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December 7, 2006, 12:39 pm

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Kerrenese Wings and Crews


“The People of Kerren have created a tight knit society based upon “crews”, “wings”, or other small groups of people….”
Excerpt from Terran Expeditionary Scout Force ReContact Report 2280

Kerren is filled with Wings and Crews. This Scroll is for listing various NPC Wings and Crews so the PCs and their wings/ crews have someone to interact with.

This will be an ongoing scroll, with new wings and crews comming up as we think them up. If you have an idea for a wing or a crew, PM me, and I can post them up.

Each NPC will have a 1-5 rating. This rating will list their general competence, 1 being a trainee, 2 being competent/ average, and 5 being legendary.


The Storms are an “average” wing. They compete well in tournaments, never losing badly, but never winning often. Their Ward is quite large, almost too large for the meager two wings found in their ward. The Storms don’t train for tournaments, they are too busy patrolling for Zhan to worry about such things.

The Swans are an all female wing from the prime ward. They have been all female since their inception.  They adopt female ryders from other wards, if they are not assigned to a wing immediately.

FireRock Wing 
The FireRock’s Ward is near the Wall of Fire, a series of semi-active volcanos on the western continent. This is a ward with no resources except Dragons. The FireRocks are frequently ferrying passengers, goods, or messages, around the world. 

Blue Flame Wing
Blue Flame Wing is the reigning Southern Tournament Grand Champion and has won several of the last Great Tournaments. Yes, they are the Bad Guys.

Warren Folks
Clay’s Scales - Crew
This crew includes a healer and some background for the warren.

Seattle’s Scales - Crew
This is just an “insertable” Crew of Scales to fill in a warren.

Additional Ideas (6)

Storms (Black/ Yellow plus Ward Colors)
Wing Leader: Drake
Edge: Columbus

The Storms are an "average" wing. They compete well in tournaments, never losing badly, but never winning often. Their Ward is quite large, almost too large for the meager two wings found in their ward. The Storms don't train for tournaments, they are too busy patrolling for Zhan to worry about such things.

Drake: **
Drake is a young, inexperienced Ryder who was given the wing by the Warden. Drake's family have always been in charge of the wing. His father had died unexpectedly and Drake was shoved into the job.

Columbus: ****
The oldest Ryder currently flying. He has outlived three mounts. He should of retired ages ago, he has served the last three leaders of this wing and is determined that Drake will make it.

Sky: *
Sky is a new ryder, though older than Drake. He took Drake's place on the wing, when he was promoted to Wing Leader. He talks a good talk, but he is really the wing Scooby.

Davis: ***
Davis is a man with great vision. He can spot things his pet bonded Hawk can. He is also the wing Gulliver.

Little Rock: ***
Little Rock is a basic ryder. His dragon has a penchant for digging and has expanded the warren greatly since it has hatched. Little Rock's Dragon is the brother of Big Rock's Dragon. (It is rare that there is more than one egg in a birthing.)

Big Rock: ***
Big Rock is a huge saurian of a man. His dragon is larger than most as well. The two are quite strong and can fly for longer than any partners in the Ward. There ability to patrol makes up for their slow flight speed and poor turning radius. Big Rock's Dragon is the brother of Little Rock's Dragon. (It is rare that there is more than one egg in a birthing.)

Chicago: ****
Chicago is a good ryder, one of the best on the wing. He is a proud man. He dislikes HighBloods and any who don't earn their place. He was passed over for Wing Leader when Drake was promoted. He is waiting for just the right moment to strike - to deal with this little upstart.

2006-12-07 11:44 AM » Link: [3402#22458|text]
Swans (1*) White/Blue with the First Ward Colors of Silver.
Wing Leader: Cheyanne
Edge: Bay

The Swans are an all female wing from the prime ward. They have been all female since their inception. They adopt female ryders from other wards, if they are not assigned to a wing immediately.

Cheyanne: ****
Cheyanne is a woman of sagas, beautiful, smart, spirited, and an accomplished Ryder. No man has yet to catch her interest because he would have to be her equal.

Bay: **
Bay is a very competent Ryder and Cheyanne's best friend, but not truly good enough to be an Edge. She achieved the position when Cheyanne took over the wing. She would die for Cheyanne on a moments notice.

Sky: **
This souther ryder is said to be one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Even the scar she received from a Zhan along her face seems to enhance her appearance.

