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November 23, 2005, 12:22 pm

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One Deity Fantasy


This scroll is for posting monotheistic religions to be used in games.

Most gamers think “Fantasy” requires “Many Gods”.  A trend that is only exacerbated by DnD, which is the training wheel system for most gamers. To a point, there is nothing wrong with it.  Many gamers choose a many gods option because it is required, in their minds, for game worlds. Many gamers choose a many gods option because they think, they can seperate their reality and their fantasy (even though a significant portion of the world’s population is polytheistic) and avoid offending someone’s religious beliefs (like most Christians are not offended by polytheism/ or would take an adverse view of any game/ story that had a less than perfect priest in it ... Like The Three Musketeers).  The inspiration of this many gods option came from Conan and many early works of fantasy that inspired the early gamers.

Yet some of the best fantasy fiction, especially fiction based on Medieval history, are monotheistic.  Historical and Historically styled games need a monotheistic religion. It is almost imperative to have one, if you want a real medieval feel.

Now some people feel uncomfortable using the Catholic faith as their game’s religion (though there is plenty of source material to study about it). I can understand that. If you are not running a strict historical game, there are lots of ways you can create a monotheistic game religion. This gives you all the medieval feel without being bound by “real” religion.

That is what this thread is about. Post your ideas for a primary single God religion. (One religion per post if you can.) While most of these will be analogs to Abrahamic religions (Judism, Christianity in all its forms, and Islam) or Zorasterism, other options are possible (A single Earth Mother Diety or so on). (You can also crib ideas from other books/ works of fiction).

And remember, just because it is a religion with a primary diety, does not mean it can’t have minions beings (like Angels, Devils, etc).

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BA'AN and The Messenger By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Defining

"Harken to The Word of the Messenger, He who is heralding new age, one without the upsurping lesser Gods."

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Followers of Pandjit By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Defining

Pandjit was a magi and philospher several hundred years ago.  He used meditation, prayer (focused) dance, and soul access to determine the nature of the universe.

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God of The People By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Defining

In this world, each race had its own Spirit, or Diety it revered. It personified the race.  The Mythic people (Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, et al) had worshiped their spirits since before time began, long before Humans crawled out of their caves and became a speaking race.

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Helion By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - General

In the begining there was a great Darkness. Then there was light. It was Helion.

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Keeper of the Hourglass By: Moonlake ( Plots ) Event - Campaign

"Remember, lad, nothing on this world remains constant, not even the world itself or anything beyond. The only constants ever are the Fabric and time"

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Mothon By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - General

Mothon is considered a Demon Cult by the other religions. Mothon is called The Spirit of the Darkness. That is true, though not an appealing name. He created space, light, and time. He created everything by seperating Mothon and Not-Mothon. He is The Deity, but he does not care if you know it.

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The Divine Lord- The Adoni By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - General

The Adoni is celebrated in several regions of the world, sometimes under a different name. Some of the details are different, but it is basically the same myth.

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The Great One By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Defining

There used to be many Gods.  They were petty, cruel, and plagued Humanity almost as badly as the Demons of Sogoth. They bore more Gods. They fought with each other. They were unworthy of the divine mantle. Then came Argon.

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The Judge By: manfred ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Defining

The Judge is the Ultimate Judge, who judges all beings after death. After death, you face The One. He measures your worth and determines your faith appropriately.

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The Old One By: Maggot ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Specific

The Old One is the living core of Tarrod.

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The One By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Defining

The One is the primal spirit of the universe. The One shaped the Material, for as the spirit goes so does the dust.  The One is behind everything.

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The Oracle Of Ein By: Moonlake ( Locations ) Other - Any

The Oracle of Ein (pronounced un) is a relic devoted to the sole idol of faith remaining on the world of Kalimon after Elementallion, a major catastrophe.

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The Vicean Deity By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - General

The Vicean Deity is a mysterious Deity. Some say it is the primal god - the universal spark- that created all the other dieties and the rest of the universe. Some say that it is the God within all of us. The Vicean Deity is The Sun. The Vicean Deity is not simple. There is no “personaification” of the Vicean Deity. Is it confusing to most people, but it seems to work.

