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December 1, 2005, 11:37 pm

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Ru-Men are an old race who dwell throughout the area encompassed by the Hundred, but are most plentiful in their traditional homeland on the Andraverly Mountains on the west coast of the Heavy Sea (northward of Peklichr). They live in small “nests” of 10-20 individuals which generally lie in the mountains or cliffs. Many call them the Crow Men or the Jackdaw Men, while others refer to them as the Black Mountain Bastards.

Full Description
Ru-Men, physically, are taller than men, with a thick build, and strong pectoral and shoulder muscles but rather weakered leg and arm muscles by comparison (this is a vestigial characteristic; they once had wings, as mentioned later). The Ru-Men have bird-like heads with large, curved, yellow “slit” eyes and thick, slightly curved triangular beaks. Their bodies are covered in layers of feathers which are longest on the shoulders, crotch, and breast area. They have thick bodies with necks sticking between their shoulders, giving them a hunchbacked appearance, with long arms and short, stroke-legs which bend backward like a birds. Ru-Men have dark, shiny feathers; most Ru-Men have black feathers, but there are also variations of dark blues and browns, and sometimes, a dark grey, a very rare color which is variously considered a lucky omen or a sign of dishonesty. Ru-Men have four sexes- males, females, armales, and igmales, all of whom are necessary for the production of young Ru-Men (who are born live). Ru-Men, very, very long ago, had wings. However, they have become more lizard-like over time. Original Ru-Man legends state that their wings were lost when they were kept in cages by the Giant Masters during their Ancestral Troubles.

Additional Information
Ru-Men, despite their awkward, too-muscular bodies and short legs, are much faster than any human over short distances, and tend to have more outright strength, as well. However, when it comes to endurance, they have far less slow-twitch muscle, and will be beaten in long-term competitions. Ru-Men are a non-magical people, and find other race’s use of magical skills to be variously awe-inspiring or unnatural

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Comments ( 7 )
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Voted Pariah
December 23, 2005, 19:49
Ehh, not one of your best I must say. Its alright, but not great.
December 24, 2005, 1:31
Damned by faint praise. ;)
Voted valadaar
November 28, 2007, 14:00
What is there is pretty good, but there is not enough I'm afraid. I'd like to see more on their personalities.
Voted MoonHunter
November 28, 2007, 18:40
Even for a minor race submission, which again is a talisman against many complaints, this one is missing. There is no real mention of culture, society, or what they are like as people.

We could just build them up. This is what we used to do all the time, add to things. We don't do that very often any more. We should.

For example, they are obviously a built race. They do not have a long history, nor did they come with certain social instinct innate. So they might have a culture or society more similar to that of a playground than a civilized people. Think undeveloped, think immature, think of a society of 8 year olds at recess, with a bunch of taboos and rituals that seem important, but change in an instant. Rulers are those which are charismatic and can have those follow them. The more people, the more important the ruler.

There personalities might match that as well.

What else should we add to them?
Voted Dozus
October 31, 2012, 14:43
Well, it's an interesting idea. But now I'm incredibly curious about how they reproduce.
November 1, 2012, 1:01
I have always assumed egg laying... but...
November 1, 2012, 7:23
To quote: "Ru-Men have four sexes- males, females, armales, and igmales, all of whom are necessary for the production of young Ru-Men (who are born live)".

So evidently, no eggs. But my bigger question is the four sexes. Multiple genders aren't that unusual among some hive insects, but even then only two mate.

Where's the ol' Cap'n to explain hisself when you need him?

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