WindSong: ***
This ryder has a mini-dragon pet that gets along with its larger cousin. She is also a gifted singer and musician, like both her mother and father.

Tacoma: ***
An expert at tournament games, she is not nearly as proficient in the real combat with Zhan.

Crystal: ****
Crystal has lived a hard and tragic life. She has lost her family to Zhan. She has lost a loved one to a duel. She has lost two mounts. She herself has been viciously and personally assaulted. She is introverted and nearly silent now. One more loss in her life and she will take the Vow.

(1*) The Kerranese Swan is a large Glider that will also swim on the surface of water. It is covered with thick white down. It, like its terran counterpart, has an ugly ungainly hatchling, that grows into a graceful and powerful Glider of good size.

2006-12-07 11:49 AM » Link: [3402#22459|text]
FireRock Wing (Red/Yellow with the Ward color of Black)
Leader: Fyre (a common name in their ward)
Edge: Snow

The FireRock's Ward is near the Wall of Fire, a series of semi-active volcanos on the western continent. It is a hard land to live in. There always seems to be a new Zhani threatening their lands. Their ward has few resources except dragons and dragonrock (the sodium rich rock that dragons eat to help them breath fire and fly), so the FireRocks are frequently ferrying passengers, goods, or messages, around the world. To a man, the FireRocks are wild things. They also all go by Rydernames (nicknames) rather than their real name. To them it is a badge of honor. To most people, it is just their way of avoiding owning up to their excesses.

Fyre: ***
Fyre is a fifth generation Wing Leader. His highborn line has been well recognized in its service to the people of Kerren.

Snow: ***
Snow is a nickname given to this partial albino female. Being a "sport" and a female, she has had to work twice as hard to be accepted. She worked well enough that Fyre's father made her Edge. No one remembers her real name.

Wing: *
Wing is the least experienced member of the wing, having just joined up in the last year. He is a bit rash, attempting to prove himself.

Thermal: **
A laconic Ryder whos tall silent presence is quite the contrast to his loud wingmates.

Goggles: ***
Goggles wears glasses when not wearing his special goggles. Except for his eyesight, he is quite the ryder. His Dragon is an odd blueish color. He is the drinking expert of the Wing.

Dancer: **
Dancer is an acrobat both on the ground and on Dragonback. His partner Dragon is small and quite nimble as well. He is quite the Lady's man, good looking and quite smooth.

Boing: ***
One of those childhood nicknames that stuck. He fell once in his early training and "bounced", almost totally unhurt. He is the oldest member of the Wing. He is thinking about settling down and raising a wing of his own.

2006-12-07 11:58 AM » Link: [3402#22460|text]
WingWarden: Clay ****
Clay came to the ward as a crafter's child. She had the potential of being imprinted. Her parents gladly apprenticed her to the Wing Warden as a Scale, until such time she became a Ryder. That was 50 years ago and she has never bonded with a dragon. She has never regretted the decision of her parents, nor regretting not being chosen. She has a childless marriage to a wing leader. Once he died, she never remarried. (Rumor has it that she was once the prettiest girl in the Warren). Since then every Ryder and Scale became her child. She mothers them all, scolding them when they need it. (It is quite amusing to watch grown men turn into little boys when she wags her fingers at them.) She is constantly matchmaking her charges to make sure everyone is happy.

Scale: Joy **
This southern beauty does not live up to her name. She has a haunted look that actually adds to her beauty. Joy is a HighBlood from a free cluster and was the child of the Prime. Hers was a happy and privileged childhood. Unfortunately one hot summer day changed that. One summer thunderstorm rained Zhan on the cluster and the area about it. The Ryders arrived, but a bit late and the number of Zhan was almost unheard of. As the Huge Zhani Saurian ripped through the cluster wall, human Zhani began to take to the streets. Between the monsters and the Dragon flames there was no cluster and no cluster folk left... except for Joy. The Ryders took her to the Ward and she has stayed there ever since.

Scale: Shell ***
Shell is a warren born young woman. Her father was a Ryder, her mother the crafter he married. Both are still alive and active in warren. She is happy, helpful, and painfully cheerful. Not the most pretty scale, she is the nicest. When she was young, she wanted to be helpful, and after the Healer made it clear that she did not want her help as she had an apprentice, she began helping the scales and wing warden with their work. She has been a scale ever since. She is the next in line to be a wing warden.

