a 'bridge' to another person's mind. For the duration they can communicate freely.
Critical success: There is no cost and the duration is doubled
Special success: Cost cut in half
Fumble: Mind leak - Your communication seeps over to everyone else's mind too, and everyone's thoughts can be heard. If the psionic is in a city that can cause quite the mental commotion.
Cost: 2 PSI Points

Meditative Projection
While in a deep meditative state, the psionic sends his mental projection forth - if need be across oceans and over mountains. While travelling he observes what occurs in the locations he pass by, if he takes the time to do so, and he travels at over 5000 kilometres per hour. While in this state, he appears as a shimmering, ghostly apparition. The psionic may combine this spell with mind talk, to communicate as he travels. Note that his body needs nourishment as normal, but the traveler does not notice that.
Critical success: There is no cost, and cost for duration and distance is halved.
Special success: Half cost.
Fumble: The psionic enters a near comatose state, from which he struggles to awaken. Each 3rd hour he may attempt to will his way out of the psionic coma.
Cost: 10 PSI Points

Mind Thrust
In a flash of anger, the psionic thrusts his raging consciousness upon another, dealing a staggering blow to the unfortunate individual. The attacked character must resist in a battle of willpowers, or be rendered unconscious for 1d4 combat rounds.
Critical success: The cost is halved and the psionic automatically succeed.
Special success: The cost is halved.
Fumble: The assault backlashes, and the psionic himself is knocked unconscious for 1d4 rounds.
Cost: 10 PSI Points

Deprivation of Sight
The psionic manipulates the mind of his victim, confusing his sight, rendering him utterly blind for the duration, unless he resists the will of the psionic.
Critical success: There is no cost.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic is rendered blind himself
Cost: 5 PSI Points

Deprivation of Hearing
The psionic manipulates the mind of his victim, confusing his hearing, rendering him utterly deaf for the duration, unless he resists the will of the psionic.
Critical success: There is no cost.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic is rendered deaf himself
Cost: 5 PSI Points

The target is paralysed and collapse to the ground for the duration, unless he resists the will of the psionic.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victim automatically fails his save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic is rendered deaf himself
Cost: 15 PSI Points

The target is influenced by the psionic, and a suggestion is planted in his mind. The suggetion may be anything: that they are dear friends, lovers, family members, that they hate each other, that the victim is someone he is not, etc. The suggestion lasts for the duration of the influence.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victim automatically fails his save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic is himself influenced by the very suggestion he sought to implant.
Cost: 5 PSI Points

Puppet Master (Mind Domination)
The psionic asserts complete control of the target, dominating his very being and forcing his every move. He may force the victim to do whatever he pleases, even committing suicide.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victim automatically fails his save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic is himself influenced by the very suggestion he sought to implant.
Cost: 15 PSI Points per controlled being

The psionic removes visual input concerning an object to the targets brain. For instance he could remove himself, an object like a weapon, a pet, or even a complete stranger.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victim automatically fails his save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic falls to the ground, fainting.
Cost: 2 PSI Points per removed object

The psionic removes audible inut concerning a sound to the targets brain. For instance he could remove the cries of help from a fellow soldier, or the sounds of his boots as he sneaks past the victim.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victim automatically fails his save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic falls to the ground, fainting.
Cost: 2 PSI Points per removed sound

Psi Scream
The psionic releases a mental scream so loud, it pierces the minds of everyone in a 100 meter radius. Those present must resist his will, or collapse to the ground for 1 combat round, nose bleeding and eyes watering.
Critical success: There is no cost.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic screams inwards, knocking himself out for 1d10 combat rounds.
Cost: 35 PSI Points

Cloud Mind
The target is forced into a fugue state, in which he exists in a blurry version of reality. Every skill check made in this fugue state is at -4 categories, and when he wakes up the incident is treated as a black out.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victim automatically fails his save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic collapse to the ground, drooling, for the duration.
Cost: 10 PSI Points

Skill Leech
The psionic creates a symbiotic link with the target, acquiring his level of skill for the duration of the spell, unless the attempt is resisted.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victim automatically fails his save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic links symbiotically to the victims lowest skill, overriding the one the psionic already has.
Cost: 8 PSI Points

Mental Fortress
The psionic erects barrier upon barrier of telepathic protection, readying himself for mental assault.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic opens himself up completely for assault. All enemy attacks are at double strength.
Cost: 1 PSI Point per 5 additional willpower in defense.

Discipline of Telekinesis Skills

The Psionic lifts one or more objects with the power of his mind. The lift is slow and controlled, and cannot be used to smash someone into something. It can be used to pick up soldiers from the ground, and turn them the other way, or to levitate the psionic and his friends - amongst other things.
Critical success: There is no cost and the victims automatically fails their save.
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic fails, but lose twice the PSI Points and breathes heavily.
Cost: 1 PSI Point per 50 kilos

Telekinetic Hand
The psionic controls a delicate telekinetic 'hand' that can perform such tasks as opening doors, light pushing, shooting a gun, using a keyboard and so on from a distance.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The telekinetic hand fumbles whatever it was doing
Cost: 3 PSI Points

The psionic projects a telekinetic force, pushing an object with varying force.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The telekinetic force throws everyone in a 50 meter radius into the air.
Cost: light push 1 PSI Point, strong push 5 PSI Points, machinelike push 10 PSI Points, Catapult ejection push 15 PSI Points (hurtles an object across a small forest).

