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October 27, 2005, 2:40 pm

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Sir Charleson Orvis Planthian Earl of Darthmore


From the time of his birth he was trained by his father to lead men. He is an excellent horseman, swordman, and archer. He knows the history of his own lands, and that of the kingdom of Gwynlaith. A pity he has learned little else in the ways of the world, trechery, or women.

Special Equipment:

Darthmore Signet Ring: Rampant lion on Guardian Star.

His father’s sword with a jeweled hilt and leather bound handle and kept in a jeweled scabard at his hip.

Family Amulet: Ruby surrounded by diamonds on a gold chain that belonged to his mother(inside the center stone it looks like swirling cloads).


Aqualine nose and angular bone structure. He has a strong shaven baby smooth chin and slightly poutty lips. His body is lean, but muscular. He is 6ft tall, 180lbs. His coloring is a heroic fair skin, brown hair, and large blue eyes.


Born to Sir Fredrick Orvis Planthian, 17th Earl of Darthmore in the Kingdom of Gwynlaith, second cousin to King Alexander of Gwynlaith, and Marrisa Havenwood St. George (grandaughter of the late Earl of Havenwood). His childhood was unremarkable, if one was a rich noble born in a time of total peace and prosperity. Charleston has lived a lived a sheltered of privilage. He has been well tutored in courtly manners and his family’s warrior ways… all done in the most proper (read traditional) manner. A pity his family has done no real fighting or court intrigue in three generations. Though trained properly, he has never fought a real battle or commanded a real army other than in play. He has only ridden his horse or shot his bow in the Hunting forest of Havenwood - his inheritance from his long dead mother.

When his father dies and his father’s brother Windamere takes him by force, he is forced to escape and reclaim his rightful place. Unfortunately, he really does not know how to do that. He is stumbling along, trying to be heroic and take back his lands, but he seriously needs the help of others to do anything… including getting a room at a tavern, buying anything, or functioning in the real world.

Roleplaying Notes:

Willful, bossy, charming to ladies (but totaly unprepared to do anything but courtly flirting), and friendly to those he deems worthy. He is willing to help the poor (Noble Obleges and all that), but he is a bit lazy. He is also not sure what the poor really need. He is commanding and at times (a bit too self important and arrogant), but means well.

His Bloodline has the power of magic in it.  While Charleston has no training, sometimes “odd things” happen when he is excited or angry.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 19, 2004, 3:30
While he can provide some comic relief, and be an 'employer' of sorts for PCs, this character leaves to be desired for... he's not all too different from the classic "unprepared nobleman/woman in need"
November 19, 2004, 10:44
He has a number of campaign uses. He can be a pawn, a puppet, a mcguffin, an employer, a compatriot, or just some fool waundering around in the background of the campaign.

He is here to show how a common bland character can be made interesting by good execution.

Alas, he is the most common of the character ideas I have had recently. He is my low score.
March 11, 2005, 15:40
For the people who asked. This character is the Benchmark for a THREE FLAME score. It has a good format, good English execution, and a passable idea behind it. Not every character has to be flashy, powerful, or even that intricate. Every character does not need to be exotic or unique. There is a lot to be said for a solid, basic, character.
Voted valadaar
March 13, 2014, 12:23
I agree. A good starting point and bit player.


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