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November 5, 2012, 4:54 pm

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Kingmaker Planning- Baron Frond

The first real link in the conspiracy that wants the heir dead, Baron Frond is the first really important antagonistic NPC my players will meet. This calls for planning!

Baron Frond

Baron Frond is a relatively minor noble residing just North of Pyrim on his estate. Primarily concerned with his orchards and business selling gemstones, Frond has enjoyed a good turn of fortune as of late, becoming fairly wealthy. This wealth has not translated very well into bettering his station given his fairly remote location from the capital, as well as his frosty reputation among his peers.

In particular, Frond has been aggressively trying to seize lands just East of Pyrim that seem to be rich in diamonds. These lands are contested by Frond, Lomar Stronghoof and Baron Stuart:
Lomar Stronghoof runs the nearby Stronghoof mine. His claim to the land is the weakest, supported only by the fact that he is the only one capable enough in the local area to start a mine at that location with any efficiency at all. Lomar will gladly accept the land, but otherwise is not motivated enough to make any kind of move towards taking it.
Between bribes and hiring a small platoon of soldiers to ensure that the less wealthy Stuart cannot evict him from the land, Frond's claim is mostly supported by his money.Stuart actually owns the land. The deed is lost within a records building within Pyrim, in a box in the basement. Due to his financial situation, Stuart has had to forgo his comforts to continuing paying his guards, fearing that Frond might attempt to assassinate him.

In addition to this, Frond is also in contact with the Locust, who has been supplying him with money to aid a particular group of men.

  1. Frond is working purely for the money.
  2. Frond does not know who the Locust is, where they are located, or even if it is a group or an individual.
  3. Frond is paid monthly by the same courier every time.
  4. About a week before the campaign started, Frond allowed a small group of about fifteen men to stay at his manor and provided them with supplies and information. This group of men is the same group responsible for capturing Morano. The PC's have killed about twelve of them leaving three to escort Morano to the Locust.
  5. Frond has hired a group of 50 mercenaries to enforce his claim on the lands he wants to grab, as well as to provide muscle should he receive more orders from the Locust given the King's assassination.

Frond is married, without children. His marriage is rumored to be a cold and distant one. In truth, Frond and his wife Joanne are both very motivated, each wanting to increase their wealth and standing. To this end, both are completely fine with the idea of Joanne using her womanly wiles to glean information from her multiple flings, and with Frond's illegal activities involving the Locust. Their marriage is much more amicable than most would expect given their cold manners and disregard for those of lesser standing.

The Party

Frond is holding a small party to celebrate the announcement that his wife is pregnant. The party is mostly pandering to the local socialites.

Notable Guests:

  • Lomar Stronghoof: The mine owner will be bored with the party. Lingering mostly near the food and refreshments, Lomar will leave early unless something happens that interests him. Lomar will break up any fights or hostilities he sees or hears while he is on the premises.
  • Lenny: Attending in place of High Baron Fruit, Lenny is also bored with the party. Joanne in particular has taken offense that the High Baron has refused to attend personally, and mocks Lenny openly for others to hear. Lenny will comment on the guards Frond has inside the manor, noting the areas Frond doesn't seem to want people snooping around in.
  • Magistrate Sand: The Magistrate of Pyrim is attending. He seems very preoccupied with Joanne, and is likely going to be spending the night in her bed. He's a competent if slightly dull politician. Sand dislikes Lomar, is afraid of Lenny, and is more interested in Frond's wife than Frond himself. Sand has influence over the disputed land claim between Baron Stuart and Baron Frond, a likely motivation for Joanne to seduce him.
  • Lady Belle: A childhood friend of Joanne, Belle has traveled from Cranson to the East to help Joanne with her pregnancy. Belle is a harpy, critical and demeaning to those around her. She's betrothed to a noble in Cranson, a loveless engagement she is only going through because of his wealth and status. Belle can be plied for news of the Capital and other matters, given that players can withstand her terrible personality.
  • Lieutenant Greeves: Sent by Commander John Cairo from Castle Darlon to the North, Greeves is at the party purely to speak to Baron Frond about the recent movement of his mercenaries through the Barony- an action which has drawn the attention of Cairo. Frond has completely ignored Greeves, hoping to put off speaking with him until after the party is over. Greeves will be amicable towards the players immediately, eager for any company that aren't socialites. Greeves is particularly vulnerable to offers of drinks and will likely blabber a little too much about why he is present, possibly causing a scene.
  • The Crone Margaret: Margaret is attending with her niece, Lady Gloria. Margaret is a wealthy widower searching for a suitable husband for her niece, immediately friendly to any males see deems appropriate. Margaret dislikes Joanne and is more than willing to talk about her sexual promiscuity.
  • Lady Gloria: A dense but sweet girl, Gloria is the last surviving child of her family and as such is important for them. Gloria is enjoying the party immensely. Gloria is sadly completely oblivious to local events and has no valuable information for the players.
  • Hank: Frond's personal butler/assistant is present, attempting to stay aloof from the proceedings. He is the stereotypical english butler kind of person, utterly impossible to get an emotional response from. Hank is keenly aware of the goings on in Pyrim and has no particular love for his employer. However, Hank is a professional and refuses to do or say anything that would reflect poorly on Frond unless confronted with evidence that he should do so. Frond is planning on having Hank killed, fearing that the butler is going to betray him in the future.
  • The Duke's son, Briar Dredge: Briar is attending the party on behalf of his father, Duke Dredge. Briar is visiting from the Capital himself. He quiet and reserved, but seems to be enjoying himself. Briar doesn't really know anyone at the party, and politely declines any sexual advances made on him by the PCs or other NPCs.

It's now 4:43, and I will add more to this tomorrow.

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Voted valadaar
October 16, 2013, 15:12
I have always been impressed on the level of detail you produce for your campaigns.

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