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March 19, 2008, 2:25 pm

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### Dragons


Burninating the countryside,
Burninating the peasants
Burninating all the peoples
And their thatched-roof COTTAGES!

Asked to contribute to a 101 or 30 by Moon Hunter, I was stumped.  As I was looking for a sub that struck my fancy, I noticed there were no Dragon lists!

So bring your Burninators,  your Fire Breathers, and any other flying menace you can think of.  Go rent Dragon Wars, read

The Hobbit

, Or listen to "Trogdor" by Strong Bad.

(Gonna try to get to 30 before I start editing the number at the top and before I add the freetext.  Also feel free to add full subs as codexes.  I already added a few.)

Additional Ideas (7)

1) The Angry Dragon This Dragon does not care about hoarding treasure, but only wants to kill stuff. Revenge or bad temper?

2) Golden Dragon A gold mine was attacked by a group of bandits. In order to protect the mine, the mage constructed a dragon out of the only substance handy: Gold. After taking care of the bandits, the dragon now walks around the countryside doing clost to nothing, due to the fact that it is to heavy to fly and does not feel mortal urges. It is now the prize of adventurers due to its value.

3) Volcano Dragon Most dragons are fire resistant, but this one takes it to the extreme. The volcano dragon lives inside an open peak volcano.

2008-03-18 04:56 PM » Link: [4905#64325|text]
4Fist Dragon
This young Dragon with breath of noxious gas has green scales and has trained in the ways of the martial artist, his name is Svetreth (known as Svet by his comapanions), he started his training under Master Morcerous as a youngling and has continued to train after his master's passing. Svet is an up an coming champion of justice and martial arts tournament favorite.

5Pink Dragon
Born of typical Red Firebreather stock mixed with some Fey Heritage. This pinkish hued dragon has six pairs of gossamer wing to lift it into the air. It is large and beatiful, but not to be angered.

6The Smallest Dragon
This tiny dragon lives by feeding off of small insects. It is about half a foot long, a full foot including tail. It nimbly flies around gobbling up mosquitos in swamps. Also very playful and will likely try to land one someone's head and eat their hair.

2008-03-18 08:59 PM » Link: [4905#64330|text]
7) Wood Wyvern: This small Wyvern is a Forest dweller. it has the skin texture and look of wood. it is small enough to hid in large trees for protection and hunting. It only uses its fire breath as a last resort. it is semi-intelligent, it has been known to gather leaves to aid in its camouflages

8) Roo Dragon: This Dragon looks like a cross between a normal dragon and a kangaroo. It is more lizard like and lacks the Combat power that most dragons has. its an omnivore but it prefers Plants to meat. it keeps it young in a pouch on its belly. it is as smart as a human but lacks the ability to talk.

2008-03-18 09:18 PM » Link: [4905#64331|text]
9The Dracolich
Dragons live for a long time, but this one wanted more. It is a mastery of Necromancy and has been for a long tome. He is the dragon equivalent of a Lich and as such is quite undead. He is served by Liches what were once mortals and is known throughout the Necrotic Underground as a God simple existing in the Mortal World. Truly an epic foe.

10&11The Dragon Gods
Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. The Best the Good Dragons have to offer. His scales shine in the name of all that is holy, the only thing that can make him angry is his long-time enemy Tiamat's messing with the Mortal Realms.

Tiamat, The Sixfold. She is equipped with five heads and a wyvern's poisonous tail barb. The heads are Green, Red, Blue, Black and White and signify her as the Mother of the Natural Born-Evil Dragons.

(Sorry if that got a little too D&D/Greyhawk for anyone)

2008-03-18 09:31 PM » Link: [4905#64332|text]
12) Dragon Man An emerald dragon with one huge, muscular, human arm attached. It's up to you whether you call him Trogdor.

13)Pack Member Be warned...there's more coming to help him.

14) The Small Dragons Similar to a velociraptor, this small pack of dragons hunt as a pack. The each are as long as a human is tall, but cannot breath fire. They can, however, fly.

2008-03-19 02:38 PM » Link: [4905#64343|text]
15. The Singing Purple Dragon
This emissary from the infernal planes travels from village to town, using his innate mind-controlling magic to gather the local children to him. Once he has gathered a crowd, he starts to lead them in singing, dancing, games, and lessons. This would be harmless (if annoying to adults), except that the dragon's songs, stories, and teachings are carefully crafted to lead the children into demonolatry and other foul practices.

Something about the Purple Dragon's mannerisms tempts adults to beat him mercilessly. More than one village has been inadvertently spared from a plague of demon-worship when the citizens chased the dragon out with bludgeons and torches...

(I'm sorry. I figured it was inevitable and decided to get it out of the way early.)

2008-03-19 04:25 PM » Link: [4905#64346|text]
Charvaung, Darkener Of Skies

Charvaung is the last of the dynasty of dragons which terrorized the vales of Va Ohha, a family of serpents known as the Achauryang dragons after their legendary progenitor, Achauryang, the Shadow of the Horns (who was himself descended from that vile patriarch, Chorash, the Defiler). This dynasty of dragons ruled the vales for thousands of years, keeping the local mortals in terrorized check. However, the Ohha barbarians invaded the vales and overthrew the local kingdoms, establishing their own petty chiefdoms. Refusing to pay tribute, the Ohha gathered in a great mass and, at great loss of their own life, slew Charvaung's sire, Xetung the Swallower-Whole, by pinning him down and denying him sustenance until he starved (for the dragons of Achauryang's brood cannot be slain by mortal weapons). The mortals then smashed the great dragon's brood of eggs, hoping to erase the stain of dragonkind from the vales of Va Ohha. However, one egg remained, and a horror hatched from it and grew in the darkness of the peaks, feasting on the corpse of its father and the mangled remains of its embryonic siblings. In this way, five-hundred years later, the last of the Achauryang dragons swept down into the veils to avenge its unholy wrath upon the pitiful goat-herding mortals.
Ohha tribesmen and villagers flee before the flames which are spewed by Charvaung, Darkener Of Skies. Corpulent and deformed, he resembles a bloated worm plated in blackened armor which soars overhead on cloud-tearing wings. He has six legs, each with deformed swollen joints from centuries of crawling in darkness through caverns, ending in jagged, broken talons. He maintains the pure bloodline of the Achauryang dragons, being a direct descendant of the Shadow of the Horns, and thus bears that ancient wurm's terrifying visage, a demonic mixture of wolf, serpent, and bird, with great crescent horns. He spews forth billowing waves of blue flame and flows of thick blazing tar that entombs his victims alive (if they are spared burning to death).
He takes tribute from 21 of the 58 clans of the Ohha, and from the people of the Ghobar towns on the south side of the vales. He has taken up the old forgotten lair of his dynasty, the Gullet Of Terror, somewhere in the treacherous ridges of the vales' greatest peaks.
Like all the dragons of his dynasty, Charvaung cannot be slain by any mortal weapon. He must be starved, like his father was, by pinning him down, no easy feat. The Ohha tell the legend of how their heroes battled Charvaung's father Xetung with an entire army, and that it took the spears of every man of forty clans to knock the Swallower-Whole from the skies, and great tree-trunks to pin him to the ground.

2008-05-09 05:00 PM » Link: [4905#65278|text]
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Voted valadaar
March 25, 2008, 9:27
A good idea for a Scroll/Codex, but I would spend a little more time on the blurb and ditch the ### in the title alltogether. Look at some of the other high-rated codecies for examples.
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
September 29, 2008, 12:03
Initial submission needs more work.
Voted Kassy
June 10, 2012, 15:51
Pretty much what valadaar said..


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