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November 30, 2018, 10:17 am

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The Thieves Guild Escape Room


The final test for Guild candidates is to complete the Escape Room.

To test the skills of prospective members, the Thieves Guild has constructed a special dungeon to act as the ultimate test. They call it the Escape Room. This is a multi roomed dungeon which contains hidden clues, puzzles, and secrets. There are multiple ways to complete this test. The observant and clever ones might even find ways to circumvent some of the challenges.

Prospects are placed in the dungeon and the exit door is closed and locked behind them. They are given a series of instructions to obtain specific objects in the dungeon protected by security measures that thieves might encounter. Each one of them contains a clue that leads to the next one. The final object contains the key to open the exit door.

The clues are hidden within the details of the rooms and anything could be a possible lead to the next solution to the puzzle. It will require all of their skills to complete the challenges and escape the dungeon. This test is extremely difficult and to pass it, you need to unlock the exit within one hour. If you take more time then that you fail. But it doesn't end until you successfully escape.

Unknown to these prospects being tested, hidden sentinel crystals allow for remote viewing of every part of the dungeon. They link to a Control Room where the guild trainers can monitor their progress. They have no idea that they are being observed by the trainers as they complete the dungeon.

When they finally open the exit door they are told the time they took to escape and if they passed or failed. Guild members acting as guards must be avoided. Alarms must not be activated. If that happens it is an automatic failure and the exit door is opened. Each room in this dungeon has a specific theme to it. They represent the types of places the guild steals from.

Examples of things that could be encountered in the Escape Room and some possible solutions:

You might stumble upon a locked door or container. To open it you could try to pick the lock or if you cannot (and sometimes it is impossible) you can locate and use the key to open it. The key could be on a guard to be pick pocketed or hidden somewhere in the room. If you are really observant then you might just find a way to circumvent it.

A sliding tile puzzle in the floor must be solved to reveal the next clue.

A combination lock needs to be opened to progress. Clues to the combination are hidden around the room. Find them and figure them out to open the lock.

A secret door leads to the next room. There is way to open it hidden nearby. Look carefully, you should be able to find it if you pay attention to you surroundings.

A locked door or container but there is no apparent way to open it and there is no key to unlock it. Rather there is something hidden in the room that will unlock it. Pay attention to your surroundings and look everywhere to find it.

The door or container is rigged with a trigger of some kind. Find a way to disable it.

The object you need is on a pressure switch. Find a way to keep it from activating.

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Voted Strolen
November 30, 2018, 18:02
Decent idea. Seems like the parent post of a codex or at least a bunch of suggested links to submissions that fit your idea of it. Having usable puzzles to work with along with the idea would make it much more valuable.

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