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October 29, 2005, 12:37 pm

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Painted Egg


A colourfully painted egg which, when tapped, hatches to perform a magical cantrip, usually useful, sometimes harmful…

The peasants of Tuske have always had a flair for egg-decoration, but this wonderful tradition is a remnant of something much older and more sinister. The witches of Tuske would enchant eggs with cantrips which they would then give as presents to those they favoured.

When tapped, the egg would hatch open and its magic would work.

Almost any enchantment could be laid on the egg depending on the skill of the witch. Of course, one could be fooled: the egg may be cursed and hatch into something unpleasant or dangerous.

Often witches would use the eggs as tests of heroes’ characters. The egg would be enchanted to act usefully until the hero did something unlawful or against the witch’s wishes. Then the enchantment would go sour and turn to a curse.

You also have to be careful not to let the egg get tapped as it rolls around in your rucksack…

Magical Properties:

Examples of beneficially-enchanted eggs:
1. Sleep-egg: the effect is that of a sleep spell, and all those within a 10’ radius fall asleep (not including “caster”).
2. Glow-egg: the hatched egg emits a soft radiance by which small tasks may be performed in complete darkness.
3. Knife-egg: the egg-shell hardens and its jagged edge can be used to cut through ropes or even chains.
4. Servant-egg: a familiar is summoned which will perform a task for the caster before disappearing.
5. Wind-egg: The egg affects the winds, which swirl strongly around it in a little tornado. Only the caster is safe in the storm’s eye by the egg.

Cursed versions:
1. Sleep-egg: The user falls asleep instantly.
2. Glow-egg: The egg heats up and burns the user, setting fire to any fabric with which it comes into contact.
3. Knife-egg: The jagged shards of egg seem to bury themselves into the user’s flesh, doing laceration damage.
4. Servant-egg: A minor demon, swarm of rats or other unwanted, hostile creature hatches.
5. Shrieking-egg: The egg starts shrieking and bawling.

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Comments ( 6 )
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January 19, 2003, 15:11
Silly rabbit, eggs are for tricks!

Serpent Egg: Good - a snake pops out and will fight on the user's side for one battle before running off. Bad - a snake pops out and bites the user. Hope it wasn't posionous.

Fire Egg: Good - can be placed under the wetest firewood and tinder and it will keep a good blaze going the whole night through. Bad - when tapped, bursts into flame and burns user kinda bad.

Stone Egg: Good - can be thrown at some one or thing and turn them to stone. Bad - turns the user's arm to unmoving stone.

Spider Egg: Good - lets the user climb walls like a spider for a day. Bad - spider bites user and lets him live for a day.

Extra-dimensional Egg: Good - Egg can now be used like a bag of holding capable of holding 60lbs and objects up to 8 feet long. Only has a inch and a half (4cm) square opening though. Bad - The user is sucked into an extra-dimensional space inside the egg and can only be freed by having a hen hatch the egg.

"Sorry to hear about your unusual lyacanthropy, Matilida, but as long as you cas still spell eggs, you're welcome to hop alongside us, pink bunny and all."
Barbarian Horde
February 15, 2003, 16:43
What a wonderful idea! I do love the concept of blending old-style craftsmanship with magic arts. Well done indeed.

-Lady Almalthea
February 25, 2003, 1:41
I have to say I like the concept.

Chaos Egg
Good - Casts a Confusion spell on a single target.
Bad - Targets the user with Confusion.
Cheka Man
February 23, 2005, 17:30
Very good.I really like the idea. 5/5
Voted valadaar
February 22, 2013, 12:04
I like this - a great little tidbit to add to one's world.
Voted Murometz
February 7, 2014, 13:02
Enchanted eggs! Well done.

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