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November 20, 2005, 9:56 am

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Choas Warp Gate


The Elven city of Pulca is under siege by a small chaos clan of beastmen.  The General of the beastman is a shaman that is attempting to open a warp gate from the the Choas realm.  If by any chance the gate is opened many many choatic deamons and abominations will be turned loose on the grand Elvish City of Pulca.

The city of Pulca is a calm Elvish town that is led by the shadow warrior Dro’Hizzir.  The town is always peaceful to travelers and welcomes all guests.  The city is guarded by two small archer towers and a 15 foot concrete wall.  The defenses are very minimal because the town has no known enemy and has never waged battle.  What they do not know is that in the woods just outside of their town a Chaos beastmen clan is planning to kill them all. 

This clan of beastman and their leader Shaknork the Great shaman of Chalrik have been waiting in the woods just outside of Pulca for three days.  They have been wondering around the world picking out towns and killing everyone in site.  They have been observing the great peacful town and how it works, they are so disgusted by the joy and happiness of the city, and they are sick of it.  The beastman and Great shaman are begginning to think that what a curious city not well guarded and has never waged war, but yet a 15 foot wall surronds the city except the entrance.  They are begginning to think about what is so special about this city that it needs a 15 foot wall?  They can’t think of that though right now because the only thing on their mind is food and killing all the elves they can find.  They have been starving in this time of waiting.  This is the longest the Shaman has had to think of up to an attack.  Shaknork is a powerful and wise shaman.  He does not even think of doing anything without planning it first.  He plans to launch an attack and hold the city off long enough to open a warp gate from the Chaos realm to have enough Chaos to overrun Pulca easily.  As of right now with the clan he has, he would surely not win the battle but could have enough time to get reinforcements.  The plans seems flawless and the clan takes action to surprise attack the Elves.  The Shaman starts to chant his incantations and the trees around him rot and wither the nice fluffy clouds above the beastmen start to turn grey and lightning starts to shoot all around.  The Elven city is startled and the beastmen launch thier attack and begin to charge.

   First option of approaching mission:  You must defend off the surprise attack and kill Sharknork before the gate is opened up.  For if the gate is opened Pulca will surely be overrun.  If used please select pulca link.  If the battle is successful you will be shown around the city by Dro’Hizzir and become a known hero in town and get discounts on goods and a reputation.

   Second option of approaching mission:  Meet with the mighty Shaknork on the battlefield and help him to victory because their could possibly be something special in store for heros.  If used please select pulca underground link.  If you help overrun the city and you kill Dro’Hizzir.  Upon searching his dead corpse you see his key which is upon his neck and you search around the city for the lock in which it opens.  You stumble upon his office and find his vault and when opened you discover the Underground ruins.

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Comments ( 9 )
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September 18, 2003, 23:31
Some questions:
What is a "Great shadow warrior"?
Why do the Beastmen want to open a door to the "Chaos realm"? Is this "Chaos realm" actually an evil place?
If the Beastmen and their shaman actually opened their gate, how would they control the chaos?

Just helping to make it the best it can be. :)
September 19, 2003, 6:07
Why not open the gate first, and then launch the surprise attack, with all those demons and abominations?
September 19, 2003, 15:05
Good questions and thank you for responding. This is my first entry so I didn't expect it to be great but just wanted to see what better stuff to do next time and what other aspects to add.
Answers: A shadow warrior is a type of Elven class of characters. A great on would be a character that has foughten many battles and lived. The reason they wanted to open the Chaos Gate up was to wipe the town away and level if you read closely it says they were disgusted by the peacefulness. They couldn't fight the battle by themselves and win so they need reinforcements to help win and conquer, and yes the Chaos realm is an evil place. Answer to your last question captain is that when the shaman Conjures the gate up he has full control of all mutants and abominations that walk through it (because it is his gate he opened). Manfred basically he does order them to attack and he will open the gate. What you are asking is that why doesn't he open it first well he will but it doesn't matter because they would see him conjuring he needs so much power to do so that is would change the weather and trees around him so basically he does start to open it first but he wants his beastman to attack to throw them off guard and distract them while he is conjuring. I hope that helped you 2 out and others that look at the plot. Thank you greatly because this will beneifet further projects of mine.

I am also sorry for not specifing enough I should of spent more time on this.
Thank you greatly. ~Royal_Assassin~
September 19, 2003, 23:48
Elven class of characters? Like rangers? But not? Could you put up the Shadow Warriors in the forums to help define it?

Why are they disgusted by it's peacefulness? Just anti social like that?

Why target this little elven city? If they can open up a dimensional gate, why not go through to this blessed chaos plane?
Ria Hawk
September 20, 2003, 0:23
Chaos is something you do to other people. ;)
September 20, 2003, 10:33
LOL dude Agar you are so funny man that cracked me up. First off I would like to thank you guys for helping me out by putting up questions and ideas thank you. Yes I will put up shadow warriors in the character forum for you and everyone else. Chaos are a race that hate everything that is not evil and the peacefullness kills them to watch it kinda like it would a good christian person watching a crucifixion hopefully that will clear that up for you. They just scoped out a town they don't care if it is poor and defenseless and they are cheap like that. The reason is because their Chaos gods want them to kill not to worship. Ria Hawk answer to your question is yes and it also means unearthly being and mutants and abominations.
September 22, 2003, 6:17
The town is not completely defenseless, it has quite impressive walls for it's little size (as was noted elsewhere).

So maybe the kill&rape fun is not all they want... the place could make a fine base, don't you think?
September 22, 2003, 18:16
Thank you Ephe and Manfred I will take that into consideration and altr some things thank you for posting guys keep em coming.
Voted valadaar
January 15, 2015, 15:29
Has Warhammer 40k roots if I am not mistaken.

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