Full Description
These small, luminescent creatures are a distant relative of the willowisp, little bits of orangish light that are attracted by the flames of a fire. When enough of them have gathered around a fire, the fire appears to take on a fuzzy indistinctness.

The Fuzz feeds off the warmth and light of the fire, re-radiating it to the world about it far more slowly than the fire would have. They are non-aggressive, and a Fuzzy fire can be used for everything a normal fire would be used for, though the fire will seem somewhat cooler from a distance. Should someone try to put something into or take something out of the fire, they will part to let them pass. Like other fey, they cannot bear the touch of cold iron, and will flitter away from such very quickly.

Additional Information
Nothing eats the Fuzz, and the Fuzz eat nothing but the warmth of the fire. They will congregate along common campsites, and will often invade homes, though few folk really mind them.

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