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The Weaver By: MoonHunter ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Defining

The Weaver spun time, space, fire earth, air, water, light, and spirit into existance from the primal chaos, the way a spinner spins threads out of cotton or wool. Weaving them together, The Weaver made all.

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Various Theisms By: MoonHunter ( Articles ) Resource - Gaming - In General

Religions. Sigh. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.  They have been such an intergral part of Human existance, that ignoring them is something you do at your own peril.  A lack of religion (even hidden away in the background) can completely destroy the verisimiltude that a world designer desperately works so hard to achieve. So here is brief outline of various kinds of theisms.

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Voted Mourngrymn
January 11, 2006, 15:07
This is a great idea. I for one fall into the category of multiple Gods in my system. They began with four major and four lesser gods, but it all just blended together over a period of time. At one point in my history before the War of the Gods I had up on fifteen or so Gods. Having said that.

After doing all that work to define the Gods I kept as well as define the basic premise of the Gods that didn't make it through the war. It is a lot of work. A single diety world probably would have been much much easier and less time consuming in some parts but not as flexible in others.

I personally have a hard time thinking that a single religion could house more then one priest type. but then I think that it would be far easier to have priests and clerics of a single diety to make it far easier to deal with mechanics wise.

That could be what cults are for, false religions, etc. I realize this doesn;t specifically affect the codex of one diety worlds, but I felt an explanation of opinions was in order.
April 8, 2008, 18:39
I personally have a hard time thinking that a single religion could house more then one priest type. but then I think that it would be far easier to have priests and clerics of a single diety to make it far easier to deal with mechanics wise.

Lets see. The Faith has the following priests:

Priests - (Then there are deacons, subdeacons, acolytes, and so on... some of which might be non-priest class in a religious context).

Friars, Monks, Nuns (members of religious orders who are not always priests)

Bishops and Cardinals, which are priests, at least in initial training, but then have administrative functions and power in the church).Then there are various ranks of similar posts.

Exorcists and Healers: These are two subsection of priests, those who have studied these rigerous arts. There are Investigators and various Orders in the Church were the priests have different functions.

Oh, and we can't forget Jesuits.

Doctors of the Church: Pretty self explanatory, go to seminary and to medical school.

Missionaries: Could be priests, but according to my research, they actually get some intensive and different training.

This is just off the top of my head.

Sooo... it is a matter of function and granularity for your game (i.e. can you make your character really different by the skills they take when compared to the base abilities for their type).
Voted Murometz
June 4, 2006, 0:32
How in the world can such a wonderfully conceived and monstrously informative treatise have only one vote and comment?!
Voted Kassy
August 7, 2014, 9:39
Only voted

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The food that eats you back.

Creatures of nightmare, the thankfully rare Mesnoi have unique form and attributes. Only one Mesnoi at a time will ever be "encountered".

In appearance, a Mesnoi resembles a walnut-sized chunk of freshly-roasted red meat from some uncertain yet familiar, edible animal. The insidious creature camouflages itself quite appropriately whenever it can, by slowly making its way amidst feast tables and trays of roasted meats.

Once eaten by the unsuspecting, the Mesnoi sinks down to the stomach, reforming if chewed, and begins to lap up the gastric fluids, digestive juices, and bile that it craves, like a sponge.

The Mesnoi carrier will experience mild to severe stomach pains during this time.

After a few hours of this (this is the only time that the Mesnoi can be purged with magic, or other mundane means), the Mesnoi transforms into its true form inside its victim, that of a miniature, once more walnut-sized, pot-bellied, devil-horned, snake-tailed imp. This horrid little creature then begins to chew and eat its way out of the victim from the inside out with its tiny, razor-sharp teeth, like a rat forced to do so via torture.

The victim almost always dies a slow, agonizing death. That much is certain. The devilish imp then exits its victim and begins its seventy two hour existence of mischief and malevolence, until it once more turns back into a hunk of roasted meat with the movement capabilities of a snail.

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