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September 11, 2012, 3:39 pm

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"O'er the Wall Mounts there's this race of creatures. They look humanoid, but big. Mebbe 15, 20 feet tall? There all covered in this hair. Most of the species' hair is an auburn, but theres some that are black or blonde or brown. There faces look kinda like a cat face. The eyes are always one solid color, but the colors differ, like with humans. But the thing that makes them special is that they milk our females, like we milk cows. They breed 'em. They treat us like cattle. They even breed out the aggressiveness and intelligence."

-Old Gerald, man in the pub

     The Yothats     

Synopsis: The Yothats are to humans what humans are to cows. Both species (Yothats and humans) are unique among other creatures. They are the only ones who drink another species milk. The Yothats, though, are not all dairy farmers. There society includes the range that human's do: they have farmers, miners,, blacksmiths, merchants, criminals, jewelers, alchemists, magi, rulers, and many more. It is simply the dairy farmer profession that humans care about. But, in general, there have been, and will not be, any advances in Yothat-human relations, for the simple reason that Yothats do not understand any human languages, for one very simple reason. Imagine a cow moo-ing. Do you care whether or not the cow is in fact saying "It is unjust and inhumane to do such cruel things to me and other females of my race" ? No! The same situation for the Yothats. They do not see humans as inferior, like a slavemaster would a slave. They do not see humans as inferior, as a racist/sexist/speciesist person would the inferior party. Humans are simply a resource to them. A prized resource, but still, a resource. 

Appearance: The Yothats are, usually, 17-18 feet tall. The range goes from 15-20 feet tall. There have been Yothats shorter than 15 feet, or taller than 20, but either case is rare. The also appear slightly humanoid. They are bipedal, two arms, all attached to a main body. And a head. The Yothats tend to be skinnier and slighter than a human (of the same height as a Yothat) would be, but not by much. The bodies of a Yothat are covered in hair. The usual hair color of a Yothat is an auburn, but blacks and blondes are also prevalent. Most Yothats cut their hair, and keep it short. Their heads resemble a cats.

Society: Yothats, usually, live in tribes of 40-50 of them. Ruling them will be a single male leader, called the Heat (pronounced He-at). The Heat is chosen by the females of the tribe. Though the Heat has absolute power, if the females decide to end his term in office, then he is gone. Usually, if the Heat at least tries to be fair and just, the females let him stay in power. Big decisions, such as wars, are decided on by the tribe as a whole by a vote.

Each tribe is self-sufficient, and usually lives alone, with barely any contact with outside tribes. But once every decade, the tribes gather for a Culmination, hosted by a tribe (which was chosen at the previous Culmination). The Culmination is something like the Olympics, in that there are many contests and sports played with the major prize being honor for your tribe (though there is other prizes of financial worth), but its is much more than that. Most of the decade's trade happens at a Culmination, and major political decisions, affecting the race as a whole (such as the orcish, goblin, and ogre pests raiding the dairy farms). The Culminations generally have a festive air, as Yothats compare their weaving, ornaments, humans, and other such resources.

Military: The Yothats, because of their size, generally don't use metal weapons. Instead, they use weapons with either a little metal or none at all. The common weapon is spears, with swords being a status symbol. The men of a tribe will generally form a militia-like group, and will train together for an hour a day. Tribal warfare happens occasionally, and it never happens inside a village- like the Roman Pomerian Line, Yothats will never fight a battle inside a village. If they did, then all the tribes would gang together against the perpetrating tribe. Sometimes, all the Yothat Tribes will come together to face a common foe. The decision for this would happen at a Culmination (see Society), and is a rare event, but it has happened. One time there was a dragon infestation eating the Yothat's humans, and the Yothat's came together to kill them. An army of Yothats is a fearsome sight indeed.

Diet: Yothats, because of their size, require much less food than the average human. The Yothats need to eat only once a week. The foods they do eat consist of hunted animals (large ones, like moose and deer), human milk, and Freats. Freats is a large, tall, bean-like vegetable. The edible part is about 3 feet long, a foot high, and weighs 40 pounds. It is full of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. They also drink human milk. They do not require it, but they like the taste of it. It is more of a luxury than a necessity.

Agriculture: Yothat dairy farmers job entails two things: growing food for the humans, and keeping the humans in check. There land is therefore split into two parts: the larger farms, the smaller cage. The foods they grow for the humans are wheat and barley, corn, beans, and carrots. Some Yothats have the humans grow the food, others do it themselves. The cage for the humans consists mainly of a barn and 10 foot high walls. Some farmers make the walls out of wood, others dig a pit. But the best defense against escape is breeding. Yothat dairy farmers actively breed for stupider, more obedient humans, and better milk production. The first one is what makes escape impossible. When a Yothat brings in a new human, they generally keep an eye on them, until there sure it isn't going to escape.

