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October 30, 2006, 7:17 am

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the Khalif’s favorite assasin…a master killer who follows only one self-imposed rule…he refuses to kill…

Special Equipment:

a small ruby ensorcelled to allow the Khalif to communicate with Semmiset across great distances and

a small idol of a fat man made of red stone…this is Gob-Hibanu, Semmiset’s personal god…no one else worships Gob-Hibanu…

Semmiset never carries weapons


Semmiset is a man of average height and weight and non-descript features, unless he’s “working” his profession dictates, he is a master of disguise, and rarely appears the same way twice…in fact, no one but the Khalif has ever seen the “real” Semmiset…when on sabbatical, Semmiset’s only nod to vanity is the occasional mustache he tends to grow (keeping it well-oiled and twisted into an upward curve)...think Hercule Poirot…


When the Khalif of Aslonuu finally conquered the people of Shezmu, he did not realize how difficult it would be to control and govern the populace among the vast grasslands and desrts…enter men such as Semmiset….One of the Khalif’s twelve master assasins, and his personal favorite, Semmiset was born inside the Khalif’s great castle, and trained from birth to become an emotionless killer…he became just that, with a twist….

due to a gruesome error, early in his career (the only error he has ever made on a “job”), Semmiset mistakenly killed his own sister thinking that she was his mark. She was the only person Semmiset ever cared for or has cared for since. from that day on, Semmiset swore he would never again use his own hands to commit murder.
He didn’t “retire” however, as retiring from being the Khalif’s favorite assasin just wasn’t an option. Instead he thought of a new way to kill…have others do it for you…no mess…no fuss…no way to trace anything back to Semmiset…he NEVER hires or pays anyone to kill however. That would be too easy, too unprofessional, and too dangerous….Semmiset simply “creates” situations, by which his marks meet their end….

Semmiset spends his days travelling the towns of Shezmu across the deserts and grasslands looking for enemies of the Khalif, or awaiting the Khalif’s orders…

Roleplaying Notes:

Semmiset is a master at having others do his dirty work for him, usually without their knowledge. His talents are perfectly suited for his technique…Semmiset is nothing if not charismatic. He is also an expert at manipulating people around him. He perceives any given situation better than most, and reads people’s emotions and desires by simply observing and speaking with them. While most people think of the “human condition” as one of the great mysteries of life, Semmiset understands every aspect of human nature, and uses it to his full advantage…

example: Gorteynas, a rebel chieftain who was often known to speak ill of the Khalif of Aslanuu, thought he was safe hiding out in the small non-descript village of Kosra, many leagues from the Khalif’s palace….enter Semmiset…

upon arriving in Kosra, Semmiset first noticed that the village’s only deep-well was on the verge of drying out…a great disaster for a desert town. The people were on edge, frightened that Darshetta, the desrt goddess had forsaken them. Semmiset then spent some time getting to know the folk, and even met with Gorteynas in the village’s only excuse for an inn, posing as a weary traveller. Once he got to know his mark, and the people of the village, Semmiset went to work….it was almost too easy…disguising himself once again, this time as a wandering old mystic, Semmiset walked the village, preaching the word of Darshetta…“the godess has forsaken us, brothers and sisters…the goddess requires a sacrifice…a stranger’s blood must be spilt…red boots shall mark him”...etc…)

it did not take long for an old innkeeper to notice his new guest wore red boots (Gorteynas) look even less time from there for the superstitious villagers to build up a bloodlust…Gorteynas did not stand a chance,ripped to shreds by the townfolk, despite all of his protestations…

Plot Hook: the pc’s are asked to investigate a murder…the circumstances of the murder(s) are up to the GM…ofcourse Semmiset is the mastermind behind the death(s)...

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Comments ( 5 )
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Barbarian Horde
January 27, 2005, 23:21
now THAT'S a different take on the ubiquitous "assasin"!! I write this I'm already incorporating Semmesit into this weekend's campaign...

love Gob-Hibanu!!...he now has TWO worshippers :) tell me more about Gob-Hibanu!!

could Semmesit have snuck into Kosra earlier and somehow plugged the well??
January 27, 2005, 23:43
One thing here, Ilya- please don't end your sentences with an ellipsis (...). It's somewhat off-putting. But no big deal.

Anyway... Are personal gods a common occurence in Semmiset's nation or world? The idea is very interesting- perhaps personal gods are the worshipped reflection of the ideal self. Or maybe I'm just running somewhere from nowhere. Whatever.

Semmiset needs more background. We understand that he killed his sister and thus never kills his targets, and that's good, but what we need now is more drama to it. Make it read like a fine fantasy novel or an ancient myth- make us hungrily devour the tale.
Other than that, we need better characterization and personality- as it is, Semmiset has little personality.
Not bad, could improve.

January 28, 2005, 0:18
ellipsis...good point..sorry. And yes he needs more personality...also very good point.

If I could write a "fine" fantasy novel, I'd be doing just that right now :) but I understand exactly what you mean

Gob-Hibanu is only a god because Semmesit has chosen to worship him. Gob-Hibanu is very worried that if Semmesit ever forsakes him, he'll cease to exist. Most Shezmites do indeed have personal gods. I like your take on that.

yes, my world is a bit off-kilter. See entry in recent "Encounters"
January 28, 2005, 8:45
It would also be good to flesh out his deity, most of all the WHY - why does he worship exactly this god, what is the god like, etc.
Voted valadaar
June 24, 2016, 8:25
An interesting way for an Assassin to operate. Not bad.


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