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July 6, 2012, 3:59 pm

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Fargigoth's Hoard


The orc known as King Vhid the Second, or King Vhid the Rampager, in the annals of mankind is known among the orcen nations as Fargigoth, son of Fargog, son of Dugarod. He was best known for his collection of magic items, a rarity among the greenskins

The Chalice of Farzhad the Robust

Looted from the walled city of Khaz, the Chalice of Farzhad the Robust had been an heirloom of the Farzhad clan, and a symbol of leadership for Khaz. When Fargigoth sacked and burned the city, he did a great deal of looting and he came away with the cup. The cup itself is a grotesquerie of gold inlaid with a myriad of precious and smei-precious stones. The size and placement of the stones tends to make one consider the authenticity of the cup and the actual composition of the stones embedded in it. Both are quite real. The boon of the cup is that any fluid poored into it is converted into sweet wine, be it blood, urine, tyrannax sweat, or the supperating pus from a garg beast. Fargigoth used the cup to increase his own health and confidence as it could not be poisoned and the constant influx of wine made Fargigoth somewhat more relaxed that his other brethern. Seeking to imitate the successful Orc King, many orc clan and tribe leaders either looted their own magical cups or commissioned them from orc craftsmen. The quality of these imitation cups vary, but almost all are inferior to the Chalice of Farzhad the Robust.

The Ka'arlick

The Ka'arlick is an ancient relic, a crown made of an ancient metal no longer found in the waking world. The crown, set with a multitude of green and clear gems has a lustrous gold color with a hint of red lurking in the metal. This crown once belonged to the Elfin Hero Gar Luthol, who gained it in a contest against one of the eldritch gods of the underworld. He wore the crown with pride, and greatly enjoyed it's magical effects. So long as the Ka'arlick was worn, the wearer is irresistable to the opposite sex, and Gar Lothol discovered that his indescretions with female humans were without fail resulting in pregnancies of strong healthy children. Fargigoth wore the crown nearly his entire life and it is estimated that in some areas as much as 25% of the orcen population can trace ancestry back to the Great Rampager.

Fargigoth's Teeth

The Orc King encountered many strange and wonderous things in his travels and campaigns. He laid waste to the Elfin land of Tir Trizold where he captured the High Priest of the Forest God Dalagan and forced the high priest to grant him a magical boon. The orc declared he wanted hos foes to see their deaths and fortune denied in his terrible grin. It was thus that Fargigoth's teeth were transmogrified into a golden alloy and each tooth bore a resemblance to a skull. It is said that when Fargigoth smiled widely that his foes would fall on their faces in shame, or would turn their weapons on themselves rather than suffer death at the hands of a monster such as the Orc who stood before them. After Fargigoth's death, his golden teeth were pried from his head and many an orc warrior has worn one of the magical teeth in the place of his missing tooth. Rumors of the magical teeth wander far and wide, with the greatest awe and rancor surrounding rumors of Fargigoth's one protruding tusk that resembled the Grim Reaper.

Amulet of the Imp

The dwarves have never been friends to the orcs and it is a surprise to find a dwarven relic in the grubby green hands of an orc. The Amulet of the Imp is an old gold phylactary on a thick gold chain. The phylactary has long since been emptied of it's dwarven script and instead has been filled with silk papers covered in crude orc blood runes. The magic has since been twisted and the Amulet of the Imp, which once served the traveling dwarven clerics of the Twisted Spires and the God of the Ringing Hammer now blesses it's orc masters with strength and ferocity and the ability to sense magic and to protect the wearer from hostile spells. Between Fargigoth's cup and the amulet he survived all attempts on his life and was among the few orcs to ever die of old age.

The Ring of Kune

The Ring of a Kune is a rather mundane magical ring that grants it's wearer protection from a specific species of flying snake-monkey that only inhabits a small area near the island nation of Kune. Fargigoth cared nothing for the ring's magical power but instead liked it because the main stone in the ring is a smoky emerald of excellent size and quality.

The Ring of Fhal Jhilad

The Ring of Fhal Jhilad is a silver band with with the petrified eye of some ancient sea beast. The wearer of the ring has special protections from illusions and phantasms as well as having the ability to breath underwater. There is some truth to the rumors of orc like merfolk living in the bays and coves around the ruins of Fhal Jhilad.


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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Cheka Man
July 6, 2012, 18:34
A grand tale of a true king of the orcs told through his magical items.
Voted Kassy
July 9, 2012, 10:33
Pretty much what Cheka said.

Well done, an entertaining read and well written/presented.

Voted MysticMoon
July 12, 2012, 12:21
Only voted
Voted valadaar
January 12, 2015, 15:40
These are awesome! Wonderful items!


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