The psionic projects a telekinetic force, pulling an object with varying force.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The telekinetic force pulls everyone in a 50 meter radius flat onto the ground.
Cost: light pull 1 PSI Point, strong pull 5 PSI Points, machinelike pull 10 PSI Points.

The psionic projects a telekinetic force, crushing a target with an immense amount of strength, doing 2d6 damage to all body parts
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The telekinetic force catapults everyone away from the target.
Cost: 20 PSI Points

Still the Heart
The psionic reaches telekinetically, stilling the heart of the target. Some variations of this ability actually pulls the still beating heart from the victim' chest.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The telekinetic overreaches, losing consciousness for 1d6 combat rounds.
Cost: 20 PSI Points

Brain Crush
The psionic projects a telekinetic force, squeezing and heating the target's brain for 1d3 damage per round.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The telekinetic force backlashes, causing the psionic to bleed profusely from the nose and ears (1d4 damage).
Cost: 10 PSI Points per round.

Telekinetic Shield
The psionic shields a 10 meter radius with a telekinetic shield. The telekinetic shield can be increased in size, and can be of varying strength. The psionic shield will stop most matter from entering, excepting air. But water will be stopped from entering, except in the case of the weakest of shields.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic creates a center of gravity instead, centered on himself.
Cost: 1 Armor Point of protection per PSI Point. To stop rain costs 2 Armor Points, to stop the ocean would require 10.

Centre of Gravity
The psionic creates a small centre of gravity, pulling matter towards it with varying degrees of force. Once they reach the centre of gravity, they will hang there, in a bundle, until the effect wears off. Depending on G force there might be damage when objects hit each other, and there will certainly be damage when they fall down again.
Critical success: There is no cost
Special success: The cost is halved
Fumble: The psionic creates a center of repulsion instead, rejecting matter.
Cost: attract small pebbles 1 PSI Point, Attract chairs and tables 3 PSI Points, Attract humans 5 PSI Point, Affect horses and so on 10 PSI Points, affect siege engines 20 PSI Points.

Telekinetic Wall (Floor / Ceiling)
Variant of telekinetic shield. See description.

Variant of telekinetic lift, see description.

Psionic Duration

10 minutes - 0 PSI Points (Default duration, unless stated otherwise)
20 minutes - +1 PSI Point
30 minutes - +2 PSI Points
40 minutes - +3 PSI Points
1 hour - +4 PSI Points
1.5 hours - +5 PSI Points
2 hours - +6 PSI Points
3 hours - +7 PSI Points
4 hours - +8 PSI Points
5 hours - +9 PSI Points
6 hours - +10 PSI Points
12 hours - +11 PSI Points
24 hours - +12 PSI Points
2 days - +13 PSI Points
3 days - +14 PSI Points
4 days - +15 PSI Points
5 days - +16 PSI Points
6 days - +17 PSI Points
7 days - +18 PS Points

Psionic Reach (Distance)

Especially important with psionic projection.

10 meters- 0 PSI Points (Default distance, unless stated otherwise)
20 meters- +1 PSI Point
30 meters- +2 PSI Points
40 meters - +3 PSI Points
60 meters - +4 PSI Points
80 meters - +5 PSI Points
100 meters - +6 PSI Points
150 meters - +7 PSI Points
200 meters - +8 PSI Points
250 meters - +9 PSI Points
300 meters - +10 PSI Points
400 meters - +11 PSI Points
500 meters - +12 PSI Points
750 meters- +13 PSI Points
1 km - +14 PSI Points
2 km - +15 PSI Points
3 km - +16 PSI Points
4 km - +17 PSI Points
5 km - +18 PSI Points
7.5 km - +19 PSI Points
10 km - 20 PSI Points
15 km - 21 PSI Points
30 km - 22 PSI Points
50 km - 23 PSI Points
100 km - 24 PSI Points
250 km - 25 PSI Point
500 km - 26 PSI Points
1 000 km - 27 PSI Points
10 000 km - 28 PSI Points
100 000 km - 29 PSI Points
1 000 000 km -30 PSI Points

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Example of play:

EchoMirage has chosen his gender, a female, chosen his profession: a wastelander tech reaver, and rolled his stats. The time has come for perks. EchoMirage decides that Belle, his character, will have a dark side (+2 perk points).

His totalt perk points increase from 4 to 6.

He spends 2 points on 1 special ability, 2 points on 1 special background and 2 points on 2 special items.

First he rolls 1d100 for a dark side and gets 37. Belle is an extreme glutton, and as overweight as they come. Belle is a huuuuge girl, with several layers of fat and oversized, thin titties hanging down as a comforter over her many layered bulk.

EchoMirage sighs. He may have to use a fate point, but decides to continue, rolling for special ability.

EchoMirage gets an 89! Belle has sub skin armor, and in addition to an incredible amount of hit points (hit points are derived from weight plus constitution), she also has sub-skin plate armor. Belle is a bonafide cyborg.

The next roll is for special background, and EchoMirage lets the dice fly. 30. Belle has worked as a witch doctor!

It is all clear now. Back in the day, Belle used to squat in her hut, her buttocks firmly on a wooden pallet, her eyes fluttering as she drank beer and random pills, all the while advising her people on matters of livestock and health.

Belle is coming to life as an unsavoury woman, and now it is time to get her gear. EchoMirage rolls twice. 39 and 52.

She got the big game hunter pack, and the successful mercenary's gear.

It is clear that Belle has gotten paid well for her years as a witch doctor... and eaten well too.

Now it is up to the dice to see how she fares in the mutant wastelands.