Zwagons are commonly seen to walk with a pronounced swagger.

They are natural born masters of the arcane and Alchemy.

The brute Strength, paired with the cutting, bright Intellect made them into a fierce and dangerous opponent and the ultimate in weaponry. Gifted with crystal clear eyesight and control, they were truly living up to the hype; even knowing who was behind them.


Humanoid in posture, while not in stance or movement.

As opposed to Dragons, the Zwagon does not have scales, but astonishingly resilient leathery hide.

The ears are bat-like and facing front from the top of the head. The commonly deep purple eyes are set wide, but just barely on the front and is facing forwards. Deep blue or emerald green eyes are also common. The muzzle is about five inches in length and hides most of the jaw.

Fire is coming out through the nostrils, as opposed to the more common dragons.

The arms are uncommonly strong and powerful for a creature of her size and general built. The hands could have been mistaken for human or elf, if not for the sensitive pands at the tip of each finger, lending sensitivity and grip.

The thighs are short, and the legs intensely powerful. The original idea had been to give her more cat-like paws with retractable claws, but in the end, it ended up to be hooves looking like the more fragile Deers. The choice granted a better grip on the ground while standing and more power to the punch in a fight. It turns out breaking a bone, rather than just ripping flesh is the attack of choice.


The Zwagon is believed to be genetically compatible with Humans, and possibly with Elves, Dwarfs and other similar Humanoid Intelligent Beeings. Some even imagine it is possible for them to Sire an actual Dragon, while this is a much rarer and highly unlikely possibility. And that is less likely to happen, even if it was actually possible.


Created by Elric, the Alchemist and Wizard; in a stroke of genius and a legendary vision of the time.

Sadly, the perceived grab for power soon lent him adversaries and went as deep as to even split his followers and line of progeny into factions. While it should have been predicted, he was not the man to back down on the thresh-hold of completion. As a matter of fact, he was renowned as a man of action, even as the learned and accomplished man he was.

If it by any means could have been seen as a success, but the deed still is groundbreaking as such.

Of course, as the moment came and the door to his inner laboratory was smashed in, he chose the path to be one with his most trusted tool, the Staff his former master trusted him with as he was released from apprenticeship. In this manner, there is no trace of where he went.

Who the desperate or foolish enough to enter the inner sanctum was could never be traced as the battle had decimated both sides severely, and the room was completely torched. Going by the extent of the torching, it was later presumed that the experiment had backfired and ignited everything in the room with explosive force.

Sightings of the Zwagons was scares, but started to count at a century or two after the war was finally over.


Elric had been forced to hasten his project and move up the plans before he was comfortable of the complete success. The main problem lay in the selection of the candidates for the initial testing.

A couple of Peasants, a Noble and two Soldiers the original set is all he could be spared in the sudden haste forced upon him and the community. Such is the time of war, and then the tide was starting to turn ugly as one progrom was spotted dangerously close to the city gates.

Once the enemy did enter and the war broke out, the few manage to break the lines and the initial battle was won.

The Wizards' staff of Elrics was never found, presumably destroyed or carried out of the sanctum by his last loyal assistant or taken by the surviving subjects now known as the Zwagons.


As avians, they love the outdoors.

Of course they rarely bother denying the call of a festival or other festive occasion and are known to travel great distances to partake in their favourit merry occasions with friends and strangers alike.

It is common to see them wearing mate leather vests and short, tight skirts in crowded spaces like festivals.

As much as they love merry festivals, they have no love for Circuses or Freak shows. They are more likely to wreck such shows, and take the freaks out, or set free certain hoarded animals found on the circus premises.

Special Abilities:

They are natural Fire Breathers and can summon the elemental fire with ease. By the same token, they are close to immune to fire and can withstand immense heat with little to no effort.

Flight, both height and speed is performed with ease. These nimble fliers trust their wings to a fault, even through thick forest and at break-neck speed.

Being bright, they easily manage several languages, aside from their own language.

Regeneration and healing did naturally come in the package and gives them a vstly prolonged life span.


Fails to react on common intoxicants such as Alcohol.

No reported or known instances of motion sickness.

Quest Ideas:

1. Search for a Person or an elusive item.

2. Could help scouting an area for the team.

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