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January 3, 2015, 9:46 am

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Cosmic Era Shopping Catalog


Equipment listing for the Cosmic Era Setting.

Continuous Work in Progress

Table of Contents:

Melee Weapons


Firearm Accessories


Body Armor

Electronic Gadgets

Programs and Software


Surveillance Equipment

Drugs and Chemical Enhancement

Survival Gear

Biotech and Augmentations

Cybernetics and Cybernetic Augmentation

Androids, Gynoids and Mechanoids

Civilian Vehicles

Paramilitary Vehicles

Military Vehicles

Additional Ideas (17)

Melee Weapons

Primitive Melee Weapons:

Swords, axes, clubs and spears are readily available weapons that have been around since the invention of war and hunting. These weapons are restricted property inside Arcologies and constitute a misdemeanor level offense. In the urban sprawl, especially the favelas and geofront undercities, these weapons are common among street level criminals. They are cheap, easy, and hard to trace if discarded. 

Non-Lethal Melee Weapons:

Tasers and Electro-Stunning Weaponry is common equipment in Arcology law enforcement arsenals. It is also a common form of personal defense, and these small handheld devices are typically able to knock down or knock out an unarmored opponent. They are of limited use against augmented humans, armored opponents, and contrary to popular media, not very effective against droids and machines. 

Nausea Inducing Weapons, specifically the 'Sick Stick' is a variant on the stun baton used by crowd dispersing police forces. Rather than causes a stun reaction, the Sick Stick can cause vomiting, bowel movements, and other temporary but disabling bodily functions. While a rioter might not be afraid of being knocked out, puking all over themselves while crapping their pants is much more deterring. 

Advanced Melee Weapons:

The Hyperedge Blade hasn't been around for a long time, but it in the short time it has been around, it has made a name for itself. A hypertech device, the Hyperedge blade is a heavy sword with a power pack. The blade generates a vibration/energy field along its cutting edge, allowing it to cut easily through most materials. These weapons are heavy and bulky, requiring either augmented strength, or a power armor suit to use with any degree of skill. As the blade can hack through advanced armors, tanks, and so forth, it is really an overkill to use it against unarmored targets. Hyperedge blades can be made into the form of swords, spears, and axes, so long as there is a cutting edge involved.

Lightning Claws are a variation of the hyperedge blade. Rather than one large blade, there are two or more small blades, generally in the 12" to 18" range. These 'claws' are typically attached to a gauntlet, bracer or glove, Wolverine style and have the same effect and function as a regular hyperedge blade. As they are smaller, and the bulk can be moved to a backpack or waist position without having a power cable dangling, they are more common than the Swords. Lightning Claws are hot items on the Black Market.

Tesla Fist: the Tesla Fist is technically a ranged weapon, but it has a very short range, and it isn't so much aimed as it is swung. The Fist is a steel ball attached to the end of a gauntlet or bracer. The ball is a powerful electrical generator fueled by a vest or backpack battery pack. The fist 'throws' lightning bolts that cause electrical burns, and can easily kill an unarmored ungrounded foe. Tesla Fists are also good for damaging robots and power suits. They are as mentioned, not very controllable, and when the trigger is pulled, the energy discharged will sometimes go where the user wants it to, but sometimes it won't. 

Siege Hammer: A siege hammer is just what it says, typically these weapons are forged out of high density materials for a smaller but very heavy head. Siege hammers are used by power armor soldiers, and some high end cyborg and genetic augments. These weapons are effective at destroying barriers and structures and can also be put to use in melee combat against infantry and power armor soldiers. Unlike the hyperedge blade, these massive hammers are of very limited value against armored vehicles and mecha.


2013-05-24 09:51 AM » Link: [7357#87262|text]

Pistols: A long time staple of self defence, the pistol remains a common weapon in the Cosmic Era. Despite the widespread bans and restrictions on civilian owned weapons, the pistol is a relatively easy to obtain weapon, and is the most common firearm found.

Civilian Pistol: a low calibre, low velocity gun, the civilian pistol is a semi-automatic, and has little stopping power, and is mostly owned as a form of home defense, a deterrent against criminals because the bullets it fires can cause damage, and that hurts. Civilian pistols can be stopped by even commercial grade armors. 

