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June 8, 2006, 12:32 pm

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Ixia, the Silver Forge


Clad in a rainment of silver scale and chain armor, Ixia is the second member of the Trinity

Ixia is often depicted as a beautiful woman with a full and found face and small lips. Here eyes are always open and she holds a hammer of industry and a scythe of the home hearth in her hands. Silver, sapphire, and white silk are her emblems.

During the magestic reign of the Old World and its panoply of many different gods and goddesses, Ixia and her consort Izkander, held dominion over the region centered around Mount Axum. This region was known for its talented metal workers and scribes, as well as the now extinct Beni Swordmasters. Izkander was a warrior god and a patron of the swordmasters while his consort wife was the patron of metal workers, crafts, and magic.

During the Nightmare war, many terrible things erupted from the otherrealms, and just as the heroes of the Old World took up arms against them, so did their gods. On the bloody field of Alcadema, in the heart of the Old Capital Izkander strode swinging his mighty double-edged battlesword and unleashing powerful magics. No record exists of how, but in that bleak time Izkander was destroyed, some presume in battle with an unnamed lupine demon-god from some frozen hell locked between the barriers of the worlds.

During the Twilight, Ixia recovered Izkander’s Celestial Sword and retreated to their great hall mythically atop the Mountain. As the population plummeted and the largest city Dreifach was being abandoned, Ixia was forced to follow. The great hall was forsaken and Ixia followed those who still revered her into exile. It was during this time that the foundation of the Trinity was founded.

Sangia, the patron god of Sangreal and his warrior-hunter clerics allowed Ixia’s followers to live in the now growing city. A pact was made between the two deities that since their clerical domains were not in contention that the two would coexist in harmony. Neither would act against the other, though in this matter Sangia was obviously the stronger of the two.

After the addition of Belex nearly two centuries later, the Trinity would be cemented and Ixia would become the second member. Her associated elements are silver, lightning, metal working, magic, mysteries, and the feminine aspect. As it is considered improper to speak the names of the Gods of the Trinity, or taking their names in vain, Ixia has a number of euphamisms that she goes by; the Silver Lady, The Maiden of Mysteries and Sister Hammer, but only by metal workers.

In some places, primarily Ozea, it is common to hear Ixia mentioned by name, by always shortened to Ix. A woman who is unapproachable, weather in terms of being a spinster, widow, or just not a prostitute are derogatorily called Ix’es Sisters.

Special Equipment
Though the Great Hall of Axum is gone, Ixia retains her silver rainment of adamantine scale armor. The center of each scale is ornamented with a tear shed for her slain consort, and is thus referred to as the Dolor Cuirasse. She also retains the sword of Izkander, the Laniere, a powerful weapon that now lies unusable.

Roleplaying Notes
The Devoted of Ixia, also known as the Celestial Domain of Silver serve as the archival branch of the Kingdom of Trinistine, as well as its armorers and weaponsmiths. The Order of the Fading Sun is grounded in the deliberation of Orthodox sorcery, and works hand in hand with the secular Emerald Order. The Bishop of Dreifach is always chosen from Ixia’s fold, and of the last 20 bishops, only three have been men.

The Order of St. Hyron has been a sticking point within the Domain of silver as the Dreifachian based Knights regularly get themselves tied up in all sorts of quests, drink entirely too much and engage in excessive courtly behavior, seeking the favor of ladies, riding in tournaments and generally being excessively masculine. The Order has pointed out that despite this activity, it still retains the Favor of Ixia and is thus cannot be excised because they do not tow the conservative line.

Plot Tie Ins
As a part of a larger organization, the Celestial Domain of Silver is simply a major branch, not an entire seperate entity. Conflicts can and do arise in the Trinity between the pro-masculine aspected Sangia and the pro-feminine aspected Ixia as the two are not consorts of any sort. Members of the silver faction are most likely to be arcane magic users as well as clerics.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted MoonHunter
April 26, 2006, 14:37
So were are the other two? :)

Nicely done, good detailing, good depth of piece, but I would of liked more orders (and should that still be roleplaying notes?)
April 26, 2006, 22:29
Fear not, the rest are coming!
Voted Cheka Man
April 26, 2006, 16:43
I liked this too.
Voted Murometz
April 26, 2006, 23:24
Only voted
Voted manfred
April 27, 2006, 2:47
A woman, and a beautiful one to it, being a deity of smiths and crafts. An interesting step aside from good old Hephaistos, I like that. The craft/artistic aspect goes well with that.

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