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July 29, 2008, 9:27 am

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Fauna of the Desert Wastelands


The Nightmare War did more than end the Old Empire, it turned a massive swath of once fertile land into the unimaginably hostile Wastelands, and populated it with beasts, horrors, and monsters.

Anjet of Cenn Caerwaith

Full Description
The Wastelands are composed of three general regions, one frozen, one desert, and one pestilential forest. These three regions have shifting borders, and what is tainted forest one year can be frost blasted stumps the next, and in a decade lost beneath churning desert sand. The beasts of the Desert region are well known for their large size, ferocity, and ability to seemingly ignore the more aggregious of wounds and recover from what would otherwise be mortal injury.

Additional Information
The Beasts, horrors and monsters of the Desert Wastelands share several common properties:

Immunity to Desert Conditions
In a place of heat, minimal water, and little food, the creatures of the desert are well adapted to their tainted and often poisonous enviroment.

Thaumavoric Metabolism
The beasts of the desert are larger than the enviroment should be able to support in terms of caloric and water intake. The animals, bathed in raw essence for scores of generations have since adapted to feed on unrefined and commonly tainted magic to survive. They grow quickly, have uncommon abilities, and if removed from the font of warped essence that is the Wastelands, the creatures suffer from debilitating wasting. This has long kept the beasts of the wastes from venturing beyond the shifting borders of the Wastelands, and prevented them from overrunning and destroying the natural flora and fauna.

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Chungwa Wolf By: Scrasamax ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Desert

A cunning and vicious predator, prized for it’s pelt and feared for it’s poisonous bite

Anjet of Cenn Caerwaith

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Dogo-Kalamu By: Scrasamax ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Desert

Stone peckers, foul-tempered beasts, better suited for cooking and mattresses than being allowed to breed

Anjet of Cenn Caerwaith

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Janim By: Scrasamax ( Lifeforms ) Third Kingdom - Desert

Half salad, half meat, I dont know what to make of these things, but without them our expedition would not have made it past the first oasis

Anjet of Cenn Caerwaith

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Kisundege Eagle By: Scrasamax ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Desert

Beware the lords of the sky, in the wastelands even the would-be dragons give them a wide berth

Anjet of Cenn Caerwaith

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Samaki By: Scrasamax ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Desert

Cooked or raw, they taste like camel urine. Unfortunately they are full of water and easy to catch. I’m tired of eating these sand-fish

Anjet of the Cenn Caerwaith

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted manfred
July 29, 2008, 17:48
A great collection of beasts gone wild! You gotta have the remains of some magical catastrophe in your world, and then will they come in handy. And there can be more.

(this could fit better into the jungle)
There are surely parasites, very unpleasant, slowly burrowing through your flesh. Luckily, there is a nice creature, avian or other kind, that will gladly remove them from you. Now imagine how comfortable that would be... ouch.
July 30, 2008, 7:51
Well, There are two more sections planned, Fauna of the Jungle Wastelands and Fauna of the Frozen Wastelands.
Voted valadaar
August 19, 2008, 13:58
Pretty cool - the connected stubs are the real meat here and they are nice!



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