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June 22, 2013, 10:26 am

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Drowsy Weed


There's nothing like a good, full pipe after a day of slaying.

Rough Day

Blood and guts everywhere, two hirelings slain and partially eaten by whatever that green thing was, and his staff snapped in two by that firsliggering Troll: Calypso had had a rough day. Hold up in a side cave, Mannus the Paladin insisting upon taking watch (as penance for taking two hits to kill the Troll), Calypso needed to rest. He fished in his pouch, pulled out his clay pipe, and put in a pinch of his best: Old Drowsy. Within seconds he was puffing away, the lumpy wall of the cave feeling softer already against his tired back. The cave felt warmer. His mind drifted a little to the pleasant darkness of his own study a hundred miles away. He finished his pipe and tapped it out.

Sleep came so easy.

In the middle of a dream, however, Mannus screamed like a little girl... again. Calypso knew he needed to wake up, but he was so comfortable, so at ease. What was the problem? He popped one eye open. "What's wrong now, Mannus?"

The knight was hanging upside down, swinging his sword at...

Calypso jumped to his feet and raised his staff. "Blast!" He forgot that it was broken. He struggled to focus, searching for the words to that spell. "Openus Das Bellybuttonus!" A moment later the Troll, probably the brother or sister of the one they had killed earlier, was disemboweled and Mannus dropped to the floor.

"We got two more in the hall," he shouted, picking up his sword and charging.

Calypso yawned. "Haf a momen...t." He shook his head and pulled out his wand. Once again he considered retirement.

Drowsy Weed

This common pipe weed is a special blend common among travelers and adventurers. Easy to light, even if slightly damp, this weed burns in a pipe for nearly half of an hour, relaxing the smoker, allowing his or her body to ease off minor aches and pains and de-stress after a hard and potentially terrifying day.

Mechanic: Add minor bonus to healing, regeneration, saves, and other recuperative actions.

After smoking, he or she will find it easy to deeply rest no matter the situation. This can be a problem if attacked, but it does shorten resting the body needs to a calm five hours.

Mechanic: If roused, give a minor penalty to all actions taken for at least 2d4 turns.

The weed can be manufactured by nearly everyone with basic herb-lore and everyone with potion making skills. Shops usually charge a nominal price for it, a copper or two for a small bag. It stores for two months well, and another before going foul.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted The Bull
June 22, 2013, 15:36
Just lovely and well-made.
Voted Moonlake
June 23, 2013, 21:09
A good mundane item with "double-edge sword" properties.
Voted Cheka Man
June 24, 2013, 3:19
A good sleeping pill but hard on the lungs.
Voted Dossta
June 24, 2013, 16:20
Nice -- wonder if it's addictive. Well thought-out and complete.
June 24, 2013, 16:24
I like the idea of addiction. Perhaps something like prolonged use beyond five nights in a row may cause addiction.
Voted valadaar
July 1, 2013, 20:35
Interesting, but I would personally make it location specific, rather than something that can be found anywhere. And - if for D&D - something that can cut down on required rest for magic users would not be common and worth coppers.

I do like it, but it's effects are quite significant.

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