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June 27, 2013, 7:36 pm

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A tribe that lives at the top of an unusual rainforest called the Yinnal canopy.

The people of the Yinnal canopy are referred to as Ynemn. (Yin-em-n).
Its an old society, a community living entirely within the Yinnal canopy, they are the direct descendants of "Emn" (see Saffeena Tabee’a ). Interaction with the greater world is rare. The few recorded encounters describe them as aggressive and warlike. These recorded encounters depict them ferociously defending their canopy boundaries, which they achieve with amazing efficiency. There is no record of them venturing past the forest line. Parties have traveled through the Yinnal forests untouched while others have ventured in, never to be seen again. It is considered that any aggression toward the forest would certainly bring about an early and hostile encounter but it is not comprehensively known why some are attacked and others are allowed to pass through.

Most of the information about the Ynemn was procured by the druid anthropologist, Flow Cire. Before her disappearance, she made five journeys through two Ynemn societies. The information that follows is derived from these two societies and stories gleamed from various adventurers.
Setrof Reyem of Yitsmal provides us with the only information available on what is considered to be the oldest canopy which lies in the Great Desert beyond Yitsmal, its exact location not divulged.

Ynemn are considered bipedal primates, closely related to humans in appearance. They are pale gold in complexion, Their arms are longer than a humans reaching their knees when standing upright, legs are equal or slightly shorter than a humans and they have a monkey like tail. Their skin is covered all over in a fine, short, silken like white hair. Males have a slightly ginger shaded mane about their neck. Facial features mimic that of humans. There is no information available on their biology.

Reproduction/Lifespan is from larvae to larvae. That’s all we know for sure. Brown tree bark like coloured sacks referred to as "brathshnee" are used to "bury", if it can be called that, their dead. A dead Ynemn is placed inside a brathshnee and is laid amongst the roots of the Emn tree, the original mother tree of the canopy. No one has ever seen this ritual tho. Birth is said to "come from larvae" which are found high up in the leaves of the Emn tree.
Lifespan is assumed short as aged Ynemn have never been witnessed.

It is unsure as to whether the Ynemn came to this world with the Yinnal trees and forests or simply a tribe that invented their own dendronautics, adapted to life in the canopy and
then became dependent on it. They have never been found outside the Yinnal canopy habitat. "Outbreaks" of these forests are few and the vast distance between them makes an intriguing quest to explain how they came to be. All are aged long before the invention of the written word. They seem to have always been there. There are no records indicating the establishment of a new "outbreak". The Ynemn do not seem to posses any form of historical records. No evidence of a language, verbal or written has been discovered. As interaction with the Ynemn is sparse their history remains unfortunately vague.
However despite a lack of proven historical information there is the Saffeena Tabee’a a tale that may well explain, not only the beginnings of the Ynemn but the seed from which human kind has sprouted.

Ynemn are considered hunter-gatherers but the knowledge that they tend the Yinnal trees, the canopy floor and animals therein, boarders on a form of agriculture.
The people and the canopies, fauna and flora, have a very close association. Both need each other for survival and growth. The Ynemn tend to the trees and control the climatic environment of the canopy,providing a balanced habitat for other plants and animals. The canopy in return, provides water, food and clothing for the people.

Political sciences seem minimal, there is no visible indication of classes or hierarchy, on the contrary their egalitarianism conforms with a lifestyle that is inline and close to mother nature. Attacks on parties witnessed from a distance indicate that in all situations an unfathomable co-ordination and togetherness was exhibited. Surely some form of mass communication must lay at the bottom of this. Although, as mentioned elsewhere, no language has been uncovered, the presence of the Yinnal vine leads us to draw the possible conclusion that it may well be the communicative link.

Culture and Religion
The people believe they are the only pure offspring of the "Emn" as portrayed in the fable of Saffeena Tabee’a. They remain at one with nature and like trees and animals do not exhibit a belief system in the supernatural. Theirs is a day to day transition. What they need they are given by "Emn". There is no concept of philosophy or attempts to question their place in the universe. They come from the trees and return to them. There is no afterlife, religious cosmology, deities or gods. Life is now, this is life, they are simply the moving parts of the canopy, the relocatable extensions of its branches.

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