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February 19, 2006, 1:12 pm

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The Calmer of the Storm


When a druid discovered one of the shards of the storm, the essensence of so much hatred she decided to use it to heal instead of destroy.

Full Item Description
The Calmer is a single tailsman that was forged in the shape of a gold dove. It belongs to the Druid Sucia who uses it for mental healing.

Sucia had always wanted to heal people beyond the physical boundaries of her Druid powers. It started when she was 10 and excelling in Healing powers she saw many patients that were insane or depressed or just shellshocked. She couldn’t save them and for the next 8 years she searched and searched for a way to heal peoples’ minds but could not find it. She found the answer when a friend of hers who had been constantly trying to stop her from her from this obsession lost her temper. “Listen to me Sucia you will never calm the storm inside these peoples’ heads you will end up as one of them”. In that moment Sucia knew where to find the answer, the Desert of Storms.

By complete chance she stumbled upon a legendary Shard of the Storm and with that she found her dream so close. She took the Shard and when to the Master Alchemist Zoveran to ask for his help. Zoveran was one of the less greedy alchemists who was touched by Sucia’s plan to create a cure for mental illnesses and shocked at how her plan to use a Shard of the Storm which held a part of the essensence of anger and conflict. Six months later the Tailsman was complete. With it Sucia and Zoveran became famous thoughout the world.

Magic/Cursed Properties
To understand the Calmer one must understand the magical principle behind it. It is common for forces both arcane and mundane to produce negitive energy, or its exact opposite. Love produces hatred as the two are deeply intertwined. Being nasty and horrible produces a conscience. Magic produces negitive energy. Like the balence

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July 12, 2008, 9:56
Not bad i really like it, as with your other one i commented on, please finish it so that i may quench my thirst.

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