Military Pistol: a variety of pistols are classified as military grade, firing larger, higher velocity rounds that are capable of penetrating some light body armors, or damaging light vehicles. Many older firearms are classified as military pistols and can include a 200 year old revolver, as well as a modern fully automatic autopistol.

Large Bore Pistol: In an era of genetic augments, cyborgs, and androids, sometimes even the largest of military pistols lack the penetration or stopping power required to take down a heavy target. The Large bore pistol is a heavy pistol that uses shotgun gauge rounds, and can often fire high explosive or incendiary rounds. These pistols are noted for small ammo capacity, heavy recoil, and the ability to cause large amounts of damage. These guns are actually favored by cyborgs, military androids and muscle augments.

Magnetic Pistols: MagPistols are classified the same as standard pistols though there are very few civilian grade magnetic pistols. The military grade weapons have range and accuracy comparable to conventional rifles, and are popular side arms for mecha pilots.

Laser Pistols: Lasers are a common low energy weapon, and most laser pistols are civilian grade (limited power output, generally causes burns and stunning) and regular military grade. Lasers lack stopping power, and most pistol sized systems lack the power to cut through armor or mechanical foes. Lasers are popular weapons in space, as there is little overpenetration from missed shots, and most technicians and mechanics can adjust a laser pistol to become a makeshift welder.

Plasma Pistols: Plasma pistols are very rare and suffer from very low ammo supplies (Most are good for 2-3 shots before the batteries have to be replaced) poor accuracy, and poor shielding to the plasma containment system. These exotic temperamental weapons are known to explode.

Rifles: A generic term now given to any long gun that is not a shotgun, rifles remain very common weapons in security corporations and very obviously in military operations. Rifles are rarely found in private civilian ownership, and they are never found in Arcologies, seacologies or other enclosed spaces.

Civilian Rifle: Intended for either hunting (as anachronistic in the Cosmic Era as Falconry is in the modern era) or for the machismo of owning a 'real gun'. Civilian rifles are single action weapons, with limited calibre, range, and muzzle velocity. Civilian rifles are conventional firearms, and ownership is strictly regulated and ammunition is very (artificially) expensive.

Military Rifle: These rifles are the assault weapons, assault rifles, and the dozen other terms for long guns carried by infantry. Unlike civilian rifles, these are the full deal, firing substantial rounds with the ability to cause serious damage. Military rifles vary as to their intended use, short range very rapid fire, to semi-automatics with long range, to conventional sniper rifles.

Large Bore Rifle/Heavy Rifle: Like the large bore pistol, the large bore rifle is a heavy rifle designed to take down the heavier targets that sometimes appear in the Cosmic Era. While rate of fire and range is comparable to standard military rifles, the large bore fires a much larger round, and either requires a stabilizer harness, augmentation, or to be carried by an android or other strong operator.

Coilguns: Magnetic rifles are often called coilguns rather than 'magnetic rifle' as that term is more strongly associated with the larger guns mounted on mecha, power armor and armored vehicles. Coilguns are accurate and high muzzle velocity weapons, popular with many militaries and security corps. Ownership is limited to certain organizations, and these weapons are not legally ownable by people, civilian or military.

Laser Rifle: an uncommon weapon, the laser rifle is still present. Laser Rifles are not popular due to their lack of stopping power, bulky power supplies, and easily damaged lenses. The Flash Rifle is a popular model that is used as a non-lethal riot gun and the laser sniper rifle is a weapon of cold sweat and dread for security details.

Plasma Rifle: Plasma rifles are the smallest somewhat reliable high energy weapon on the market. It is a heavy gun, and requires large power supplies often mounted in a backpack, and often thermal protection for the operator. While there is still a chance a plasma rifle can misfire or explode, it is much smaller than the widowmaker Plasma pistol. 

Shotguns: Shotguns are noted for being large bore and firing plastic cased scatter or cluster rounds. They are close range weapons, and while capable of large amounts of damage, they are not known for their penetration. Shotguns can fire solid slug rounds, but these, while potent, reveal the basic inaccuracy of the shotgun design.

Civilian Shotgun: a single action relatively small bore (16 gauge to 20 gauge) that fires very small scattershot. The civilian shotgun is used a home defense weapon owned legally in the Favelas and slums. It is a deterrent to unarmored criminals. 

