Starting Adventures

Beginning adventurers have a hard time to find the right employment... let us try and help them!


Beginning adventurers have a hard time to find the right employment... let us try and help them!

This is to be a Codex of adventures suitable for beginning and low-level adventurers, whether they are in groups or loners.

Please, remember how it was hard in those years of youth, when nobody knew your name, and few would trust your abilities (or your integrity). These are the years when legends are made... and some are forgotten completely, become lost or die. These are often the years, that turn ordinary people into heroes or villains. Consider this... and have fun.


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Bedizens Traveling Dungeon By: Scrasamax
Dungeons • Plains • Rooms/ Halls

A traveling dungeon of canvas and props...

The Beast of Cragley Forest By: Dragon Lord
Plots • Crisis • Single-Storyline

A dangerous beast is loose in the forest.

Does the circus have anything to do with it, and if so can they help catch it?

More to the point, will they admit it?

Escape From the Tower By: Dossta
Dungeons • Other • Rooms/ Halls

After waking up groggily in the middle of a floating wizard's tower, the players must find some way to escape before being slain by the beast that stalks them. Time is ticking and the cat is always watching . . .

Gathering of Gypsies By: Strolen
Plots • Duty • Encounter

Every five years the wandering nomads of the land have a large gathering bringing them together from all over. Unfortunately a town has sprung up on top of their gathering place. Live in peace and deal with each other or will the overlapping of two entirely different cultures clash in a bad way?

Escape from the Kitchens By: ephemeralstability
Plots • Crisis • Side-Quest

A huge castle whose foundations are crumbling...A murderer on the run in the caverns below.

The Charter By: Scrasamax
Plots • Discovery • Single-Storyline

Arriving in a small village the adventurering party is drawn into a meeting of the Parish Guild...

Demonic Hysteria By: Scrasamax
Plots • Crisis • Mini-Campaign

I'll tell you something, there was a demon in Widow Suvar's Wine cellar. How do I know, 'cuz I seen it that's how I know.

Looking for Bethany By: Dragon Lord
Plots • Event • Side-Quest

Savage orcs, intelligent apes, desperate ghosts, and one very lucky little girl.
A curious little side-trek for starting level PCs.

When the Raven calls... By: the Wanderer
Plots • Discovery • Side-Quest

I have fled in the shape of the raven of prophetic speech
~ Taliesin

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Character Hooks - a fine scroll with small and big ideas for starting adventurers.

Also see Adventurer Guilds.

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A good concept. Categorizing plots like this is a great way for GMs to quickly find what they are searching for. King submissions like these should be in sticky format.

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I agree with what Ag said...

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Let's all agree and get on with it. Yay!

Anyhows, I think these can be used beyond beginning adventures as well.

Lets say that we have been slightly evil GMs and stripped the PCs of their wealth and weapons etc. One of these plots would prove a nice way of 'beginning all over'.


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A mighty BUMP!

Anyone knows of good plots that would fit into this Codex?

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missed this one. Great idea for a codex, manfred! Basically, what AG said.

GM: You're sipping an ale in your local tavern, when--

PCs: *palpable group sigh*

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Well, its been a while and there are still the same amount of subs linked here... need more please. :O)

/goes back into hiding.

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Actually, it has grown by a few... or was it only one?

Anyway, it needs more! HELP!

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Found One! 2592

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Good find, though it is In Work... I wonder if it ever becomes public. :|

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Another great codex that deserves adding to!