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January 12, 2009, 11:44 pm

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Harramad's Teeth


Teeth: small, durable, and full of potential, if one only knows how to tap it.

Full Item Description
Harramad’s teeth appear to be simply teeth, often with small parts carved away, seemingly without any purpose. Their size can vary greatly, some are crafted from ogre teeth and are the size of a human fist, while some, often coming from brownies and their kin, are quite small.

Fittingly enough, it was a mage named Harramad that first discovered the potential of teeth in regards to magic. There are a number of stories as to how he discovered this, ranging from visions to accidentally having some of his own teeth knocked out.
Whatever the case, he discovered that there is a vast amount of potential in teeth. In and of themselves, they are nothing but a small lump of bone. But when properly worked, they bend magic around themselves in a variety of interesting ways.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Harramad’s teeth can have many, many different abilities, although a given tooth will only ever have a single power. They can be anything from practical, such as lending some of the hardness of enamel to the owner, if worked correctly and worn as jewelery, to a weapon, such as the ones that seem to have had a corkscrew carved into them and are actually capable of burrowing into flesh. There are a few types that, for whatever reason, are more common than others:

-Gnawing The aforementioned corkscrew tooth. Often crafted from the canines, these look absolutely vicious. The depth to which they are capable of drilling is proportional to the temperament of the tooth’s ‘donor’. That is to say, a sharpened cow’s tooth won’t do much at all, but a wolf’s tooth will cause considerable pain and damage.
Worthy of special note in this case are vampire teeth. If used in this manner, they leave holes that bleed profusely and are very slow to heal.

-Hardgut Usually made from either the tooth of a poisonous creature or one that is very hardy, such as an ogre, this tooth is actually used by swallowing it. It then sits in the stomach, neutralizing a good portion of any poisons that happen to be swallowed. Although effective, many become squeamish at the thought of swallowing a tooth.

-Pearly Hide A molar, when carved in this manner and worn as an amulet, lends the hardness of enamel to the wearer’s skin. Though not as strong as metal, it nonetheless reduces the effect of weapons, especially ones that rely on sharpness. Crushing weapons aren’t effected by this very much.

-Cinderfang Only the tooth of a dragon can be crafted into this. Activated by a sharp impact, such as that of being thrown at something, it erupts in a conflagration, just the same as the flaming breath of the dragon it was taken from. The tooth is consumed by it’s use.

-Metamorfang This kind of tooth looks like a mere sliver of bone, so much has been taken off. It is generally used only as a last resort, except by those who enjoy large amounts of pain. It is activated when inserted into the flesh beneath the tongue. It then proceeds to actually force out teeth from every inch of the user’s body. Fangs, molars, teeth of all shapes and sizes erupt from their flesh, with all the pain of months of teething consolidated into a few moments of agony. When it is done however, the user will find that the layer of teeth, though gruesome, is an effective and lightweight armor, and the sharper fangs, some of which can reach up to a foot in length, can be effective weapons. The effect itself can last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes, but when it ends is when the real pain begins.
The teeth all fall out with horrible crackling and popping sounds, and the user can feel every single one go as though it were being pulled out by a team of oxen. Mercifully, the pain rarely lasts longer than a minute, but during that time the poor user will generally be curled in the fetal position and unable to do very much.

-Eye of Harramad At one point, Harramad lost an eye. After recovering to the point where he could function, he decided that this would be another chance to prove the potential power of teeth.
Taking a number of wisdom teeth that had once belonged to wise men, he cut each in a way that it interlocked with the others to form a sphere. It was this sphere that he used to replace his lost eye. Being crafted from several teeth, it has several powers, including the ability to make one’s own teeth change shape at the owners will, the ability to know the location of any teeth that the owner has held in the past, and the ability to sense the presence of teeth that come near the owner (and therefore the beings attached to the teeth).

Additional Ideas (2)

Tootheye - a single tooth, polished into a small ball, so that it is unrecognizable where it came from. It is a detector, allowing its wearer to feel all the toothed creatures within ten feet. The small radius still allows to feel some surprises, if you ignore dead bodies and any companions around. Don't forget the many things without teeth.

Toothache - the badly rotted tooth must have been torn out by a dentist. Crushing it will give your enemy a serious pain, multiplied if it is his tooth. Curiously, the second effect applies also to the undead.

Toothfree - this magical accident, a small medallion, will affect its wearer's emotions to other people. Those with better teeth will be envied, those with worse teeth will be looked down upon. The name comes from the effect of those without any teeth: they will appear completely mysterious and fascinating, be they mundane or even senile grandpas.

2009-01-13 06:29 PM » Link: [5561#69429|text]

This large tooth - possibly the fang from a tiger or other large carnivour, perhaps even a shark -is meant to be imbedded in a wooden club. When so employed, the club will become studded with these teeth and inflict magically enhanced wounds.

2009-01-14 11:19 AM » Link: [5561#69446|text]
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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Cheka Man
January 13, 2009, 14:20
A submission tto get one's teeth into. 5/5
Voted Murometz
January 13, 2009, 18:03
Very cool. Every game needs magic teeth!
Voted manfred
January 13, 2009, 18:13
Indeed Cheka - and that is what we should do!

This isn't a scroll for nothing. Let's take a bite...
Voted valadaar
January 14, 2009, 11:19
Not a bad idea for a scroll, and the current entries are interesting!
Voted PoisonAlchemist
September 14, 2011, 6:16

I so badly want this to be expanded. 

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Hu's Iron Ball

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Hu was an ambassador of the Seventh Emperor of the Reng Dynasty. Throughout his life he traveled across many miles and lands to entreaty with neighboring kingdoms and the semi-savages who dwelled amidst the Metal Mountains.

During one such diplomatic mission, Hu was gifted a small iron marble as a gesture, by a shaman of the Kiy-Kiy tribe. Little else is known of Hu, but that marble was lost and is now somewhere out there for someone to find.

A tiny, shiny sphere, the marble has several properties. First and foremost it is a strong magnet, considerably stronger than its size and density would indicate.

Secondly, if thrown or rolled upon the ground and the command word is spoken, the iron ball will magically enlarge to either the size of an ogres's head or to that of a great globe, twelve feet in diameter. The rolling ball of either size will continue to roll or fly at the same relative speed it was when launched as a marble, and can thus cause great damage to anything in its path. The magnetic power of the ball will also magnify when enlarged.

Legends claim that the ball has been tossed from besieged castles upon attacking foes and rolled at marching armies in ages past. At the end of such rolls, the larger size globe has been known to not only crush soldiers underfoot, but to also "collect" many dozens of metallic weapons and bits of armor unto itself, appearing as an armored sphere, with swords and spears sticking out from it in all directions.

Owning this powerful marble has its drawbacks. Anyone carrying it on their person, will experience the iron ball's insidious effects after some time. The owner feels no worse for wear, but after two month's time they will suddenly awaken one morning to find that their hair has fallen out completely, their teeth loosened like baby's teeth ready to drop, and their fingernails simply shriveled and sliding off the fingers and toes. Perhaps unbeknownst to the owner at first, the iron ball also renders an owner sterile or barren by this time.

Regular clerical healing will not reverse this horrible malady. Only finding and beseeching a shaman of the Kiy-Kiy tribe to heal the iron ball's effects with their particular brand of magic, will work.

Hu's Iron Ball should be handled carefully by players and gms.

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