Military Shotgun: Heavier and larger bore than the civilian shotgun, military shotguns are typically bullpup style guns used for fighting in enclosed spaces and in arcologies, they are the best known weapon. Military shotguns are the weapon of choice for arco security, loaded with medium shot. There are also fully automatic shotguns used as infantry support weapons in urban and jungle environments.

Magnetic Shotguns: Function like normal shotguns, but have a larger amount of shot in each shell and have a great muzzle velocity. Magnetic shotguns are accurate out to conventional rifle ranges but are noted for their bright blue muzzle flash.

There are currently no energy based shotguns.

Other Firearms: Not all types of potential weapons are covered, but this is an attempt to cover a few of the more salient weapons that don't fit into the above categories.

Submachine Gun: SMGs are noted for high rate of fire, short range, and poor accuracy. They are smaller than rifles and better suited to urban combat where firefights happen at shortrange. There are only military versions of SMGs, there is also a magnetic SMG but it is seldom used as conventional guns work just as well for a fraction of the price and it's performance against regular coilguns is less than impressive. 

Machine Gun: the only difference between an automatic rifle and a machine gun is the size and durability of the action. Machine guns are heavier, more durable, and able to sustain fire for long periods of time compared to rifles. There are no civilian versions of any heavy weapon system. There are magnetic machine guns, but there are no energy versions of machine guns. 

Carbine: A shortened version of a rifle, these weapons are favored by special forces are are cut down slightly higher grade versions of standard rifles. Most military rifles have carbine versions, and there are pulse laser carbines as well. The nature of plasma weapons limits the scope of how far they have penetrated into weapon roles.

Grenade Launchers: basically large bore low velocity shotguns, grenade launchers are 100% military only weapons, and are common. The system is effective for taking out light armored vehicles, mechanoids, and other hard but not fully armored targets. There are conventional and magnetic versions available to military and security contractors.

2013-05-24 09:51 AM » Link: [7357#87263|text]
Firearm Accessories

Stabilizer Harness: This harness is used in conjunction with heavy rifles and light machine guns, or large bore infantry guns. The harness spreads the weight and recoil of the weapon across the torso and hips allowing for a standard soldier (no mods, no power armor) to operate heavy weapons with relative ease. 

Standard Scope Options: rifles can be fitting with a variety of standard optical scopes, low light, standard magnification, thermal imaging, low light, and so forth. These are all passive scopes, and most are considered unregulated equipment. 

Kirlian Scope: an arcanotech device, Kirlian scopes are able to detect the biolelectric fields generated by sentient organisms, producing outlines and color ghosts to reveal hidden foes, or foes taking cover behind relatively thin barriers (inside houses, behind a brick wall). Excessive use has caused sanity loss in operators.

X-Ray Scope: a high energy scope, the X-ray system is a hypertech counterpart to the Kirlian scope. X-Ray scopes are radioactive, and are easily detectable to anyone with a geiger counter. 

Silencer: Makes the gun much quieter, but these systems deteriorate quickly, especially with heavy usage.

Flash Suppressor: available for night ops, this barrel attachment keeps the shooter from losing his night sight from bright muzzle flash. Flash suppressors are available for optical lasers and plasma rifles.

Golden Silencer: An arcanotech device, the golden silencer is a transmogrification device that converts sound energy into either heat or light. Creates a completely silent weapon, but the effects of the silence can bleed out with time, and can cause permanent side effects to a shooter who uses it extensively.

SmartGun System: The SmartGun system allows for adding computer guidance to rifles and pistols and requires a mounting point on the weapon, and a way to relay data to the shooter, usually an eyepiece, link to artificial eyes, or some other HUD system. SmartGuns drastically increase the accuracy of shooters, allowing for a single soldier with a SmartRifle to effectively produce as much accurate fire as 5 infantrymen with regular rifles. There are a variety of SmartGun systems, ranging from basic, to very advanced. 

Extended Magazines

Ammo Drums

Gun Sentry: related to the SmartGun, the Gun Sentry is a tripod mounting system connected to an intuitive SmartGun controller. Gun Sentries are deployed and can be remote controlled through a secure encrypted CogNet signal. The gun can move left to right only, and is static. Sentries can be linked through a computer system, and are a cheap and quick alternative to actually building gun turrets or static gun emplacements. Sentries are typically only used in periods of elevated threat level.