Most Yothat dairy farmers don't keep human males on the farm. When they want more humans, they will use the tribe's male pen, or use a wild human.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted EchoMirage
September 11, 2012, 3:01
The logic behind this is flawed.
a) humans treat cows as animals, as cows show no evidence of intelligence not culture, just a herd. You specifically state that Yothats breed out intelligence from their flock, hence are aware of that trait.
b) As described, Yothats lack the capacity to stand against humanity for long. Sure, they are big, but organized into tribes 50 strong - which will fall one by one; their social structure does not support acting in unison for any extended period of time.
c) societies with units of 50 will not have bankers, or even guilds. These rely on a large number of individuals living in a society to support their existence.
September 11, 2012, 9:33
Anthropormorphic cat people who keep dim witted large breasted lactating women caged up….

Jonathan Swift style social commentary or Furry Fantasy? More over what would the gals and Dungeons and Diva’s have to say about this?

I will vote and comment more later when I have time, cause this a gold mine.
September 11, 2012, 14:03
Well, from a compositional perspective this is not a bad submission. There is plenty of detail, and the majority of the bases have been covered. The subject matter is going to be provocative, but that is probably the intent. If the intent was to be provocative, I think it needs to go further into the matter. Why do they milk humans? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to milk cattle or some other herbivore ruminant? The amount of milk produced is decidedly greater that what a human can produce. What do they do with the gathered milk? Drink it like whiskey, make tiny cheeses out of it? Do they eat humans, use human vellum to make their scrolls and books?

September 11, 2012, 15:34
Because I don't feel like making two replies to both echo's and scras's comments, I'll just do it here.

First, echo: I originally wrote this as a piece about a society that raises humans for milk like we do cows. Everything else I added with little thought towards to whole. So, yes, they pr obably wouldn't have bankers and such, and just farmers and basic craftsmen. Just the jobs that self-sufficiency requires. As for the breeding out intelligence, what I meant by that was more breeding out free-will. The Yothats did not develop with smart humans. The smart humans came across the geographical boundaries to meet them. At that point, culture and might just added the new humans to the flock. They have never witnessed a human culture, or society, and it never occurred to them that humans could create such a thing. And for war, the Yothats are big, strong, and organized. Think giants with military training. Assuming that a tribe of 50 would have 25 males, and thus 25 soldiers, they could fend off quite a lot. It would probably take upwards of 5 soldiers of mid level to one down. 25 soldiers could defeat an army of 125 mid level soldiers, or (probably) 200 low levels. And if the humans defeated two or three solitary tribes, then they might call a war meeting, or discuss it at the next Culmination, and send all the soldiers to crush the pests

Scras: The Yothats do not need milk. They only need to eat once a week, and they have Freats and large mammals to do the job. Instead, milk is a luxury. Yothats love the taste of it, which is why they raise humans. They drink it.
September 11, 2012, 15:39
Update: Fixed some stuff that was pointed out
Voted axlerowes
September 11, 2012, 23:38
I like this one. As a concept: a race of tall humoniod beings that treats us human as live stock is old school satire. There are numerous examples of this through out literature, and many of them lacked specific details because they were more focused on ramming a lot messages down your throat. I think though the message, about what is life and intelligence will inevitably forces a bit a self-assessment even if presented in an absurd of humorous fashion. In the case of the Yohats, the fact that they are humanoid and their society resembles human society with the bankers and craftsmen makes the "inhumanity" of their actions all the more striking. Because this seems like satire I don't think it is important to iron out the economic details of these cultures. I think that the goal of this piece is to draw out a response in the readers/gamers by forcing them to a) witness human suffering b) view a society which parallels their own but is also offensive to the human's values.  The crass disgusting nature of this one, where they keep women in pits and milk them just add to the striking and "provocative" nature of the piece. I don't think this idea needs to deal with all the details: how much milk do they drink and so on. In "The Time Machine" the Morlock's economy struck me as really unsustainable.  Yet audiences were able to accept the concept enough that the Morlocks made it into two movies and a musical (three movies if you count Ransom). The twilight zone episode that dealt with this exact same subject one was really just dark comedy  ( ).  The message and purpose of this piece is clear and it is effective.  It strikes me as banal to harp on whether Yohat society would be sustainable.

  One thing that nags me about this is the lack of perspective in the write up. Who is writing this, if it is a GM writing for other GMs you should share with us some of you thought processes. You chose a society that was small and isolated why? If the write up is done from the game world perspective you should drop the comparison's to the olympics and other Earth bound facts. If you are going to take third person perspective, than you should make it a description of things and not series of statements. Example
"Yothats will never fight a battle inside a village. If they did, then all the tribes would gang together against the perpetrating tribe."

If they never done it, how do we know it will happen? We know it because you are the writer and you say it will happen. We may be able to intuit your meaning or extrapolate information about the society form these statements, but you have cut out of a lot of the process by just giving us statements. A statement is not something another writer or a GM could access as easily.

You could try something,
"Combat among Yohat's is dictated by strong mores and taboos. Combat never occurs within the villages or one worked land. Yohats that have suggested a course of action that could cause collateral damage or disrupt day to day life have been quickly corrected or shunned."
In this way your discussion become more about values that result in the behavior and not the behavior itself. By describing the values or the pieces that help build the conclusion you have reached, I believe, gives the reader more to work with
Voted Scrasamax
September 12, 2012, 0:57
Only voted
Voted Moonlake
July 5, 2013, 21:49
Only voted

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