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October 22, 2007, 1:46 pm

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Francesca Vento


A freed air elemental, with a reason to stick around.

This was originally a cyber-fantasy NPC created for a Shadowrun session, but can be adapted to any setting of moderate-to-high magic that contains elements of organized crime.


In her humanoid form, Franseca Vento appears as a tall and exceedingly lithe elven woman, her features sharp and angular,  her form almost entirely devoid of feminine curves. Her skin is a pale, frosted white, to match hair the color of new-fallen snow. Indeed, many have mistaken her for an albino, but for her eyes, which glow with the deep wine of the storm-tortured sunset.

Those few capable of percieving her true form see another thing entirely. Her true body is a swirling matrix of wind and power, suffused and self-sustained by the rarest of qualities in such a spirit - Free Will.


Francesca has spent but a few short months upon this particular plane of existance. She was conjured that handful of time ago by a magician, and like all such conjurations, she was given a purpose. A soldier of the Mafia, the magician set her to task guarding not a place or a thing, but rather, a person, and went about the required rituals to make the binding of a duration longer than the usual day and a heartbeat.

So, then, was this spirit-creature set upon her charge, bound to her duty to care for, protect, and restrain a young woman, the only daughter of the master of a cartel in opposition to the Family, a princess of the Yakuza. Now, the magi had performed her summoning well, and the spirit had power, and complexity, and with her kind, complexity brings intelligence and curiousity. And so, she began to attempt to understand her charge, to better do her job.

Imprinted as she was by her conjurer’s mind, Francesca looked upon the girl as she slept the sound sleep of the narcotic, and decided that her charge’s form was pleasing to her. For hours, then, as the girl slept her fitful, drugged sleep, Francesca tried to twist her pattern about into such a form, and at long last, she succeeded in part, managing at last to materialize in a featureless humanoid twisting of the breeze. Yet still, she could not mimic the strange patterns of corsucating light and sullen, solid blackness she saw in the girl, so different from the hard, commanded pattern of life that was her Maker.  

And so, time passed, Francesca doing her best to emulate her charge, all the time guarding her from the outside world and keeping her from escaping. Twice she foiled her charges escapes, both times relying upon the form she’d learned to manifest in the ways her charge could see, could touch, could be. Many more hours she spent soothing her charge, all the better to keep her from escaping. She learned that the dark places in her charges body were dead things placed there, to make her better. She learned that the chaos came from one with no control of her own life-force, and Francesca was saddened, moved to this creature, this mundane human, which could live on its own, unlike her, yet which could not truely -be-.

And then, it came. She knew it instantly. Her Maker was no more, her heart shattered by a cruel bullet. She was free to return to her native planes, to a thing of energy and concept… but her charge was more interesting. She would stay. She had accumulated enough to forge her own pattern of power, now, and the bit of her Maker’s life that she was able to grab would only solidify that…

Special Equipment


Roleplaying Notes

Though she does not really understand it, Francesca has come to love and, yes, even desire her charge. She will protect her Yakuza Princess to the death if need be. She will also actively attempt to do what she thinks will better her beloved’s life, but, being a spirit, may achieve quite the opposite from a lack of understanding.

In combat, she is an air elemental, and will fight as such. She is also a magician of some small understanding, though not tremendous - She’s just starting, after all.

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Comments ( 4 )
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February 11, 2006, 0:09

This is hard for me to decide on.

I love the hinted-at philosophies of planar summoning and elemental existance, as well as peeks at a fantasy world with organized crime and was very richly written, and had a lot of authenticity to it.

On the other hand, it was a little hard to follow, and took a few reads for me to get it (perhaps because I am writing this at 1:00 in the am).

I think I'll hold off on a vote until I am able to pull my scrambled brain around and take another look at it.
Voted Scrasamax
February 11, 2006, 8:02
Scrambled brains or no, I'll put down my vote. In a magic heavy world I would expect this sort of lingering summons to be more common than would be expected, the magical equivalent of a haunting. Summoner X regularly summons the same spirits time after time and after he bites the big one, they start poking around to see why he hasnt called. Of course this works with the basic idea that the summoner was a decent enough fellow who didnt send his charges to quick deaths or other mistreatment. Nice and well written.
Voted MoonHunter
February 11, 2006, 11:54
I like this post's concept. The character is intriguing and a good idea. I think there is a HK movie with a similar premise if I am not mistaken, (but I am completely blanking on the name or the female lead... who is a famous HK actress, but a minor one here in the US).

It is the execution that I don't like. I am not so fond of the use of Mafia and Yakuza in this case. Then there is the bullet, was if from a 45 or a flint lock? There needs to be more mention of the setting. Is this a modern time character (which could be easily adapted to the past)? Could not generic terms be used. If it is modern, then the character might want to hide what it is... if it a fantasy, it might reveal that it is an elemental.

If this is a ShadowRun game character, then you should mark it as such.

There are too many different ways to go with this without the setting to anchor it. I will change my vote after this has been addressed.
Voted valadaar
February 7, 2017, 11:46
I think this is a very interesting NPC - is there any more to this story?

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