2013-05-24 09:52 AM » Link: [7357#87264|text]
What is the thought with the Golden Silencer? Are we thinking the users own sounds will be turned to heat or light?

2015-01-02 02:55 PM » Link: [7357#93012|text]

In the Cosmic Era, explosives are very tightly controlled items, as the amount of damage and social panic they can cause in the enclosed environments of the arcologies and other megastructures is impressive. These items are rare even in the hands of legitimate military personnel and even paramilitary forces working in arcos and built up areas have to walk through tons of red tape for even the most mundane explosive device.

Hand Grenades

Hand Grenades are the pull the pin and toss type of weapon and come in a variety of types. The most common are concussion, shrapnel, and flashbang. Flashbangs are the most common in use by paramilitary forces and generally are the only such devices legal in an urban environment. Second and third world militaries and terrorist forces still use hand grenades, and improvised hand grenades. 

Plasma and EMP grenades explode in a blast of high energy which can cause very high damage in a small location, start fires, and play havoc with electronic systems. If used near a CogNet node, this can cause a local outage. These weapons were made to take out androids and combat robots.

Gas Grenades exist, but are considered a backwards and barbaric weapon, and are strongly associated with Petroleum Era dictatorships and the liberal use of these weapons during the collapse of that era's federal superstates.

Conventional Explosives

Conventional explosives like dynamite and C4 are uncommon as there is seldom use for these now primitive weapons. They are also of limited use against the modern armors of the cosmic era. C4 and its Cosmic Era contempary H16 are used in shaped charges, demolition work, and in the anti-mech satchel charges used by elite infantry to take down the massive war machines.

Plasma Detonator

The Plasma Detonator is a high energy explosive device built for the purpose of creating a small amount of highly localized damage and a large EMP. These large and heavy explosive devices are mainly used by Terrorist and militant sects to eliminate or disrupt the high tech devices often used by the New Earth Governments. plasma detonators are also effective for disrupting robot and android systems. 

Thermal Detonator 

The original thermal detonators, or thermobaric weapons used large amounts of explosive fuel the create massive explosions, on par with pocket nukes. The modern thermal detonator is much less powerful than these archaic devices, but can be carried by infantrymen now, instead of bombers. The thermal detonator uses arcanotechnology to create a fireball capable of slagging metal, shattering stone, and starting wildfires with ease. 

Frost Bomb

The Frost Bomb is a recent addition. Mixing cryo and arcanotechnology, the frost bomb causes a massive drop in temperature when it goes off. The sudden shock will cause water vapor to momentarily condense in the air, and then quickly 'ice' surfaces around it. Some frost bombs will have small amounts of water inside of them to supply the icing agent in dry conditions. While the actual detonation isn't much more than a flashbang, the rapid temp change can damage sensitive electronics, cause momentary brittleness in metal, and the ice that is left behind can present a terrain hazard. Used underwater, this creates a large starburst chunk of ice. Some marine forces are experimenting with cryotech warheads, but this is a new area of development.

Storm Detonator

The Storm Detonator is a lightning bomb that is based out of arcanotech. The weapon when it detonates creates a very strongly charged cloud of particles that arc for a fraction of a second before fizzling out. Metal and conductive objects in the area of effect are hit with multiple electrical arcs and suffer from heat damage, and the other negative effects of being hit by lightning. Small storm grenades are good for taking out bunkers and enclosed spaces. Shells fit for grenade launchers are mainly used for anti-droid and anti-power armor purposes. The Eurasian Alliance has developed an air dropped Storm Detonator that has proven effective for taking out large numbers of droids and causing black outs in grid supported regions as opposed to arco-centralized utility networks. 



2013-05-24 09:52 AM » Link: [7357#87265|text]

Body Armor is important in a setting as innately dangerous as the Cosmic Era. There are all sorts of weapons ranging from exotic to the truly strange and some foes can bite rip and shred and have things like acid and poison attacks.

Encounter suits are light body armor and are common in layered and composite armor suits. As a fabric, this reflexokinetic material is good for stopping injury sustained by falls, impact damage from fist and non powered martial arts and general concussion weapons. Most Encounter suits are able to stop conventional and civilian firearms.

