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April 2, 2006, 5:37 pm

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The Nine Abyssal Vales of Kthor


The greatest earth trembler in all of the history of the land of Lishar has revealed the long-lost gates to the Nine Abyssal Vales of Kthor. Are you brave enough try your hand?

Beneathe the crust of the world, the endless tunnels and caverns of the Deep World are almost a complete mystery to surface-dwellers. Within the Deep World, horrors and wonders that cannot be found on or are lost to the surface exist. But the people of the kingdom of Lishar never suspected any of it, until now. On the eve of Smernae, the midsummer’s celebration, the mightiest earth shaker ever recorded by Lishar’s geomancers struck the Water-Rift Mountains, rending a gash in the great hills that the Lisharan capitol of Iboul could fit into. The great rivers and bottomless lakes of the Water-Rift Mountains have begun to pour into the rift, collecting in the shadowy bottom of it and forming the Great Water-Rift Lake. But the new canyon has revealed something that is older than man: A mighty iron gate, carved with grotesque images of demons and fiends and monsters. Rumors tell that it is the entrance to the legendary Nine Abyssal Vales of Kthor. Sealed away for a millenium by St.Iel, the Vales are now open to be explored by adventurers, who have swarmed to Iboul City by the thousands. But within the Vales, horrors await which have not seen the light of day for six thousand years.

-The Vales are gigantic, larger than the largest city you could imagine. There could be all sorts of different things within them, from underground tropical jungles to hideous fields of bones.
-Kthor itself is within the Ninth Vale. Use your own ideas to make your own Kthor, whether it be a city or a god.

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Comments ( 4 )
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March 13, 2003, 20:35
Oh yes! Poetic, demonic and horrifying! I love it. It'd be an interesting topic for the forums to discuss exactly what sort of stuff went on behind the iron gate...
Voted Scrasamax
May 31, 2006, 10:44
A great and colossal door stands to be opened, what lies beyond that first gate? We are curious and take up torches and arms to see what wonders await us in the cthonian darkness. We will gird ourselves for misadventure and mephit vapours, and the darkest fantasies that lie ripening, newly exposed from their rocky wombs.
Voted valadaar
June 3, 2011, 20:15

A well invoked start - would love to see more, but it is an excellent starting point!

Voted Moonlake
May 28, 2013, 1:45
It's a bit of a teaser (personally, I will put this up as a Stub but that's just me) but the quality of the write-up is good.

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