Scale: "Wiggles" **
Wiggles is a young warren born child, who is growing into an awkward teen. She has been a scale, like her mother before her, since she was old enough to carry a dragon feed bucket. Being so bouncy and happy, the dragons named her wiggles and it has stuck ever since. She may need to move to a new warren to escape her childhood nickname.

Healer: Pierre ***
Pierre inherited his healer training from his mother. He had a great aptitude for healing both body and mind, so his mother encouraged him. (His father had died under a Zhan's fang years before.) When she died, he stepped into her place. Despite the occasional snide comments, he has been accepted as the Healer of the Ward and the Cluster below. Only recently he has begun a friendship with a younger lady. She is not only a Ryder, she has been promoted to Wing Leader.

2006-12-07 12:18 PM » Link: [3402#22461|text]
Wing Warden: Seattle ***
Seattle was a young warren girl who became a scale to get close to a Ryder. Quite unexpectedly, she found she had a talent for caring for Dragons. She did find her Ryder husband a few years later. He was skilled and quite dashing. While he never became wing leader, a few years later she became the wing's warden. That was twenty happy years ago. Still in love, the two of them look to being happily retired from active duty.

Scale: Zori **
Zori is an outlander girl with a unique talent, the ability to "hear" dragons. With her three Chirper (mini-dragons) pets (imprinted not bonded), she was whisked to the Ward. While excellent at her job, she constantly struggles with insider and warren ways and the odd way people look at her.

Scale: Potter **
Potter was a crafter teen with the strong potential of being imprinted upon a dragon when he first came to the Ward. Since there was a shortage of candidates that year, he was brought to the warren. When he did not bond, he had the choice to return home or stay and try again. He decided to be a scale and try again. That was five years ago. Potter is now a young man with serious problems. He has had no luck with the ladies, since he is a male scale. If he does not imprint soon, he will be asked to leave the warren. He is a crafter without a craft or an apprenticeship. He is almost too old to be apprenticed now. All of these issues have been building up inside of him. Eating away at him more accurately. He is currently curt, sullen, and occasionally rude.

Scale: Hawk (Her father wanted a boy) **
Hawk is a firry and intelligent young woman who is ill suited to the calming demeanor of a scale. She is a warren born girl who, like many, is looking for a Ryder mate. However, she is more shrew than hawk.

2006-12-07 12:23 PM » Link: [3402#22462|text]
Blue Flame Wing: (Blue/Black w/ Ward Colors (light Blue and white in my world)
Wing Leader: Ontario
Edge: Carver
Others: "Gip", Toronto, Drake, Tera (F), and Marsh

Blue Flame Wing is the reigning Southern Tournament Grand Champion and has won several of the last Great Tournaments. They are ego maniacs that will do anything to win and keep their top position.

Yes, they are the "Bad Guys".

Ontario ****
Ontario is an oddity, he is an edge that accepted a wing leader position. He uses this position to drill and push his wing to excel no matter what the cost. They are ruthless and competitive in tournaments and out. If the Ryders knew what a drill sargent was, they would all agree that Ontario is one of them. He has lost several Ryders to injuries in training accidents.

Carver: ****
Carver comes from a highborn family. He has to prove himself, to keep his family in the Warren. He has more natural talent than most ryders and trains harder than anyone. Still, he feels never quite "good enough".

"Gip": ****
A fat ryder of great strength. Actually he is big boned with some extra weight. It is a good thing that his Dragon is HUGE.

Toronto: ***
The Fastest Ryder known. Also known to attack other Ryders during a race.

Drake: ****
A bitter, scared ryder who was burned by another Ryder in a Zhan Storm. He has been bumped from Warren/ Wing to Warren/Wing and has found a home here.

Tera: ***
She is perhaps the nastiest of the bunch. Has been suspected to sabotaging saddles and parachutes, and giving drugs to opponents. Never proven. She has the stealthy skills to perform such acts.

Marsh: ***
This laid back Ryder is a master of the Knife and has killed several people in duels.

2006-12-07 12:38 PM » Link: [3402#22463|text]
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Voted valadaar
December 11, 2006, 11:47
I hate seeing subs with a lot of work in them sitting unvoted, but my problem is these are a little too specialized for me to use myself without a lot of modification.

However, the NPC list is quite large, some of the descriptions are quite interesting.

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