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November 24, 2005, 5:52 pm

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What really happens when an angel falls from grace?


Sirafel cannot exist in the physical world without a host to anchor herself there. Therefore, she should not ‘appear’ to the PCs directly, but rather through the use of people she has possessed.


In the First Paradise all the mortal races were happy and contented. There was no war, no hunger, no oppression, no fear. Until the first mortal died.

With that first death rose a terrible fear in the hearts of all mortals in the world. What had happened to them? Did they have a soul? Was there another life after this? Into this dilemma came an Angel of Death, Sirafel. Out of love she revealed to all mortalkind the secrets of death and the afterlife and alleviated their fears.

However, in doing so she inadvertantly damaged Heaven for, with definite knowledge there was no longer any need for Faith in the hearts and minds of the mortals. As punishment for her crime, Sirafel was cast into Hell where she lay writhing in chains for aeons.

Her torment continued down through the ages until one day a sorceress named Lucita summoned her from the Abyss to act as a servant. Offended at this treatment, Sirafel grew angry, only to be further enraged when Lucita referred to her as ‘demon’. Storming through the sorceress’s magic circle, Sirafel possessed Lucita and learned the full depth to which her legend had been perverted.

Sirafel, the benevolent angel of death had become remembered as Si’rah Fell, the spiteful demon sent from Hell to destroy the First Paradise by bringing mortality to its peoples. This knowledge drove Sirafel insane with grief and anger.

She had given up everything she was for the world. Now she was resolved that the world would give up everything it was to her…

Sirafel is a bitter, cynical individual and she possesses a proud streak that makes her seem arrogant. While she may be found in the service of others, she will always believe herself above them and will no doubt be secretly working to destroy them even as she serves. Her anger still seethes beneath her outwardly calm composure and labelling her a demon is of the best ways to end up dead by her (or rather her host’s) hand.

Sirafel is extremely proficient in possessing people and, while she can be resisted by those of strong conviction, most NPCs and low level PCs are unlikely to be able to fight her off. Therefore she would be best suited to a mid-high level game.

As an angel of death, Sirafel is a master in the art of Necromancy, far surpassing the knowledge and understanding of most mortals in the world.

Plot Hooks:

1. Having been summoned from Hell rather than freed, Sirafel must anchor herself to the mortal realm by taking hosts. As such, she could really turn up pretty much anywhere at anytime.

2. The PCs could stumble onto Sirafel’s plans of raising a vast undead army, or of introducing a radical new ‘Cult of Pleasure’. In this cult, people would indulge in all manner of vices, unknowingly sullying their souls so that they would be consigned to Hell when they die, just as Sirafel was cast there. It is likely that Sirafel has plans of speeding along their deaths once she feels they are sufficiently corrupted.

3. The PCs could even come into contact with Sirafel who, having tried to possess a pure innocent, has been forced to see the error of her ways and is on the Path of Redemption. Perhaps, being pursued by demons or other fallen angels, she asks the PCs for help.

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Comments ( 5 )
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April 5, 2004, 23:22
Does she want revenge for the people who misjudged her? Or does she just feel its time she got a share of life?

Well, I like evil, magic, undead and specifically necromancy, so you've managed to capture my interest. I must say this character is far more in-depth than a lot of posts, lately, so this is refreshing. Keep it up.

Voted MoonHunter
May 25, 2005, 9:50
This is one of the better, angelic/ demonic posts. It shows someone "thinking" through what their existance will be like, rather than just falling into cliched responses (1/2 Demons are only good to be assassins... sigh.. You people have watched too much Vampire Hunter D and the ilk).
May 25, 2005, 9:56
When I read posts such as this, I rejoice. But: when i think of series like... Charmed, for example, it makes me wonder. For those writing the script, it would be far easier to browse an RPG forum and gather ideas, that to put their unelaborated creations into the series.
Voted Cheka Man
March 30, 2006, 17:32
This post shows thought.
Voted caesar193
September 29, 2013, 11:58
I like SE's comment. Especially when considered from the modern Strolenite perspective.

Beyond that, you've shown that thought has gone into this in but a couple of lines, which is solid writing. It might be a little sparse, and lack flavor text, but still good. Showmanship and flair are always excellent skills.


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