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November 18, 2005, 5:13 pm

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A Wizard's Secret


A Wizard’s most prized possesion is his Spellbook and with this item it will be safe from the eyes of others.

The Bookmark is about half the size of a standard Spellbook page and comes in the colors dark red, dark blue, dark green, and black. Every Bookmark also has a silver or gold tassle. Most also have some sort of rune or arcane script with meaning to the wizard drawn upon them. The Bookmark can be anywhere in the book for its magic to take effect.

Magical Properties:

The magic of the Boomarks is a protection spell that prevents others from reading your Spellbook. Each Boomark is keyed to the wizard at the time of its creation, you cannot simply purchase one of these at a shop. If the Bookmark is placed inside a book, usually a Spellbook, and anyone other than the Boomark’s owner tries to read the book or remove the Bookmark the magic immediatly takes effect. The magic can be one of many things. The book will: Turn to dust, sand, glitter, or something similar. Instantly liquify. The pages could bond together and the book turn to stone. The book could explode, injuring the person attempting to sneak a peek.

Of course all of these seem to be highly unwanted effects to happen to your spellbook. That is why a command word is keyed to the bookmark at the time of creation that allows you to, when said at the location the book was destroyed, reassemble the book.

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Comments ( 9 )
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Voted Scrasamax
June 5, 2005, 0:08
Now this is an interesting idea, an enchanted book mark. I guess it is the logical step of a bibliocentric spellcaster. It could get silly, going into enchanted book jackets, and the like, but as it stands, I like the idea.

I'll rank it 3/5 since it is a good idea, but not really fleshed out beyond a basic magic item that a magic user would have. A good backstory and perhaps a point of origin would make it a really outstanding post.
Voted EchoMirage
June 5, 2005, 5:57
Yup. I agree with Scrasamax.
To add my $ 0.02 worth: perhaps it could just make the book unintellegible for anyone but the wizard (changing the contents to gibberish, or say a smut magazine), or - it could conceal the fact that it is a book: covering it with the illusion of a pillow, bundle of underwear, or stone slab.
It could animate the book and make it defend itself - either through biting or casting some of the spells inside.
Voted Dragon Lord
June 6, 2005, 9:06
Can't add much to the above

I like Echo's variation best, simply make unreadable to anybody who doesn't know the command word (kind of like a password system) - I'd refrain from the smutty magazine option though, that's just asking for the book to be pinched

Basically sound but needs some background (who invented them?, why did he need such an item?, that sort of thing) - 3/5
June 6, 2005, 11:21
It could actually be an interesting item: The Book of Infinite Smut. Once, a wizard thought himself clever for disguising his spellbook thus, only to have it pinched just because of the disguise.
Now, a Book of Infinite Smut is sure good to have, but if the PCs knew that there are actually mighty spells in it... *grin*
Voted Cheka Man
June 6, 2005, 18:38
3/5 I like Echo's idea a lot. If it had a good backstory it would be 4/5 or 5/5.
Dragon Lord
June 7, 2005, 9:31
You're right Echo - there's almost a scenario there

Pieh - since this is your item, I guess you get first bash at writing it
June 7, 2005, 11:18
Nah, I'll pass on this one, I'm sure Echo can handle it. I'm happy knowing my item inspired someone.
Voted nightmareshadow
January 10, 2009, 7:28
Ok interesting and good idea. As someone who plays book type characters alot i can see how this would be useful but having the book destroyed very bad. It would likely take a very good enchantment to do as the bookmark would have to remember every thing in the book what the book looked like and whatnot. However if the contents of the book seemed to change such as what Echo said or the book being transported back to where it was supposed to be, who ever heard of someone sitting in the wizards study for a peek at a spellbook, or make it so that the book simply couldn't be opened by anyone else and told the owner of the bookmark where the book was.
Voted valadaar
June 3, 2014, 10:53
This is a good, simple straightforward item one could use to add spice to a wizard. I would have the 'destruction' or other baleful effect kick in only after a determined effort to open the book in spite of strong resistance.

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