Standard Light Ablative Ballistic or SLAB armor is very common armor made of Ferro-plastic materials. This basic style of armor is piece built and worn like medieval armor. The armor ranges in quality from rent a cop to storm trooper grade. This armor is low cost and low maintenance, making it popular. SLAB is typically worn over either a padded under suit or encounter suit.

Powered Armor is a signature piece of gear in the Cosmic Era.

Light Power Armor is commonly used by police and security forces and provides protection superior to SLAB type armors, but has no integral equipment or weapons. It is commonly paired with a helmet that sports comm equipment and visual enhancement.

Hardsuits are commercial grade power armors that used in hazardous situations, such as mining or the operation of a foundry. They have no weaponry, but can be surprisingly strong, and very durable.

Standard Power Armor has good protection, and has basic equipment mounted to it, communications, sensor systems, and other non-combat gear. Weapons must be carried, and none are integral to the armor system. This allows for versatile use of modular weapons, and for a suit to equip multiple systems to use as the need arises.

Mobile Armor Suits are 50% larger than the standard power armor suit, and rather than being worn, the pilot sits cramped inside the torso with the arms and legs being entirely mechanical. Mobile Armor Suits are typically used as heavy support units for power armor platoons. Being larger and stronger, these machines equip the larger scale support weapons that conventional power armor cannot equip. Their armor is little better than standard.

Heavy Power Armors emphasize protection over mobility and firepower and can be very tough. Heavy armor is rare outside of defensive or specialized roles, and most heavy armor suits are older designs that have hung around because of basically how tough they are.

Aerial Power Armor is expensive and thusly rare. It is cheaper to equip a larger number of jet and jump pack infantry troopers, or more effective to deploy standard aerospace fighters. Aerial power armors do remain in use for stealth, recon, and boarding actions against aerial warships and other craft.

Aquatic versions of the above armors (especially the light, standard, and aerial (hydrojet)

Space versons of the above armors.


2013-05-24 09:52 AM » Link: [7357#87266|text]
Electronic Gadgets

2013-05-24 09:52 AM » Link: [7357#87267|text]
Programs and Software

2013-05-24 09:53 AM » Link: [7357#87268|text]
Tools and Equipment

2013-05-24 09:53 AM » Link: [7357#87269|text]
Surveillance Equipment

2013-05-24 09:54 AM » Link: [7357#87270|text]
Drugs and Chemical Enhancement

2013-05-24 09:54 AM » Link: [7357#87271|text]
Survival Gear

2013-05-24 09:54 AM » Link: [7357#87272|text]

2013-05-24 09:54 AM » Link: [7357#87273|text]

2013-05-24 09:55 AM » Link: [7357#87274|text]
Androids, Gynoids, and Mechanoids

2013-05-24 09:55 AM » Link: [7357#87275|text]
Civilian Vehicles

2013-05-24 09:55 AM » Link: [7357#87276|text]
ParaMilitary Vehicles

2013-05-24 09:55 AM » Link: [7357#87277|text]
Military Vehicles

2013-05-24 09:55 AM » Link: [7357#87278|text]
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Comments ( 3 )
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January 3, 2015, 9:46
Update: This one simply became too large to handle and I'm not going to finish it. This is the sort of venture that would have to be taken up at a later date, possibly with the help of several other people. Just too much, and I don't have enough time to do it, or the motivation.
March 14, 2016, 13:15

I have a catelog in work with items such as:

Emergency Decompression Hood.

This system is worn as a thin, sweat-resistant necklace, available in many colors. Upon detection of a catastrophic pressure drop, tiny adhesive ampules rupture and a seal is produced between the necklace and the wearer's neck. Two small handles extrude nearly instantly and the wearer then quickly pulls both above his head and brings them together. This action brings up a molecularly thin transparent hood that will self-adhere and form an airtight seal. Milliseconds after the seal is established, a small quantity of an O2-helium mix will be expelled into the hood restoring atmospheric pressure and providing 30 additional seconds of breathing capability.

I think a more general catelog might draw other contributors then the specific Cosmic Era one.

Voted valadaar
January 24, 2017, 11:31
Okay, what is here is already impressive, and what it could be, well.

I still vote for a more generic Near-future equipment list however :)

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